what you just saw, or missed

Every week of football is epic in it's own way.  Writeup commenced.

     The Packers pass D has looked bad these season no doubt, but they won't need one with Aaron Rodgers playing at quarterback all season.  If the offensive line (despite picking up more injuries today) can keep him as upright as they have through the first quarter of the season, that offense is going to set records.  Would love to see the Pats records fall, sorry ISN.  The God as he will be referred to from henceforth ran for 2 touchdowns and threw touchdowns at will.  I think he was just running the two in to play with Denver.

     On Denver's side, the story is completely fantasy.  Eric Decker is no fluke.  At this point in the season he has more targets than Lloyd and Lloyd has been back two weeks.  Kyle Orton is very comfortable with his vanillafaced counterpart and will continue to give him 10+ looks a game.  The Broncos also figure to be down by a sizable portion most weeks, so both Lloyd and Decker are viable starters based on matchup.


     Personally I'm not capable of expressing my deep and passionate love for the Lions this season within the confines of text.  I'd have to shoot video displaying it and probably a 3D presentation afterwards.  But that's beside the point.  The question is, are they looking at a possible regression later in the season, as they need to fight for a playoff spot?  While the Packers-Lions games this years are going to be extremely exciting (even though they could manage to go 1-1 in those games), the Lions are going to have to fight for a wild card spot, if Green Bay keeps their pace.  ALthough if there were any team I think could get the necessary pass rush on the Packers, coupled with the ability to set the scoreboard on fire with the same propane torch, it'd have to be the Lions.  No other early winners around the league have distinguished themselves as distinctly as the Lions in my opinion.  The Patriots have done a great job as Tom Brady is trying to top his 07 season, but they don't have the bite on defense the Lions have.  You saw the Lions defense dig them out of a giant halftime deficit.  My bet is that this team is forreal.  So far they have had the offense and defense take turns bailing each other out of bad situations and that is only going to get more dangerous as this young team grows. 

     The Ravens are the new bullies, for now.  They had a letdown in Ten, but they are blowing the lesser competition out of the water as bullies do.  As the season goes along it seems as though the Ravens made all the moves the Steelers should have over the offseason.  They cut fan favorites that they deemed over the hill, and made aggressive signings that have paid off.  It didn't quite seem to make sense over the off season but it's coming into picture, and quickly.  Spending premium draft picks on needs (Torrey Smith) and forcing them to contribute early is effective, for now.  If Ryan's Jets weren't sluggers like the Ravens, they would have another team put down before halftime, making that 3 out of 4 for the season.

     AJ Green is an absolute freak.  That offense for the most part is non-existent and he finds ways to put up 100 yard days ?  He has been somewhat boom and bust to this point but it's not for his lack of effort.  Andy Dalton leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least at this point in his career.  And Benson can't play consistently with his head already in the jailhouse.  Waka got off with probation for throwing a pro out of a moving car but Benson gets time haha.  I'd be pissed a brain-melted dumbass with an icecream cone on his face could get out of something and I couldn't.

    I read an article about conspiracy theories concerning teams possibly losing games on purpose to get Andrew Luck because their season is doomed.  It cited such examples as the Chiefs, whom have lost their offensive and defensive stars to ACL injuries for the year and would benefit greatly from Luck.  Vikings and Colts also come into play as the article goes on.  That's ridiculous.  Western Harbaugh said flatly games weren't being lost on purpose.  I agree.  It's bullshit and I think it's a sign the Luck hype has gotten too high, and maybe draft hype in general.  It's not even the first month of the season and there is talk that entire organizations are cooperating together to make all of each other look worse in order to get one single player because that one single player is like Cam Newton and Peyton Manning did a fusion dance and then did nothing but study playbooks for 22 years. I mean the guy finished his senior year. He's gotta be worth all of this effort. 

    But seriously though, have you seen the defensive play the kid made?  And we shit bricks over Ben grabbing shoestrings.  You've got to see these if you havent: , .  I can't find the link to the more impressive hit he laid, but he hit someone in the endzone.

     The Raiders looked like contenders for a whole half.  Then New England left then in the dust, like usual.  Was really hoping they'd win, but this year I've used up all my fandom cheering for Suh to eat quarterbacks.  If it keeps up, Suh is going to pay Warren for his @QBKilla tag because it'll be more rightfully his, like Plexiglass buying a punter's number like he's picking up a dimebag.  Gimme, bitch.  The money is just the equivalent of using a condom in a rape.  A little pat on the back for being complacent.  And then I talked about the Lions in another blurb.

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