Driveby Report: Maaaaannn Funk Dat Edition!

I saw parts of this game.  I missed some of the early part of the game and some of the second half, but I saw enough to actually do a Driveby this week.  Last week I was watching it on my laptop in San Antonio Texas. The quality of the video because of the internet connection made it hard to see so I didn't do one for the Jags game.  But back at it again.  Feelin the Old School groove again.  As I watched Ziggy Hood get almost pulled down by his jersey and the Steelers get called for defensive holding I thought, "Man Funk Dat! Get some glasses!"  Lock and load baby let's get this party started riiiiiight!

1. Ben:  When Ben is getting his mojo back, even though he was a few wide open misses from making this a track meet laugher early.
2. Cotchery:  How bout let's catchery?  Huh? 

3. Turnovers:  I'm glad it's cleared up.  Because, really the difference between this game being what it was and a loss is a couple of turnovers.  Think about it.  Really....think about it.  Clean game and only a 12 point win.

4. Wood:  I hear ya brah, I called you out in the HDM. 

5. McClendon:  I was singing about Heyward and you broke out in harmony.  Underdog from jump, he came from Troy.  You got my attention brah.

6. A. Brown:  Call him silk, cause he's smooth. Call him Madonna because he's nasty.  Nah just call him silk.  He's not that kinda nasty.

7. Clark:  Good to see him launching missiles again.  Nice Pick.  Didn't like you taking the wrong angle on Stephens-Howlings long TD though.

8. Farrior: Speaking of the Stephens-Howling long run.  If that play looked familiar, it's because that's the play the Ravens used against Farrior with Rice on a key play in a Steelers loss.  Yeah, remember what was said after that play? 

9. Sanders: Remember this guy?  Yeah he was hurt, the rust is falling off.  This is a pleasant sight.

10. walllace: 95.....100+

11. Heeeeeeeeath:  Solid.  His contributions are in concentrated form, compact and potent.  Everyone pays attention to the Young Guns and all of a sudden Heath catches one in the endzone and the defense says, "oh, yeah we forgot about Heath."  Dummies.

12. Redman:  I know you saw what I saw.  Who was in when they needed to grind it out?  Even Memo was in.

13. Rush-soft spin-then-fall:  He still does that a lot.  Just sayin....

14. Penalties: It's amazing all that offensive holding they missed while they nit picked on the DBs holding and contacting. 

15. Hits:  You have to love how the defense is starting to play more agressive.  It seemed the first few games they were playing on their heels.....Thinking too much.

16. O-line: Not great, but not bad.  Not like they were facing the Giants, but let's just give some props this week. The Pats come in next week. 

17. Bullets are fast and so is 17....Really's your bullet

Like I said, I was not happy with some calls right near the end of the first half and they didn't like calling holding on the Cards O-line all game.  Man Funk Dat! Ref, get a new job!

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