Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 8: "**Asterisks** Anonymous**" Edition


Welcome back to the HDM mixery, faithful followers of the hump! Your 2 Musketeers are still bringing you the "Humping" rants and eye candy that you love with no exception of what’s to come. This week we have a 2 for 1 special celeb pick o’ the week starting with MichaelHewitt99 and our very own "Sauce Boss" Michael Bean, (Give them both a hand!!!) to help us rave from our great victory last week against the Cards and this week’s breakdown of the Patsies from NE. Let’s get to it shall we…*** (pun intended, it’s better than saying FEET 100 times in an interview lol).


How about those predictions from the Cardinals game?

Webslasher81: I said 17-13 Steelers would win; I was thinking it was going that way when the Cards scored their 2nd td. Then the flood gates were open and the defense dominated the way that they have been the past 3 weeks…I am happy with the outcome!

PixburghArn:  I predicted special teams would kill the Cardinals.  They didn't KILL them but they didn't help them either. I also predicted The Cardinals defense would make it tough.  Negative. I did  say the Cardinals would score off of turnovers OR second chances from penalties.  Score!  I also said the Steelers would bring this game home with a clean second half (meaning: cutting down on mistakes). Score as well.  Missed on the score though.


Michael Hewitt: Forgive me for not being around BTSC the last week or so, have been on holiday! Anyways, I was still keeping an eye on all things NFL, and predicted the Steelers would beat the Cardinals 27-13 as I thought this would be a game where the Steelers would be able to take control early and finally complete the 60 minutes without any heart attacks. Very happy!

Bean: I don't think I went on the record anywhere last week with a prediction, but I'm not surprised that the Steelers played well and won. I am a bit surprised though that the Cardinals didn't play better on either side of the ball. I thought two weeks was plenty of time for Ken Whisenhunt to craft a dangerous game plan, but I was largely unimpressed by how the Cardinals attacked the Steelers in all phases.


How did you're predicted standouts for The Cardinals game do?

Webslasher81: on offense I had Hines and he did mediocre b/c of the ankle injury that he sustained took him out the rest of the game, on defense I had Ziggy and he did decent, all in all I am glad that we won. B/c you know how the Steelers play down to a shitty team and play up to a good team.

PixburghArn:  I predicted Brown would come up big on special teams.  It was just another day at the office for him on special teams, but he did come up big on offense.  I said Wallace would have a big 100+ game with one TD. Bingo....ok that wasn't a reach.  I also said it could very easily be Ben as well and Ben delivered.  I said on defense Woodley brings the wood and leaves splinters in Kolbs rear end.  Yeah, he left 2 big splinters in it. Two sacks and 2 points. Also, I was concerned with the O-line's injury situation and that didn't materialize in problems. Neither did my other concern which was Beanie Baby Wells.  He did get hurt though and Stephens-Howling got busy once for a long walk in the park.  Overall though, my concerns were a non factor. I guess that's why we won. 

Michael Hewitt: Errr...I picked a solid game for Mendenhall in the 80-90 yard mark. I thought the cohesion the entire offensive line and running backs showed last week would carry over into Arizona. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way but hey, as long as you get the W, it doesn’t matter the means.

Bean: Again, not on record, but I thought the Steelers defense might struggle more than they ended up doing against Arizona. 5 sacks, 1 INT and a Safety? Not a bad day at the office. I thought Mike Wallace might make another big play on the fast track at Cardinals Stadium, but who would be so bold as to predict that he'd register the longest passing play in Steelers franchise history? Also liked Heath Miller to make a few plays, but when does he not find a way to have an impact? What's so great about this year's Steelers team is that there are so many guys who standout, not just a small collection of key contributors. That's a wonderful thing of course, but it does make this particular exercise difficult.


How about the predictions for the Patriots game?

Webslasher81: You know, I hate to say this but the Pats have our number…every year we have played them in the Brady era except the year we had the hardest schedule and beat both the Eagles and the Pats back to back (BB’s 2nd year) and the year Brady got injured. But we still lost to them in the AFCC, when it mattered most. Every year I hope and pray that when we play them either Woodley or Harrison destroys Brady AND EATS HIS JUGULAR! And this year is no different, I am sick of these blowhards that come out of the wood work to cheer on the Pats and now the Packers. I can’t stop hoping and praying we get this damn "Patriots monkey" OFF OF OUR BACK’S!!! Steelers 24 – Patsies 21.

PixburghArn:  I predict a shootout.  I also predict some uncharacteristic turnovers by Brady.  Tipped pass for an INT and strip fumble.  The Steelers make just enough plays to pull this one out.  Steelers 42 Patriots 31.

Michael Hewitt: No teams’ success annoys me more than the Patriots. Is it bitterness, resentment, jealously? Whatever it is, I can’t stand them. But you have to admit, they once again look to have a good football team. They are also all the more dangerous coming off a close win like last week. Was it a blueprint provided by the Cowboys? Who knows, but the way Big Ben played last week, and the struggles of the New England defense, I like our chances to be in this to win at Heinz. Steelers: 33 Patriots: 30.

Bean: If the Steelers turn the ball over just one time -- and preferably zero -- I think the Steelers will win. The Patriots have won three of the past four against the Steelers, and Tom Brady has lost to Pittsburgh just once in his career. So all signs should be pointing to New England being just fine so long as Brady receives even average pass protection. But I think this is the week that Pittsburgh proves how formidable they really are, even with all the injuries the team is dealing with across the roster. One other thing I'm expecting to see is Dick LeBeau forcing Brady to beat his unit with somebody other than his talented pair of tight ends -- Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Gronkowski caught all three of Brady's TD receptions in New England's 39-26 win last November. He's a nightmare matchup for any team, but I don't see LeBeau allowing William Gay to be caught in unfavorable matchups with either Gronkowski or Hernandez too often.


How about the predicted standouts for the Patriots game?

Webslasher81: Young money shines again this week, "Fast" Mikey Wallace on offense (6 touches 134 yds 2 tds). And on defense I’m bringing the WOOD back, Woodley has been on fire the past 3 games and isn’t gonna let up in the wake of "Deebo’s" injury, (6 tackles 3 tfl, 2 sacks, 1 FF and recovery).

PixburghArn:  A. Brown takes one to the house on special teams.  On offense A. Brown 100+ with 2 TDs.  Heath Miller gets 2 as well.  On defense it will be hard because various individual efforts throughout the game will stand out.

Michael Hewitt: Anyone still bagging Lamarr Woodley now? It certainly looks like he is earning that contract the last few weeks and he is HOT. I don’t want to expect 2 sacks every game, but in this one he should grab at least one with a few big pressures (5 tackles, 2 tfl, 1 sack, multiple pressures). On offense, I like Manny Sanders to have a solid all around game (5 catches, 80 yards, 1 td), but we are going to need the best from Big Ben in this one as well, and I think he is fired up to continue his hot streak, I like him to go for 300+ yards and 2-3 touchdowns.

Bean: On offense, I'll take Emmanuel Sanders. I think the second-year WR will follow up on his best game of the season in Week 7 (5 receptions, 51 yards, 1 TD) with another good game against New England's susceptible defense. I believe Bruce Arians is going to start incorporating Sanders more and more now that defenses have been sufficiently buttered up by Wallace and Antonio Brown. On the other side of the ball, put me down for Lawrence Timmons. The stud inside linebacker continues to play very well most weeks, but surprisingly, he's yet to break through and really affect the outcome of a game with a big sack or turnover. I'm hoping he repeats his 2008 performance against the Pats by once again making a highlight reel play(s).


What concerns do you have this week?

Webslasher81: BA is getting on my nerves (one play in particular when on 3rd and 1, 13 seconds to go till halftime w/ one TO remaining we could of went to the end-zone not giving up any yds. But we ran it and lost a yard using our last TO and setting up Swish to kick 3 pt’s to make it a 17-7 game.) Things like this, as well as running it when Mendy doesn’t gain ground in which we should bomb it to AB or MW, as well as screen passes that work 50% of the time.

PixburghArn:  Like I said before last game we played these guys.  I am concerned with the tight-ends for the Pats. I am also concerned with Farrior and Foote having to cover backs out of the backfield. I will throw in the fact that Ben loses focus sometimes against the Pats

Michael Hewitt: It’s the Patriots. No matter how good we have looked in recent years, Brady always seems to have our number. Like Slash said, BA needs to have a consistent game. That probably won’t happen so I look to our defense. The Patriots spread us out last season and manhandled us with their rookie tight ends. My big concern is if we go all in to stop Welker that we leave mismatches of LBs on TEs. Our corners have been much improved this season, and we will need that to continue to avoid being shredded by the Pats. I do like our chances this time around

Bean: One big concern I have is Ben Roethlisberger forcing the issue early on in the game. I know Big Ben will want to have a showcase performance against Brady and the Pats, particularly after last year's debacle. Hopefully he just takes what's given to him, picks the appropriate times to take chances down field, and concentrates on getting the ball to his playmakers quickly and in a position where they can make New England's defense look like the B- group that it is.


Cheerleader of the week:

Webslasher81: I love cheerleaders, and this girl just oozes love…meet former NE Patsies cheerleader: Samantha Baker, and this tasty morsel for which I don't know her name d'oh lol!


Samantha Baker Wallpaper (via kirky A)


cheerleaders_5 (via laingphoto)

PixburghArn: The ladies are limbering up.





But I had to choose one, err two....I noticed this cutie with "girl next door" looks and thought you would like her.  Say hello to the sweet... uhhh can't remember her name.  That never happened to me before..... honest...




Hey Slash, while I was shopping around for my cheerleader of the week, I ran across a Boston Creamette I'd like for Christmas.  Help a brutha out.






Michael Hewitt:  As much as I dislike the Pats, they some talent on the cheerleading squad. Stephanie S has no last name, and why bother when you have assets like she does:




Bean: Man, so I like have to go look for one this week? I usually just rely on you guys for that. Be right back.... Okay, now that I realize I could probably waste my whole night on this search, let's just give the spotlight to our Week 8 opponent and go with Alexa Flutie of the Patriots'. The name should ring a bell. She's the daughter of Doug Flutie.






International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: Latin women have an uh…special place in my (gulp) heart. Meet from Argentina: Yesica Toscanini. And Arnie I think I can work my magic for ya hahahahahaha!


Yesica Toscanini (via kumawat1)


PixburghArn:  As I was reading the latest news, I ran across the devastation in Turkey.  In honor of Turkey my international hostess is, darn it I forgot again...this is only the second time I done that d’oh.  You've seen both times right here.  :) 





Michael Hewitt: I know half of you only like me being around because I am a Kiwi, and it would be rude of me not to show you the lovely sights our country has on offer. Meet kiwi hottie: Aja Rock, and yes we let women swing around on ropes wearing next to nothing because we are top blokes




Bean: Can't go wrong with Veronica Zemanova from the Czech Republic. I'd caution from searching around too much though on a work computer for her. You're bound to find some NSFW material quickly.





Well this wraps up yet another epic HDM. Tune in next week chic’s and chumps, as your fearful twosome and the celeb pick o’ the week (TVsChachi) breakdown the "GAME OF THE WEEK" as we take on our hated rivals from Baltimore the Ravens @ the Ketchup bottle.

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