Arrogant Steelers Fans

Hi Everyone,

Longtime reader/lurker, first time poster. I am not sure of the protocol and all that but I have grown to love BTSC and once in a while I might have something to share. If it isn't any good or appropriate or whatever, then a mod can delete it, but hopefully my thoughts will strike a chord with like-minded Steelers Fans and we can have some fun.

I have entitled this thread "Arrogant Steelers Fans" because it is a phrase I hear a LOT and I am not sure why. Let me explain what I am talking about. My career takes me all around this country (and sometimes outside of it) travelling to one client or another and I am never not wearing something Black-and-Gold. Cleveland, Cincy, Baltimre (Sorry, there is just no "O" there) it doesn't matter. I wear the colors proudly as I am sure everyone else here does. Since I live in a very small town in Western PA, some of my flights are fairly convoluted. It's the price I pay for never having to lock my doors. A couple weeks ago, I had a job in Jacksonburgh, FL. I saw more Black-and-Gold than whatever those colors are that the Jags wear down there, BTW. Anyway, on the way home I had the pleasure of being on a flight from Dulles (DC) to Philly operated by - of all airlines - Wisconsin Air. The lone flight attendant had his airline ID on a Green Bay Packers lanyard. I of course was wearing on3 of the 50 or so Steelers shirts that I own. Since I was in the second row of this regional airliner, he noticed me right away and after a few minutes engaged me in conversation. It went something like this:

Flight Attendant: Sir, I couldn't help but notice that you are wearing a Steelers shirt.

Me: Yep, I'm a fan.

FA: The Packers played the Steelers recently didn't they?

Me: Yep, they sure did.

FA: How did that work out for them? I think the Packers won, right?

Me: Yeah they did. They played great, and we definitely didn't bring our "A" game. Still made it exciting at the end, though didn’t we?

This went on for a while with him needling me and me trying to be as polite as I could until I had had enough. So the next bit of conversation went like this:

Me: "Sir, your team won the Super Bowl, congratulations. But until they win a couple more championships, don't bother me with it.

FA: Just as I suspected, an arrogant Steelers fan! Go figure!

Me: I'll have a tomato juice.


This got me thinking. How was I being arrogant? I was polite while a fan of another team talked all kinds of smack on my team. As long as he had the upper hand, everything was fine. As soon as I smacked back, I am arrogant? This doesn't make sense. Then it hit me. There are some rules that people need to be made aware of. They came to me as if a gift from Heaven (much like being a Steelers fan) and I started letting this gentleman know just exactly where the bear craps in the buckwheat.

1) Steelers fans rarely start things. We proudly wear the colors and will talk football with anybody. Usually we are in enemy territory and so we keep our mouths shut until provoked (or we've had too much liquid courage). It should be known that this does not apply on game day. On Game Day, ALL BETS ARE OFF. We will support our team at the top of our lungs and hopefully other fans are doing likewise, Why be a fan if you aren’t going to - you know - be a fan?

2) Once approached, other fans need to know that they are immediately - by definition, being a fan of any other team - at a disadvantage. The Steelers have more history, championships, wins, class, mystique, fans, tangibles, intangibles (you get where i am going with this, right?) than ANY OTHER TEAM ON THE PLANET! PERIOD! If you want to start something, a Steelers fan can finish it very quickly. All other fans are bringing a knife to a gun fight. Some other teams' fans may have larger knives, but the Steelers have given us more to draw on. That's just the way it is. It isn't my fault, it is my birthright.

3) This does NOT make me arrogant. These are just facts. Just because my team has been, is, and always will be BETTER than someone else's team and this is a fact that is indisputable, it doesn't make me arrogant. Spoiled? Yes. Arrogant? No. The sky is blue; the grass is green; and the Steelers are better than your team. The dictionary says that arrogance is defined by making "claims" and "assumptions" of superiority. These however, are facts. Having facts on your side doesn't make you arrogant. It just makes you a Steelers fan.

Does this make sense to anybody else? Are you smelling what I am stepping in?


Just this last Friday. Sadly a couple days BEFORE the Jags/Ravens MNF game I was driving with my family (Wife and two sons still living at home) to visit my oldest son and his family (HUGE Steelers fans, of course) in North Carolina. We stopped for gas at a station in VA. While my youngest son and I were at the pump and my wife and middle son were in the store getting some snacks I noticed a guy peaking around the pump at me. Of course, we are all wearing some sort of Steelers gear and my wife's SUV has her Pink Steelers Cancer Awareness\Survivor magnetic ribbon on the back, so there is little doubt which pro football team we support. Here is what happened next:

Me: Can I help you, man?

Douchebag Ravens Fan: Do yourself a favor a don't let your kid grow up a Steelers fan. (Nice bringing my son into it with the very first words out of his mouth!)

Me: (Chuckling and SMH) I love my son dearly, bro. Of course I will raise him a Steelers fan.

DRF: Remind me what happened week 1?

Me: The Ravens beat the Steelers pretty bad. You guys played great.

DRF: More like crushed them!

This goes on for a bit and then finally.

DRF: We are leading the division!

Me: True, but you know, it's not where you start it's where you finish.

DRF: You just remember what happened week 1? What happened, again?

Me: What happened the last time it mattered? How did the playoffs go for you? How about the time it mattered before that? How about ANY time it really mattered against the Steelers? Stop bothering me with this stuff, you're wasting my time.

DRF: <expletive> Arrogant Steelers fan. The <expletive> Steelers Suck!

Me: <sigh> stay classy Baltimre! Have a good day!


On another occasion after flying into Boston the Monday AFTER losing to the Pats in 2004 AFCCG, I got on the HERTZ bus. I am a Gold member, so the driver asked me for my name to put into his hand-held computer. I told him and then he noticed my shirt.

Bus Driver: How's YOUR team doing? (Yep first thing he says to me after asking my name!)

Me: Really? Shouldn't you be taking me to my car? It was very late and I was tired. A little rude, but still not arrogant.


So I guess the point I am trying to make is that I for one am tired of being called arrogant. It simply isn't true. Proud? Yes. Spoiled? Most certainly. Die-Hard? Check. But arrogant? No.

As I have already said, Steelers fans RARELY start things. BUT...don't call us arrogant just because we know how to finish them!

What do yinz guys think? I am alone in this?

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