Steelers v. Texans; the Good, the Bad and the Injured...

Once again Steeler Nation I am writing this piece about a game in which the Steelers had a very poor performance. Unfortunately unlike last week this game resulted in a lost for the Steelers putting them at 2-2. I will once again start with the good, then the bad and then the injuries however this week I am adding some "clever titles" to the mentioni

The Good:

UPS Air:

What can Brown do for you? Despite some early hot read issues Brown had a pretty good game. He had 5 receptions for 67 yards, 1 rush for 8 yards, 2 Kick returns for 44 yards and 1 punt return for 33 yards. That is a sum total of 152 total yard form scrimmage on 9 touches. Not to mention some of his reception were on need first downs. Brown finally showing that promise he showed in the preseason.

60 Minutes with Mike Wallace

Yes Wallace once again showed he is the Steelers best offensive weapon. He had 4 receptions for 77 yards. Yes he didn't continue his 100 yard game streak but Wallace impressed taking some short passes making someone miss and going for 20. Wallace is dangerous if only Ben had time to throw.

 The Dean of Swaggin' University  enacts sanction on Houston's passing game:

Ike Taylor was solid, and continues to show he is by far the best CB on the Steelers. Before Andre Johnson left the game Taylor shut him down he had 4 receptions for 36 yards. This didn't quite tell the story because Johnson got most of those on short passes when the Steelers played a zone scheme. I only saw 1 reception that Johnson had when 1-on-1 with Ike.  

The Moore you know:

Issac Redmen and Mewelde Moore got carries and went with it. Redmen looked unstoppable and "Bettis like" with 6 rushes for 40 yards and Mewelde had 4 rushes for 34. This combination allowed the Steelers to comeback in the game and almost pull it out.

The Bad:

Dancing with Rashard:

We all know Mendenhall dances in the off season however Mendenhall  decided to take his dancing performance to Houston at 11:00am PST. Mendenhall didn't hit the holes decisively all game excluding one decent run. He had 9 rushes for 25 yard before leaving the game with a "hamstring injury". Take away his one 9 yard run and thats 8 rushes for 16 yards or 2 yards a carry. Mendy need to stop dancing trying to break a tackle and just hit the hole he is a decent size back with some power and need to play like one. Mendy ask Fast Willie what happen when you become indecisive as a RB. RBs are a dime a dozen and Mendy needs to step it up before he is no longer a Steeler.

"Who is laughing now O-line?!"

The rest of the NFL is, and Mario Williams was definitely. The Steelers O-line playing with Esseix, Kemo, Pouncey Foster and Gilbert played like crap. The unit aloud Ben to get sack 5 times  (6 if one wasn't nullified by a penalty) and hit many more. Esseix earn his nickname "Es-sucks", Kemo didn't win a single 1-on-1 match up in pass blocking and was destroyed consistently. Pouncey is definitely going through a sophomore slump and his guards aren't helping him much. Foster played better than Legursky but miss blocks and didn't have the pop off the line needed in the run game. Gilbert played like a rookie going up against a Pro Bowler. He had some good blocking but was beat a lot as well. I think  this kids is going to be good but his first two starts are against Freeney/ Mathis and Mario Williams it doesn't get much harder than that and he can only get better from it.Ben can keep this up, in , '07 and '09 he was the most sack QB those years, in '08 he was second most sacked, '06 he was the 5th most sacked and 2010 the 10th most sacked. He can't stay healthy like this and I am surprised he is playing as good as he is getting hit as much as he does.

"As You get older it is hard to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary"- Ernest Hemmingway

Yes this defense is getting older and it is showing badly  in the front seven. Hampton and Aaron Smith were getting push back all day in the run game. This defense that had allowed a 100 yard rusher that wasn't Ray Rice in years, allowed Arian Foster to get 155 yards on 30 carries and allowed the Texans as a team to run for 180 total. Farrior was again in and out because of lack of speed and Foote was just as slow. Woodley and Debo were nonexistent in the game . Troy appear to be trying to be the hero and make a play instead of just playing his game because he knew how necessary this was.  Yes this defense is #1 against the pass but that is more a product of allowing teams to run all over us this year than actual quality of play.

"If your MLB is slow your whole team defense is slow"

This was a quote talking about the Giants and Antonio Pierce a couple of years ago however I think it can apply to the Steelers. Farrior is finally showing his age after 13  full years in the league. However as bad as Farrior was he had 6 tackles Timmons only had 2. This game made me wonder how bad is Sly doing in practice for him not to get a shot at playing.

The Ugly:

A War of Attrition-

It was another tough day of injuries for the Steelers a common theme to this year. Ben Roethlisberger was consistently hit including one again to his knee but that's not what injured him, Instead while trying to run a D-linemen landed badly on his foot already stretch in a odd position. Ben was seen in a walking cats after the game.Rashard Mendenhall left with a hamstring injury, James Harrison had an injury causing him to lose sigh tin his eye but came back in after  his replacement Jason Worlids left the game with a quad injury. Finally Aarron Smith also had a foot injury. These injuries looked to be the "football gods" making sure the team that lost the Super Bowl doesn't get back to the Super Bowl according to their laws.


the turnover ratio for the Steelers one of the worst in the NFL.

The Standard is the Standard:

I think we can agree this week the Steelers did not live up to the standard both individually and holistically as a team. The "standard is winning" a majority of the players didn't win their 1-on-1s and the team didn't win this week.

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