Einstein's theory of general relativity, the NFL lockout and the Steelers

The theory of general relativity is pretty simple at it's core, light travels at a constant speed regardless of the medium through which it travels in. Gravity is also a core concept of general relativity because Einstein proved that gravity not only bends light but it affects time as well. In other words, everything is related including the space-time continuum. The faster you travel through space the slower time moves for you. BUT the problem is you cannot tell that time is slowing down only someone observing you from a location that is travelling slower than you can witness this phenomena. That's exactly the same problem we are having, we know the Steeler's are not playing to their potential or even well compared to nine months ago. But I argue that relatively speaking it's impossible to see where we truly are because the whole NFL is very inconsistent and defenses are back on their heels. The four highest passing totals by week in the NFL ever were just completed, its's not just the Steeler D, where is the defense in general? That's my point, generally we have played bad but relative to the rest of the league we are about as good as everyone else.

How bad is the Steeler's current situation? Well it all depends upon your point of view, if you are a young Steeler's fan you may be shocked by the current level of play. If you are a "seasoned" fan like Homer J you may have seen it all and were eyewitness to part of our pre 1970 winning percentage of 36.7%. But if you take a look at the bigger picture, you see that not only are we a work in process everyone else is basically in the same boat. Possibly the Packers and Ravens have rowed slightly ahead but their lead is so slim it could disappear in a heartbeat. And the Patriots defense is even worse than last year if that is even cosmically possible?  The lockout has thrown a monkey wrench into the NFL product and nearly anything is possible over the next twelve games. It's kinda like the California Gold Rush, everyone is looking to stake a claim but no one really knows the best way to do it. Do we travel by sea, rail or horseback? A better analogy might be Cannonball Run, "DON'T THINK JUST DRIVE LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL!" Just look at the wild swings from last year and what separates the cream from the chaff, oh shit it's wheat from the chaff, cream from the milk. This lockout has affected my sense of general relativity:

  • All-time massive epic fail: Dallas blows 24 point lead to Detroit. Funny thing I knew at halftime it would end closely because Dallas was +/-3 at the end of the 9 games prior to Detroit. At least they broke that streak losing by 4 breaking the +/-3 band. And talk about not being able to close! It is no wonder Romo couldn't seal the deal with Jessica Simpson or Carrie Underwood, the coffee is for closers!
  • Close second epic fail: Eagles blowing a 20 point lead to the 49ers. Come on man, WTF?
  • Vikings are too hard to figure out weren't they up 20 at home on undefeated Detroit only to lose? 
  • Some of the shit is too funny too, like when Cassel just said 'f*ck this" and emphatically grounded the ball. Better yet, he gets into a shouting match with Haley on the sidelines, a fist fight would have been one for the ages, I was praying hard for that Longest Yard or North Dallas 40 stuff to happen in real life. Or he coulda just flipped the bird while walking off the field then cleaned out his locker never to be heard from again... Don't laugh, anything is possible in the "year of the lockout."
  • The previous hapless Panthers with Cam Newton have not lost by more than 7 points and with a few more bounces should be 4-0 with defeats of GB, CHI and AZ.  Imagine Cam Newton going from getting paid $200k to bring a Championship to Auburn and following it with a Super Bowl victory. You could write a book how I won the Super Bowl and bankrupted Vegas at the same time! (Remember Vegas casinos with those 250 to 1 Super Bowl Future Odds we discussed before). I know it sounds crazy but the lockout has made this season into a black hole where the winner may come from nowhere. I mean imagine Washington or Dallas, how long has it been since these teams were any good? Too long for me to remember, let's leave it at that.
  • Arizona has always found unique ways to lose, yesterday they outdid themselves when they let the Giants score two TDs in the last 4 minutes. Not to mention Cruz basically fumbled the ball to Arizona but even the refs found the whole situation too bizarre to make the right call. I would not put it past Larry Fitzgerald to get struck by lightning as he leaps for an end zone TD this year, no worries my TIVO is already programmed not to miss it:)
  • Indianapolis Colts may turn out to be a good team. I know "kk99 you are f*cking nuts" but why not? If Atlanta can blow a 20 point lead in the Caffeine Capital and fail to cover my meager 4.5 point spread then why not? Dude, the ATL sucks on the road big time, they are definitely a Dr. Jekyll road team with Mr. Hyde more like the disfigured Phantom of the Opera guy who will not venture outside his dome home. [Note by kk99, 10/03/11 11:00 PM PDT ] Well I take it back, Indy has a worse O-Line than ours with like 2 or 3 practice squad players activated tonight, good luck with that:)
  • This shit really pisses me off too, I had Seattle, Carolina, New Orleans, San Diego and Kansas City in the BTSC pick'em pool until I changed them on Sunday morning because I second guessed myself after looking at some "expert's" picks. Go figure, of my six losses those were five! Talk about karma, I would be leading the pool by 4 with 44 wins instead of tied for second with 39 wins . My only loss would have been betting against the Packers, I am just too greedy when I am getting 13.5 points I start to get excited when there is a spread above 13:) Funnier yet, Denver scores first but ends up losing 49-23. Tebo anyone?  I am convinced it was a cosmic ploy to give me a slice of humble pie. Fact is stranger than fiction you just can't make this shit up! And with 31 wins in the ESPN spread pool with hundreds of thousands of entrants I would have been tied for the lead with 46 wins not in the 98.1% percentile and tied for whatever 1,200 others with 41 wins (1,799th place if you care). WTF I don't care what anyone says the lockout really f*cked up my mojo! As Katt Williams said so eloquently "AINT THAT SOME SHIT!"
  • I shouldn't complain about my bad luck as everyone is in the same situation. Ravens slept on the Titans and got bitch slapped. And Oakland's QB was doing so well until he tried to throw the ball away, problem is he threw it directly to Patrick Chung of the Evil Empire. I am beginning to think this season is best predicted by reading a book like "A Random Walk on Wall Street." 
  • Oh and I forgot what running back tries to throw a pass when he is at near the goal line and in the grasp? An Eagles running back of course, hey let's face it Vince Young put a cosmic curse on the Eagles with his "dream team" diarrhea of the mouth moniker. Brady throwing four picks against Buffalo when he only had three last year? It gets better, after coming back from 20 points down two weeks in a row travel to Cincy and lose to the Bengals? Who knows maybe the Bengals are good and make a Super Bowl run? That would be a fitting end to bizarro NFL lockout world.

Bottom line, Steelers have not played well except at home against the exiled college coach who probably doesn't spank his kids. Hey, at least you get a hug, not a swift kick in the ass, when you throw a pick-six:) Good for Tavaris, he will be getting many hugs from his coach this year!

Many are all pushing the PANIC button today and for good reason, we are living on the razor's edge. BUT as I thought about it some more so is everyone else so I thought of the lyrics "Don't Worry be Happy" which led me to think about Bob Marley and the lyrics from his Three Little Birds song "don't worry about a thing, cus every little thing's gonna be alright."

The lockout effect will end sooner rather than later and the Steelers will be among the top teams. Does that mean we win the Super Bowl kk99? Who the f*ck knows but I still think we have a better chance to avoid the Super Bowl curse in this lockout year than in a normal year. Anyone can emerge from this chaos just look around relatively speaking 99% of the teams are in the same position we are. Only difference is that they have a better relative perspective because it's what they live with year in and out:)

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