Driveby Report: That's how Rough Riders Roll Edition

What a game?  We could have won this game going away, but once again we let them stay in the game.  Let's get his party started quickly.  Lock and load baby it's time to roll.  Stop...drop...shut 'em down open up shop.  Ohhhh nooooo that's how rough riders roooooolll.

1. Rush hard:  That's what I'm talkin bout bro.  Gotta give you props cause I called you out.

2. Heeeeeaaaath:  I almost picked him for offensive player on the HDM.  I can't remember if I mentioned him but I meant to.

3. A. Brown:  I did pick him on the HDM.  He should get consideration.

4. Ben:  He would be the obvious choice, even though he made a few bonehead plays.  It's not all his fault because Arians had his lapses as well

5. Arians: Speaking of....Good job, but man get better at closing games out.

6. Wood:  I know....they were talking all kind of yang about you.  Great game my brutha.  Get well quickly.

7. Brady:  You own whom?  Well I guess I'll  have to whoop datazz massah!  By the way ISN stands for "I say nothing"  Where is he by the way?

8. Ike:  Can we call him minus?  Your offense is going to be minus someone.  Did Welker play in this game?

9. The O line:  Ok The Pats' defense is booty but they did work today.

10. Young Money:  All of them made big plays.  Speed with hands.  Nasty

11. C. Allen and Lewis:  They made a statement.  I know you heard it.  It was we are going to man you up and you're not good enough to beat me.

12.  Meemo:  Will you stop calling for him to get cut now?  He's been playing situational and he has mastered it.

13. Clark: Big hit on the goal line.  Like I said in the HDM.  They need to get back to hitting peoiple and being aggressive.  Way to set the tempo.

14. Polamalu: How many times have we seen him make smart, instinctive plays?  That batted ball to get 2 and close this out was classic.

15. Foote:  Have to mention him.  He didn't make any splash plays, but he was seldom out of place. He played his support role to a T.

16. Keisel:  Every stat of his in the boxscore is mutiplies by 10.  catch my drift?

17. Special Teams:  Flawless, minus the wide right.

18. Coach Dad:  His statement today...."Respect your elders or I'll tan your hide."  "Oh and hey, game over, so get off my lawn(turf)."

19. Officials:  Is it me, or did it seem like when they called a penalty against us they got excited?  I found out why the Patriots do so well blocking.  They hold better than any team I've ever seen.  That is sort of a compliment.

20. October:  We should play the Patriots in October only....around Halloween.

21.  This one is yours.  Please don't shoot the Pats' trolls.


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