The Most Complete Game By The Steelers in Awhile!


"Beware the fury of a patient man" - John Dryden






First off its been almost a year since I've devoted a post to BTSC. I love this place, its filled with the most intelligent and humble analysis of the Steelers from all members and that's not me being a "homer" either.  I would rather see the complete breakdown of analysis on this site rather than listen to Trent Dilfer, Skip Bayless or any other overrated ESPN douchebag talk stats.  In the NFL, stats and style points do not matter to me, its the desire to win, the persistance, perseverance, and thats what the Steelers are made of.

With that said, the reason I decided to post this today is because I am still in shock at how we beat the Patriots yesterday.  Hence the title of the post, "that was the most complete game by the Steelers in awhile" is the truth. We played solid at all facets of the game.  YES, Suisham could've made that FG and YES, too many times we failed to put up TDs in the redzone and going for FG's instead.  But to be honest, the game was near flawless in my opinion.  Everytime we have had to deal with a weakness whether its the O-line, DB's, Bruce Arians. Coach Dad's inability to gameplan against an elite qb and a pass-heavy offense.  This game showed we didn't have a weakness for the other team to exploit and the fact that our development of the "Man-Coverage" can now stop a spread offense. But Im not here to talk about the defense because the rest of BTSC has covered that for the past 24 hours.

Looking at the beginning quote of my post, it deals with patience and yesterdays game against the Pats showed a new offense by the Steelers, a more "patient" offense.  I have been complaining, yelling at the TV, ranting on BTSC all last year about how the coaches can't utilize our fast WR core and adapt a gameplan that allows Ben to put up 300+ yards with spreading the field out, throwing multiple screens, dumping it off to Mendenhall, Redman, and Moore, and letting Ben pick apart the D with 4 or 5 wide all while mixing in some no-huddle.  Our passing game always consisted of the "Big play or bust."  To see Ben come of age yesterday and patiently take what the Patriots D were giving him was brilliant.  He didn't force it to Wallace long, and he didn't play for the quick TD.  He did what Brady has done to us for 7 years in the making.

This is the type of offense I wanted the Steelers to adopt and to see it in action yesterday was beautiful.  I knew all along we had the weapons to shut teams out and destroy them with our offense but BA never committed to it.  There would be games where there was a glimpse of this style of "passing to set up the run" but then BA would call something totally stupid to screw it all up.  It always frustrated me because we always played down to our competition even when we were ahead.  Yesterdays game was different, I felt like my prayers for the past year have been answered.  We killed the Pats and the score did not indicate the game as a whole.  The score should have been 38-17 but nonetheless, we controlled that game in flawless form.  That was the most beautiful display of football by the Steelers on both sides in a while. 



And to see Bill Belicheat without that smirk under that stone-faced scowl on the sidelines, and to watch Tom Brady look confused and not "robotic or machine-like" during drives was amazing. The Patriots have been trying to disguise their weak D for years by throwing up high scoring games from Brady and everyone said it would have to be a "shootout" to keep up with the Patriots.  Well, the Steelers exploited their weakness this year and gave the rest of the league the blueprint to beating them.  Unbelievable to watch.

Bring on Thug Suggs, Ray "REDRUM" Lewis and Joe "I didn't know unibrows went out of style" Flacco!  With patience,  I have a great feeling about our chances!

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