We're still winning the division: Here's why

I'd like to continue making people feel better about our situation. I already talked about the Run D which I feel will be fine, and I think our team will get better.

But this brief Poast doesn't consider the team so much as the rest of the AFC north


Lets take a gander at a few things that will help us make it to the playoffs this year. And not as a Wild Card

1. We're protecting our house

While we're technically listed at #4 on the standings because of tiebreakers, those will even out. Cincy has already lost a game at home, and Cleveland 2. Cleveland has played just ONE game on the road. So they will have some losses in the near future. We've played 1 home game, and we won it. Convincingly. Protecting your house is a big deal. Baltimore regrettably has done it twice so far. But we can do the same, and at that rate it'll even out with Baltimore. You can cry ''small sample size'' all you want but IMO playing at home has to be a lot easier.

2. We have a favorable next few weeks

Two games in a row at home against Struggling yet not bad Tennessee and horrid Jacksonville. Both teams have good run games, which means we'll get another test there. But they can't pass it all that much, so we should be able to force turnovers. And neither team has an astounding pass rush either, compared to the last two weeks (Freeney, Mathis, Mario Williams)

Followed by these games is a plane ride out to Arizona 51 to see an ugly ass imitation get beat.

3. We only have two really difficult games

Baltimore and New England. Thats it. And Both are at home. After that, none of the teams below are serious threats. KC is much weaker this year without Charles, and the 49ers can't actually be good. They've played garbage opponents so far.


Now, please loosen the noosen and slowly get down off your chairs. We knew we had a tough schedule to start the year. That and the lockout kept us cold. We're going to get warmed up. The D is playing better every week IMO. As I said in my other poast, 30 points in 3 games is pretty damn good. The O-line will eventually develop some chemistry one hopes.


Beating the fodder should be easy late in the year. Steal the NE game maybe? Revenge game against Baltimore should be hardcore. I don't see any reason why 12-4 is not a possible record.


Tons of folks here thought last year we would be more or less shit last year with the Berger-gate suspension. I remember everybody thinking in 2008 after the Eagles game we were toast with our O-line. I remember majority of the nation believed we couldn't beat the 2005 Colts.

Do ye not learn?

The Rooneys know how to fix shit people. Have some slow roasted bacon wrapped faith for dinner and relax knowing we're giong to be just fine. And when we win, we can shove the silver Lombardi up the anal cavities of any douchebag who tries to shit on the Steelers.


My hate engine is revving up, see you later this week with it. I'm pissed off this week. And I'm pissed at all the people here panicking and hating on the FO and the situation. Its 4 weeks into the season and you're .500. Falm the Cuck down. Thanks.

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