Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 5: "Jack Daniels custom sauccccce" Edition


Ladies and germs welcome back to the HDM, if you don’t know what Jack Daniels custom sauce is other than paying homage to Tennessee’s fine whiskey, then I expect most of you to you-tube "Epic Meal Time" it will change the way you eat forever…with that being said. Arn and I will be doing the evaluation of the Texans game and line up for the Titans game solo this week due to time constraints. But don’t fret dear followers of the hump, we still have the things you want and need to get you through the middle of the week. Frustration is what has been brewing up the past few weeks and it’s near the peak…let’s get to it!!!


Webslasher81: EDITOR’S NOTE: Is it just me or has there been a trend with Steelers teams lying down after they play in a super bowl (win/lose). I just don’t understand the concept of how after reaching the pinnacle one year and winning/losing, the focus is basically "we just don’t care?" attitude the next year with the subpar playing. Saying and doing are two different things, a lot has been "said", but the "doing" part has been practically non-existent. What is motivation to you? I know that if I had an "ounce" of talent that our players have I would give it my all…where’s the fire, the brimstone, the emptiness in the stomach that can only be filled by another Lombardi? I leave it to you faithful followers to give me an idea…For which I have none, I am not writing off the Steelers, b/c I know we can turn it around. But this has to stop…Because: WE ARE THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!! And losing is not an option. Anybody see Mechem? I need some intense hate right now…lol.


PixburghArn: EDITOR’S NOTE 2:  Right now this thing is getting to a critical point.  The team has not jelled and they are not crisp.  It seems almost as if they are not preparing mentally.  It's almost like they are thinking too much and not reacting enough.  If you don't have the game in your head already you won't play it on the field.  I'm sure somebody just felt what I said.  If you've played any level of sports you know what it's like to play the game as opposed to the game playing you.  The difference between executing on the field from what you've programmed instead of figuring it all out on the fly.  Come on.  Hear what I'm saying. Now why do I think it's getting to critical?  Because you can't just turn this on and the further you get in the season the harder it is to win the close ones.  If you work through the struggles in the beginning and stay close then you don't need all the breaks at the end of the season.  If you get in a hole then you have no choice but to run the table.  Sure you want to peak going into the playoffs and sometimes the playoff type games late in the year get you prepared going in, but you can't depend on that because you can peak, yet someone get a fluke win and knock you out. 


How about those predictions from the Texans game?


Webslasher81:  I predicted that the Steelers would win 20-17. It seemed that it would be going that way since we controlled most of the second half, but alas it wasn’t so…and my TV felt the wrath of my frustration…

PixburghArn:  I predicted that they would play inspired but it would not be enough.  I think I was right.  Now if you looked at some aspects of the game you could disagree.


How did you're predicted standouts for The Texans game do?


Webslasher81: The "young money" crew was on point (whenever BB had time to throw which has been almost never in the first 4 games.) and Troy looked pretty pissed throughout the entire 2nd half and did what he could to make things right.

PixburghArn: I said Antonio Brown on offense....I guess I could be right-ish.  What's not to love about this guy?  I know you'll tell me.  On defense I whiffed....Timmons.  By the way, anyone else want to defend Mendenhall's style against the defenses we are facing?  How about someone pull out some high school video, I'm just kidding don't take it personal.


How about the predictions for the Titans game?


Webslasher81: I predict that the offensive line will still struggle and whomever is behind them (if BB doesn’t play) will get decimated, but we win I don’t know how but we do, b/c Hasselback isn’t the "savior" the Titans think he is…Steelers  13 – Titans 9

PixburghArn:  I predict that this team will scrap this one out.  They will go back to the old win ugly days.  This will be a game that we win and everyone will still be down on them.  20-13 Steelers.


How about the predicted standouts for the Titans game?


Webslasher81: The standouts won’t be professed by an individual person; rather the whole team will scrape out a win gritty, dirty, and ugly. Just the way we like it…

PixburghArn: I'm pretty much going along with DJ Dub Sleezy Ocho Uno on this one.  But I will name a couple of players.  Antonio Brown again…I think Brown gets both TDs in this game.  Maybe even one on special teams, On defense Timmons takes on a new role, comes out and cranks up the sacks.


What concerns do you have this week?


Webslasher81: Bruce Arians…can somebody please give him the pink slip. I no longer will tax the o-line for their discrepancies b/c it’s like beating a dead horse and Sean Kugler is doing his best. But anytime on 3rd down you believe in your right mind a screen play will work, it won’t. It blows my mind apart why this guy is still our OC…

PixburghArn:  My concern is Johnson screwing the defense.  I am going to say the line has a good game.  Not a great game, not even a really good game, but a good game.  I am concerned that the defense may be on the field too much and it will cost them the game.  Also translated, the offense won't score enough.


Cheerleader of the week:


Webslasher81: My friends, there is a bright spot at the end of the tunnel…I bring to you my Titans finest double trouble…Claire and Brianne.


Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders (via Phillip Riggins)

PixburghArn:  I really like Brooke, but I think I had her all over the blog last year. but  Just so you know, she's baaaaaaacccccck!!!





International Hostess of the week:


Webslasher81: One day I will travel to Serbia…just b/c of this reason and this reason alone…meet: Marijana V.


Serbian model (via zivotinjke1)


PixburghArn: the queen valentina-cervera has arrived…bow in her honor!






Well this wraps up another feisty, frustrated, and fruitiful Hump Day Mixer. Tune in next week when Arn, myself, and the celeb pick o’ the week breakdown the Kittens from Jacksonville when we square off the tail end of the AFC South at the Ketchup Bottle…

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