Driveby Report: Today was a Good Day Edition

As Ice Cube would say, "Today was a good day".  I still don't get bragging about a "triple double" in pick up basketball though.  Anyhow, We really needed this. My heart thanks you Steelers.  I was able to relax.  Beautiful day as well.  Felt sorta like Southern Cali.  Load 'em up fellas. Ride or die.  Get 'em blazin let 'em fly.

1. Ben:  That's my dawg.  I heard lots of hatin (some deserved) but you got give him props. How ya like me now?

2. Redman:  He may not be THAT guy, but he outplaying, the other guy.  It refreshing to see a guy get his pads up field and churn it out.  Can we get some current video clips now?

3. A. Brown:  All that!  Absolute Beast on special teams and solid on offense. Receivers don't usually get it until their 4th year.  

4. Wallace:  Who else do you know that disappoints people when he gets 77 one week and 82 yards the next.  Did I ever tell you receivers don't usually get it until their 4th year?

5. Ward:  Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!  You gotta get Ward involved.  It brings a little fire to the offense when Ward is rolling.

6. Starks:  :)

7. Dwyer:  If he was 10 lbs lighter he would have had a TD today.  Good job though.  

8. Heeeeeeath:  Have to mention him because he made 3 very big catches.  None bigger than that TD.

9. Robopunter:  Nice Robo arm.  

10. Nice play:  That fake punt was a serious momentum shifter.  Nice call fellas.

11. Farrior:  He did better than I thought he would today.

12. Troy:  I think he loves playing the Titans.  He knew some of the Titan’s plays better than their own players.  It seems when they tone down Timmons, they ramp up Toy.

13. Keisel:  Welcome back brutha!  I likey.

14. D-line:  The young bucks came to play.  Hoke brought his lunchbox and came to work.  Just wait until Heyward comes into his own.  

15. Wood:  Much better game.  At least we actually saw you today.  

16. Ike:  We didn't see you much.... That's a good thing.  I love having him on our team.

17. DBs:  Better!  Second week they did better than.....usual.  *sigh*

18. Deebo:  He may be a prophet.  He said "Changes are needed."  Injuries caused them, but it looks like the infusion of backups lit a fire.

19.  I have leaving two bullets for you:  The first bullet is for hunting.  Hunt for those pesky whines you hear after a loss and bring me their pelt.  You know…like…"Fire Arians", "Fire Tomlin", "Trade Ben, he sucks", Ike can’t cover me."," Redman can’t break tackles" & anything else that chicken little says.

20.  This one is a free for all.



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