Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week: 11 "Bye Week" Edition


Welcome back boys and girls to the HDM mixery. First off great win this past week versing the Bengals, very impressed that we have improved out INT ratio to +1 from being -11 the past 9 games. Plus the Ravens lost which is pivotal making us the kings of the hill once again of the AFC North (as a matter of fact the Brownies lost as well, great week for us in general.) Speaking of the Ravens, is it just me or are they only hardwired (i.e. morally driven to beat us w/o any other initiative to beat anybody else) to play us to the bone, and then totally "shit the bed" the next week after they play us? This bye week will be much needed to get the rest of our defense that is hurt back to full force as well as with other players nursing minor injuries to lick their wounds and get ready for next week’s showdown with the Chiefs. As usual myself and Arn are at the helm to bring you what you need. Plus the Celeb pick o’ the week: PCISteeler will be helping us breakdown the Bengals game and what to improve/not improve during our vacation time. Plus bringing you the eye-candy that you have grown quite accustomed to, let’s get to it shall we…


How about those predictions from the Bengals game?

Webslasher81: Well I predicted Steelers 31 - Bungels 13, and that didn’t turn out to be…I believe Arnie was really close to the score with a Steelers 27 - Bengals 23 nail biter…Either way I was very happy with the outcome.


PixburghArn: I said it would be another nail-biter.  I also said the key is to stop the run and not allow the occasional jump ball to A.J. Green.  Well they stopped the run enough to get favorable 3rd down situations but still allowed a few gashes.  They did allow a jump ball that Troy just watchedBen hit just enough passes.  He missed a few open receivers as well but he had just enough. They really didn't play mistake free as I said they would have to, but they won the turnover differential.  The Miller bobble INT was the only mistake in the turnover department.  I said 27-23 and it was 24-17 Another added point: My concerns from last week were AJ Green with big plays and Benson getting over 100 yards.  I said if they do both we lose.  Well I'm glad we didn't have to test that theory.

PCISteeler: I didn’t make a prediction this past week. The only thing I wanted was a bounce back win after that Sunday night loss. Happy with the outcome as well, but why do I have to suffer through a win? Why BA?


How did your predicted standouts do for the Bengals game do?


Webslasher81: my man AB came through with the quickness on offense, if the rest of the league doesn’t know that this guy is a STUD, then they are sleeping on him which by the way they will find out pretty soon on why he complements MW so well. And he brought a smile to my face. Although Ben get him some touches in the endzone please? B/c that would help me out a lot in 2 of my fantasy leagues in which I drafted him. On defense I had DEEBO, now he didn’t have a bad game per say but he didn’t destroy Dalton like I wished he would have. Those damn "O" linemen just love to put his ass in a headlock when he beats them on the rush…

PixburghArn: I said it would be Sanders on offense.  He did his thing even though he was -100 and no TDs.  There were various offensive standouts at different points of the game.  AB straight beasted the Cincy secondary in on drive.  Ben was on point with the throws as well.  Cotchery made big plays with one TD reception and Mendenhall added two TDs. One of those TDs was a man-sized effort.


PCISteeler: If I would have had a standout last week it would have been Brown and Cotchery. With Sanders and Ward out lately, we don’t miss a beat because I believe we have carbon copies of Ward and Manny with Brown and Cotch.


How about any team revisions, that needs to be completed both on offense and defense?


Webslasher81: One thing that irks the hell outta me is that when we are up on a team, we play soft. We need to put teams away for good to show the rest of the AFC that the defending AFC champs are no slouches. Not to say that any team thinks that way about us, but those awesome analysts (pun intended, sarcasm for the win) seem to always and I mean always find a way to piss me off when they talk about us (Warren Sapp I’m looking at you, ya big oaf, lay off the cheeseburgers and the cakes and pies b/c I know t.v. adds about 15 lbs to your stature but you look downright disgusting in your suit and tie…In which I believe the back stage helpers just paint on your outfit b/c your just too damn heavy to wear anything other than sweats and a moo moo, as well as sweating motor oil and Crisco when the lights are on you for 6 hrs.). 


PixburghArn: I just want to see the team healthy. It looks like they haven't yet peaked but they have shown that when they do, they will be a force to be reckoned with.


PCISteeler: I hate Sapp. And to know that I told my wife to vote for him on Dancing with the Stars years ago.  Yuck!! I hate how fake he is on air and how he exaggerates his emotions. Everyone on that panel hates him. But on to the question.. The Steelers Offense needs to reassure me that they can move the ball in the Fourth quarter. BA run plays are too predictable. Oh and Ben, please play more like Ben.


Who are the team MVP’s of the season so far, both on offense and defense?


Webslasher81: As how I see it today, just my opinion: Ben is the OPOY and Troy is the DPOY. (I know, I know DEEBO is back and WOOD before his injury was coming on strong for defense, as well as MW and AB making clutch catches to do what we do best on offense, but this is just opinion based.).



PixburghArn: I'll say Antonio Brown on offenseBen would be a good answer, but Brown affects two phases in a dynamic way.  Ok you just said offense but he's my choice.  On defense I am going to go with Ike Taylor.  I think Ike has earned his pay.  Just my opinion.


PCISteeler: OPOTY(so far) would have to be Ben. It starts with him and ends with him. He can have a crappy game, give up some dumb turnovers and have a passer rating the size of Keira Knightley's bust but still win the game. DPOTY(so far) would have to be Woodley.  He signed his extension this offseason and started off kinda slow, but he has exploded. Dude is a beast. The only thing that slowed him down was himself. He will have 3 weeks of rest. I'm excited for his return. Special shout-out goes to Hood and especially Heyward. Our future looks very bright with them commanding the trenches.


What concerns/pressing matters do you have this week?


Webslasher81: The"O" line, I know I haven’t picked on them for awhile, b/c they were doing great, well as great as what can be done, but to give up 4 sacks (or is it 5?) anyway, that is just too many for the Bengals, yes the Bengals to have…The other issue that I have is that although "Big Play" Willie Gay utterly won that game for us when he caused Dalton’s 2nd pick. But he isn’t on the same level as Ike, can we just rotate Kennan Lewis or Cortez Allen into the lineup in wake of his disastrous play 95% of the time…I’m just saying Coach Dad. I mean I know you know best "Great One" but Gay flat out sucks.


PixburghArn: My only real concern is staying healthy.  We need to get all the pieces back and get it rolling.


PCISteeler: Let’s lay off my guy Gay here lol. Dude has come through adversity all of his life. He could be worse like Cold and cough. Random factoid: Gay caused Louisville perfect season years ago when he went off-sides. Rutgers was going for the win and Gay went offside. The kick was up and was no good but after the second chance, wouldn't you know, it was good.



Cheerleader of the week:


Webslasher81: Since the "tradition" is putting up cheerleaders of the teams that we are playing this week, this week being the Bye I believe we all get a pass…here are my top 3 from around the league:

You know you just can’t go wrong with some Cowgirls:


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders pay a Christmas visit to USAG Humphreys (via USAG-Humphreys)


Or when heading to Miami for a late night fix…


Stefan meets the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (via Flightglobal images)


Then taking the Red-Eye to San Diego…for the Charger Girl tryouts…


Charger Girl Tryouts (via San Diego Chargers)



PixburghArn:  When it comes to cheerleaders there's only three words that come to mind Miami, Tampa & Washington. in two Skins…







How about a little Tampa Two?







What did Will Smith say?  Welcome to Miami? Welcome indeed.






PCISteeler: I have quite a soft spot for the Texans cheerleaders…


Houston Texans cheerleader tryout 2010 (via mikemcguff)


As well as the Buccaneers hotties…(Arn I am totally with you on this one haha!).


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders (via PigSkinTV)



International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: When I was in Europe I did indulge in going to Greece for the sightseeing, the lovely beaches, and um food…meet: Anita Keskeny.



One Day In Greece (via Thanaszisz Tepfenhart)


and her friend: Evelin Béres


Morning Glory (via Thanaszisz Tepfenhart)


PixburghArn: I like to stay south of the border.  I want you to meet the very beautiful Jessica Scheel from Guatemala




PCISteeler: I’m going with Puerto Rico this week…I love me some zesty salsa!!!

Meet: Jasmine Perez…


DSC_3602 (via vaughnscriven)


Well faithful followers of the HUMP, this wraps up another fun filled edition. Please tune in next week in which Arn will be taking over for me as well as the Celeb pick’s o’ the week in breaking down the matchup @ Arrowhead versing the Chiefs…for which I will be in Cali enjoying a booze-a-thon that will commence for a week, cheers!!!



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