Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 9: "P.F.R. (Pittsburgh Fried Ratbird)" Edition


Hello ladies and germs and welcome back to the HDM brew ha ha!!! This week is a pivotal time for us Steeler folk in the AFC North, as we take on our arch-rival Ravens from Baltimore. Tensions will be higher than ever because this game decide our seed placement for a playoff run as well as who wears the crown as this year's divisional champ.  To help us this week for our celeb pick is: TVsChachi. He is bringing the fire as usual to help out the dynamic duo, breakdown the AWESOME win versing the Patsies last Sunday and the breakdown of our most hated advisory as well as bringing you the EYE-CANDY that you love.Well let's get to it shall we?


How about those predictions from the Patriots game?

Webslasher81: I predicted that we would win 24-21,  but.overall what we showed the whole NFL yesterday, the people that doubted us, and the people who still continue to do.that were not old, tired, and worn out. We're here to stay and personally I believe we will be playing hard-nosed in Feb.

PixburghArn: I predicted a shootout.  Ok, someone got shot! I also predicted some turnovers by Brady.  We almost got the tipped pass INT, but we did get the strip fumble. I said they would make just enough plays to pull this out. I was wrong they made more than enough plays to pull this out, but they almost missed enough plays to not win.  I had an 11 point margin.  We won by8.  Not great, but not too shabby.


TVsCHACHI: This wasn't last year's STEELER Defense Tom Brady, you smug coiffed douchebag, this is 2011, so walk on back to your sunny estate and suck a weepy flaccid metrosexual boot.  You told your fat & 'roided lineman you "got" the STEELERS game and we watched it come back to bite you on your pasty white ass


How did you're predicted standouts for The Patriots game do?

Webslasher81: On offense I had Mikey Wallace and although he had decent day the win but a smile on my face, and on defense I had WOOD, and as some people are calling him "the paper tiger" I honestly tell these fair-weather fans on facebook and other media sites to go root for another team.  I believe he brought the lumber yesterday and that hamstring injury that he had will get patched up in time for theRavens game b/c nobody sleeps on that one.

PixburghArn:  I said A. Brown would be the standout and that Heath would do his thing as well.  Though I got their stats wrong, they were standouts. I'll take that.  Ben did very well.  He made one big mistake.  I said it would be hard to choose on defense because of various individual efforts throughout the game.  BINGO.  Though Wood and Ike and take a bow.


TVsCHACHI: More F*cking Keisel.  The Beard Disrupts like The Dude Abides.  Lo, the many glorious batted balls from the line - and a beautiful strip which led to a late game Benny Hill-esque scamper - Troy is the only safety in the league.



How about the predictions for the Ravens game?


Webslasher81: Throughout 8 weeks HC Tomlin has been talking about the Ravens and personally couldn't wait to chomp at the bit to take them on again, but this time it's at our house and for the pre-game talk I hope Tomlin just shows the highlights of week one's pounding, Ravens HC Harbaugh running up and down the field like a classless piece of trash that he is, and how they ran up the score on us, all while playing Renegade on repeat.this will fire up our boys and I know coach Dad has something special brewing in the pot for Fluke-o and that "explosive" offense they have (pun intended, sarcasm). We go out like the gladiators we are and leave it on the field, another blood bath is to be upon us.we win! Steelers: 20 - Ratbirds 17.


PixburghArn: An ugly game is coming.  The first game of the season was uncharacteristic, even to the point of the gameplan.  Usually Ed Reed doesn't factor into the game.  Look for a continuation of the West Coast offense with some runs sprinkled in.  Jab jab jab, then strike deep. Offense rebounds from that horrible outing the first week and puts up 27. The Ravens offense has mixed success but can't get it done.  Flacco gets picked twice, manage to get 20 points.  You got it..27-20 Steelers.


 TVsCHACHI: My Blood Runneth Black with Hate - Week 1 was a Revenge Play more epic than Kill BillJohn Harbaugh all but snuck into the STEELERS locker room and cut the crotch out of their respective pants, like a silly & scorned sad dejected scumbag he was hellbent on victory and humiliation - well suck those dry husks in your lonely dank film-room Harbaugh because you won't see that again.  Act like you been there before... oh wait - You Haven't.  And by the way, this isn't the Week 1 STEELERS Defense but I'm sure that's already on your quarterback's mind (tic-tic-tic JoeySteelers 27 / Scumrats 16


How about the predicted standouts for the Ravens game?

Webslasher81: To quote coach dad "This won't happen again." I'm going with on offense Heath Miller (in which had a break out day against the Patsies and I feel were gonna use him again.) (8 catches 80 yds 1 td). On defense, I got Timmons tearing stuff up (i.e. b/c Wood if he plays will be limited, and hopefully we get Deebo back but who knows.). (6 tackles, 3 tfl, 1 sack, 1 FF).


PixburghArn: On offense I'm going to have to go with Sanders.  Sanders tops 100 yards and scores on a possession inside the 10.  On defense Clark. Clark will get one of the picks.  I think special teams will be the difference maker though.


TVsCHACHI: On Offense Large Benjamin continues to do what he do: evade fools in pursuit, get the ball into the hands of many money ballers, and not be Joe Flacco (sorry Joe, I stand corrected, you did tell the press you're "Pretty Damn Good").  Defensively we gotta see players step up and fill the big shoes of LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison.  Expect a lot of Troy and a buzzsaw chorus of the collective New Young STEELER Talent - 412 Tical!


What concerns do you have this week?

Webslasher81: Although we looked solid both on "O" and "D"BA still has me scratching my head on some of those plays on Sunday, I hope he can get that "stick" out from his ass and let BB do his own damn thing.Air it out to ESMW, or AB all day.our "Young Money" click is beast and can't be tamed. The run game will hit a speed bump this weekend. But we will gain decent yardage, maintain the clock management like we did against the Patsies, and we should be fine.

PixburghArn: My concern for this week, is Rice.  Boldin not so much, but a slight concern.  But if Rice doesn't get his the Ravens are done.  On defense I'm concerned with Suggs on the outside.  That's about it.  Because if Ben has time the Ravens will pay.


TVsCHACHI: Gary Coleman and Horseface.

Cheerleader of the week:

Webslasher81: I'm the "shaking of tail feathers."


Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders (via snookster89)


As well as this lovely morsel.with the TWINS to boot.




PixburghArn: To introduce my cheerleader of the week I give you my three friends.  No jealousy here.  They are all friends.








My cheerleader of the week.






TVsCHACHI: F*ck those Tootsie RollR Halloween Warehouse hookersBaltimore Cheerleaders, like their city, have crabs. So I will double down with these two nubile naughty STEELER fans



International Hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: This week up going up north to show what grandeur they have up there (minus the bears, elk, hotdog factories etc.) OH Nikki Dash.


Bikini Swimsuit Model Goddess (via 45SURF Hero's Journey Mythology Goddesses)


and her friend.(taking one out of Chachi's book.) Canadian pornstar: Jana Phoenix.


Jana (via reverieandchaos)



PixburghArn: I travel south into the Caribbean and make a stop in Trinidad.  I have chosen to give you a variety of flavors.  Trinidad has many.


French Vanilla







Creamy Caramel






Hot Fudge




TVsCHACHI: Salut BroHammer; my book is filled with raconteur's gold and spilleth toward Yinz in STEELER Nation. Here is my Triple Crown contribution to the International HotnessMaria Ozawa.  Born in Hokkaidō Japan to a Japanese mother and Canadian father, beautiful Maria represents 2 foreign lands AND she is an ex-Porn Star, enjoy and GO STEELERS





Well followers if the HUMP! This wraps up yet another fun filled chapter of lore.  Tune in next week as the 2 Rebels w/o a cause plus the celeb pick(s) o' the week breakdown another foe from the AFC North as our beloved Stillers travel to Cinci-nasty to take on the Bengals (viewer discretion is advised!!!).

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