Hump Day Mix (HDM) 2.0: "Can You Smell What the Chefs are Cooking?" Great Googlie Mooglie Version

We'll start you off this week with a video to help you to understand the title.

It's that time of the week again.  The middle of the week.  Slasha is on vacation in SoCal.  I sent him out there to work on his Driveby skills.  He will be ridin with the Long Beach Crew while out there.  With us today are swmt40 & Steeler Fever.  He wanted in on the hump.  Like Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound said, "It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none."  I know you gammarians are having a fit over that one.

Anyhow, we are starting up the home stretch.  Only 6 games left on the schedule and all I'm looking for is a spot in the dance.  I would like to be at home, but a spot in the dance is all that's really required.  How about a little retribution?  Round out the playoff run with wins over Houston, Baltimore and Green Bay?  Enough of that.  There's plenty of season left.  There will be time for that.  Let's get it humpin.

How about the predictions for the Chiefs game?

PixburghArn:  Kansas City is going to scrap it out early.  They are going to sell out to stop the run, but it won't be enough.  They will have some spot success, but get gashed for huge chunks.  Palko is going to make some plays, but not enough to make any difference.  With the special teams are playing well this time going into Arrowhead.  The Steelers sail to a win here, but allow KC to keep it close for a while.  Barring bad weather....Steelers 30 Chiefs 17.

swmt40: I think we should win this game in the same manner the Patriots did this week.  We should be able to dominate.  I say should, because you never know.  Arrowhead is a tough place to play and they will want to play better in front of the home crowd.  If the line can give Ben time and open holes for Mendy, then I say the score should be 35-6.  If not, then 17-6.



steeler fever: A blowout dominators win by the Steelers. Don’t buy those extra pitchers of beer at half time; the game will be over by the middle of the third quarter. Steelers 42 Chiefs 10.



How about the predicted Standouts in the Chiefs game?

PixburghArn: Rush Hard Spin-Then-Haul on offense.  He will get his if he hits the hole quickly on power runs.  Wallace will emerge in this one as well.  On defense, it will be Troy. 

swmt40: On offense I think Wallace and Brown get over 100 yards each and possibly a TD apiece.  Ward and Sanders get close to 100, with one of them possibly going over 100.  Mendy gets 100 on the ground this week with a couple of TDs.  I know this may be cheating cause I should only pick one, but it is hard the way Ben spreads the ball around.  On defense, I think Troy has a big game.  From what I saw of Palko against the Patriots a lot of his throws sailed and I can see Troy waiting on them.  He doesn't drop them this week.

steeler fever: James Harrison making life tough for what’s his name at QB for KC. I would like to see our younger guys looking good in mop up duty during the second half. A reason to stay tuned!



What are your concerns for this game?

PixburghArn:  My concern is the Steelers don't put this game away and allow the Chiefs to manufacture something with penalties and lucky plays to win. 

swmt40: The O-line. The Chiefs got after Brady pretty good, from what little bit of the game I saw.  The line had been playing well, but then last week happened and there was a lot of pressure in Ben's face.  The Chiefs were able to apply pressure and get to Brady.  Hope Arians watched the game also and will game plan for that.

steeler fever: Ben handing off left handed. He says he is going to in this game, because of his right thumb injury. That’s my concern, Big Bens thumb. But unless it falls off, Steelers win big.



Cheerleader of the week:

PixburghArn:  Our KC crew is limbering up for competition.



They are sassy I tell ya...they don't call it the show me state for nothing.




swmt40:  I see what you mean by sassy, just look at this one strut her stuff.



She was waving hello to me.  Must have been the brostache.




steeler fever: How about a Texas Trifecta?



Go Hogs!





International Hostess of the week:

PixburghArn:  I was slacking on the cheerleaders this week, but I have a question for ya.  You ever been to Panama?  Too bad!




They play cricket there.  It keeps them in shape.  I like this shape. Ok that may have been altered.  hahaha Ok, Meet the lovely Sheldry Saez. Looks like Panamanians can make up first names like black folks.




swmt40:  Not many people realize the beauty of Armenia.  Here's just a taste.  I don't want your sugar level to top out.



steeler fever:  Her name is Kate Upton.  Yes, she is!



Jessica White, wow need I say more...




That's all we have for today folks.  Slash may be back next week, if not I'll be back again with 1BlkGldFan and whomever else Slash told they had Bengals week 2.


UPDATE: Steeler Fever cheerleaders and hostesses added.  Sorry Fever I got as close to the pictures you had.  Hope this got close.  I could not find the lollipop girl.  Maybe you can add her below.

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