The Pittsburgh Steelers come into Sunday's game with a 7-3 record. We play the Chiefs who were struggling before losing their starting QB, Matt Cassel. WIth Tyler Palko at the helm the Chiefs should be even easier pickings for the vaunted Pittsburgh defense. Steelers cruise to an easy victory in Kansas city to move their record to 8-3.


Here is a peek at the remaining regular season schedule for the Steelers:


Sunday, Nov. 27* at Kansas City 8:20 p.m. NBC
Sunday, Dec. 4* CINCINNATI 1 p.m. CBS
Thursday, Dec. 8 CLEVELAND 8:20 p.m. NFL Network/KDKA
Monday, Dec. 19 at San Francisco 8:30 p.m. ESPN
Saturday, Dec. 24* ST. LOUIS 1 p.m. FOX
Sunday, Jan. 1* at Cleveland 1 p.m. CBS

Lets go over em, game by game.

at Kansas City: As mentioned, this game shouldn't even be close. The Steelers have to have a multiple meltdowns for the woeful Chiefs to even keep the score respectable. Steelers W

Cincinnati: An improved Cincy team looking for respect. Sorry Bengals fans, you couldn't beat us at your place, you sure as hell ain't beating us at home. Steelers W

Cleveland: The Browns need I say more? They may have been showing some promise last year, but this ain't last year. The AFC North bottom dweller, loses another one on a short week for the Steelers. Steelers W

at San Francisco: This should be the toughest game remaining on Pittsburgh's schedule. With a playoff quality opponent and a 3 time zone flight to get to the game. But the 49er's couldn't beat the Ravens and the Steelers have 10 days to prep for this game. Steelers will play up to their competition and win a hard fought battle on the road. Steelers W

ST. Louis: They do still have a franchise in St. Louis..... Another team many of the pundits thought was on the rise coming into the year. Not so much any more, they just ain't no good! Blowout! Steelers W

at Cleveland: Cleveland is looking to end their season on a high note. Should be a tough game against a team that it would be easy for Pittsburg to overlook. But the game ends on a sour note for the Browns as the Steelers are rounding into playoff form. Steelers W

The only possible concerns we have would be overlooking our opponents or we play down to the level of the competiton we are playing. One thing though, we have been finding ways to win the games we should win this year. Thats a good sign of a Championship Team. A win of any form will work just fine for me.

The one game that the Steelers may be the underdog is at San Francisco. They are good and are deserving of the praise they have been getting this year. Congrats to the 49er's team and fans, its been a while......enjoy! The problem is you aren't as tough, as talented or as experienced as the reigning AFC Champs. Plus we got Big Ben.

Should be fairly smoothing sailing between here and the playoffs.





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