Driveby Report: We Want Easy, Please Edition

Man, I already have to make an appointment this week to get my blood pressure checked.  Then I have to sit up and sweat out a game we should have no problem winning.  Can we get an easy win please?  Don't try and tell me visions of a game almost two years ago to the day didn't cross through your mind.  Troy standing on the sideline watching the Steelers help the Chiefs end a 10 game home losing streak.  I want an easy win.

My video says that:  We want Easy.  Looking at this Old School Hip Hop brings back some memories.  It also reminds me where they got the stereotype of the Hip Hop Sweat suits and Gold Chains.  They made the turn at Boyz in the Hood. Speaking of Boyz in the Hood, let's get 'em blazin.  Lock and Load.

 1. Wallace: Left a 100+ yard game on the turf.  You have to make those catches bro.  The coverages are only going to allow so many of those a game.  Another reason is, we don't want Ben trying to launch missiles every play.

2. A. Brown: Still bringing it.

3. Saunders:  No I did not say Sanders.  I bet you no one predicted he would have the only Touchdown.  Can we mention him with Chris Carter?  "All he does is catch touchdowns."  Just kidding of course.

4. Ben:  Do you have to throw one of those a game?  Really?  When you looked left that safety wasn't over there, so guess where he is?

5. Steelers runners:  I would have liked to have seen you a little more.  Even after the Memo fumble. 

6. Hines:  I see ya bro.  Hang in there because you are going to get yours. 

7. Keisel: If impact were a stat Keisel would show up in the top 5 every game.  People who miss the game and look at won't understand the hype over him.  I understand very well.

8. Mundy:  He's not Troy, but who is?  Let me tell you he's a special teams beast.  I know you saw him laying the wood.  WOW!  He also did very well on defense.  Comparing him to Troy isn't fair, but recognizing game is.  He got game.

9. Wood:  We need you back, but make sure that hamstring is right.  If our defense is going to play championship caliber, you need to be there.

10. Collinsworth:  Shut up!

11. Worilds:  If you want to play in this defense you can't be a rollercoaster ride.  Consistency my friend. I like your contribution though.  Good game over all.

12. Ike:  INT?  You know you're going to win when Ike intercepts a ball.  It must have been one of those Nike tacified (if that’s a word) balls.

13. Willie Gay:  Pretty good game.  Would have been pretty bad if Bowe would have caught that ball you misplayed.

14. Farrior:  Built to last.  Still mixing it up!

15. Timmons:  This dude covers lots of ground.  LOTS  He also robbed Ike of an unprecedented 2 INT game.  That's ok I don't think he could "See him".

16. C. Brown:  Another special teams beast.  You'll see him in our defensive backfield one day. Count on it.

17. Fullback:  Can we see a little more of this?  I know..... "There is no fullback", says Arians.  So can we get a big guy back there to help block and do some real running plays sometimes.  Not all the time, but just a little more. Then again, we don't have a true fullback so never mind.

18. K. Lewis: Had to mention him. Nice break up and INT.

19. This one's yours.


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