When a Win is Actually a Loss

Yeah the steelers "won" the game, and theres certainly no real fault that can be found with the defensive performance, BUT-  this was a LOSS!  and plse dont come to me with the whole "oh youre too negative, glass half empty", and the rest of these tired cliches-  the fact of the matter is that game STUNK!!!!!!  almost unwatchable!! we continue to play to the level of our opponents, and you know we will be burned sooner or later playing like that.  it is now in the last stretch, and we have really not played a complete game against a valid opponent.  weve, like a lot of teams this year, had the benefit of a cupcake schedule, yet we havent been able to play complete games, and weve lost key games to baltimore.  the state of the afc is a joke!!!  every team has significant flaws, including the steelers, and weve watched some BAD football this year.  this past weekend was one of the worst weekends of pro football i can remember in a long time!; bad matchups, poor performances, horrible officiating, and shitty self-centered players who shouldnt be getting paid if they cant produce when it counts!  heres several comments & observations, including my "goat list":

like the steelers, the jets did NOT win yesterday; instead-  it was steve (and no, i dont refer to a grown man as "stevie") johnson who LOST the game for the bills.

its sickening how this season is unfolding for the pats; schedule turned to mush, and its now almost inevitable that they wont be the number one seed, with that PUTRID defense!

ok i cant wait for the goat list, so here it goes:

steve johnson of the bills-  this guy is a disgrace-  he lost the game for the bills, just like he did last year against the steelers.  i would have cut him on the bus ride home.

jackson of philly-  would have cut him in locker room.

bowe of kc-  a DISGRACEFUL effort at end of game last nite.  i prob wouldnt have cut him, but hed be on his last warning.

wallace-  hes fading fast.  teams have of course adjusted to him, yet im not convinced hes made the adjustments to the adjustments.  he failed to catch his two big opps last nite, and to me-  hes responsible for at least 7 - 14 points not being realized by the steelers.  he SINGLE-HANDEDLY allowed the chiefs a chance to win at the end.  brown is best receiver on team.

there are other goats from the weekend, but im mad just thinjking about those players from above paragraph, so im done with that.

i see cinci having at least a 50/50 shot next weekend against the steelers.  theyre hungry, young, and i like what theyre doing.  in fact-  if the steelers cant get the job done in the afc this year, ill be pulling for the bengals.  i cant believe im even saying that, but think about it-  who else ya gonna pull for if steelers fail-  ravens? cheatriots? jets? tebow? etc. etc.???  ugh.

tonites game-  dont know which giants team will show, but hopefully its a good game & they can win it!  theyll need to split next two games in order to have shot at playoffs.  i think theyre one of just a couple teams who can beat green bay in championship game; its like a boxing match-  styles make fights, and i think that could be the case with giants and gb-  BUT-  giants have to make it to the playoffs first!

last comment-  why dont the chargers fire norv NOW???  theres ZERO benefit in waiting til seasons end, and dont give me this whole "hes earned..." crap-  the chargers should be on an IMMEDIATE plan for next year.

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