Hump Day Mix 2.0 Week 13: Looking For Your Cat? Check My Tires Edition

Since Slasha isn't back from Cali yet, I am hosting this thing again this week. I introduce to you our own 1BlkGldFan. She is the real deal fellas. I am glad to have her this week. Enjoy.

Here's an excerpt from an exchange 1BlkGldFan and I had over email. I though it was good enough for print.

PixburghArn: Just a little history of the HDM. I created the HDM with Webslaha in mind. He was wanting to contribute so I thought up something he'd be interested in. Can you miss with Steeler football and women? After a few editions, I handed it over to Slash.

1BlknGldStlrFan: No you can't miss with Steeler football and women~ I have to tell you.. I don't even date outside of the fanbase anymore. Steeler football is too much a part of my life to not be with someone who enjoys it as much as I do. Darn good thing Steeler Nation is

PixburghArn: You are ate up! I like that.

Hey I can relate with what 1BlkGldFan said. I went to Pittsburgh to find my wife. Too many Bengal fans in Dayton and too many Redskins fans in Virginia (where I was living at the time). Anyhow, let's get on with it.

How did those predictions from the Chiefs game turn out?

PixburghArn: I said the Chiefs would be scrappy and they were. I said Palko would make plays her and there but it would not be enough. I was way off on the score though. I said 30-17. ncmt40 (whom I forgot change from swmt40) if the holes aren't there and Ben doesn't get protection it would be 17-6. That is pretty much what it should have been without the fumble. Steeler Fever said a blowout, so that puts him with me (wrong).

How about those standouts?

PixburghArn: I said Rush Hard and Wallace on O and Troy on D. Wrong! Heck we all missed it ok. Let's move on.....

What about those concerns?

PixburghArn: I was concerned we wouldn't put the game away. Guess what I finally got one right, the one I didn't want to get right. At least my over concern didn't happen; a loss.

Predictions for the Bengals game:

PixburghArn: Coming off of a flat performance could play well for us. I am thinking there were a lot of players that were not happy with their efforts Sunday night. I'm going to say the focus comes back. Execution is the key. You will see execution in the red zone. You will also see that this team is deeper than 11 on each side of the ball. I know we already know this, but I mean it will be obvious this game. A late score makes it look respectable. 34-20 Steelers

1BlkGldFan: Well since I've tapped into my psychic side (Pinot Noir does that) for the KC game and predicted the Steelers defense was going to come up big, I'm going to again go with my gut and call this game: The One. The one where all cylinders are firing and both the Offense and the Defense click. I believe this game the Steelers kick into playoff mode. Poor Bungles.

Predicted Standouts:

PixburghArn: On offense the standout will be Ben. Ben will evenly distribute the rock and have TDs to four different receivers. On defense it will be Troy. Troy will not miss his interception this week. He may have two. One while it's close and another on a desperate throw.

1BlkGldFan: On offense, Mike "JCTDB" Wallace (that's "just catch the damn ball") He has a few drops that he owes Ben for.. this week he'll shine. On defense, Lawrence Timmons. With Woodley coming back I think the Bengals are going to give him special attention and Timmons will take advantage of it.


PixburghArn: My biggest concern is two headed A.J. Green and Gresham. A.J. Green is their playmaker and Gresham is their security blanket. I don't want these two to beat me. I'll take my chance with the other two receivers. With A.J. Green you are going to have to get your head turned around and fight for the ball. We don't have anyone besides Polamalu that has shown they can play the ball well enough to stop him from getting a jump ball. I think Lewis may be able to, but not sure yet. Also, Cincinnati's run game is a key to them winning games. I'm glad they forget about it at times. If Benson gets going it's going to be a long day.

1BlkGldFan: Hmm concerns, yes, I have a few. Troy and his ICBM self. It's all fun and games until HE gets hurt. Shout out to Ryan Mundy though: He stepped up and did a really nice job. Do you think he knows that neither Collinsworth nor Michaels knows his name really isn't pronounced "Monday"? Anyway, another concern I have is The Next Great 88 on special teams. I don't know why, but I have trouble trusting his ball security skills. I'm working on that.

Cheerleaders of the week:

1BlkGldFan: I know Arn typically adorns the pages of HDM with pictures of beautiful women but today... I have something for the ladies. No, it's not some tall, good looking guy... it's better. We may never agree about what guys look great; but we will always agree that the ladies of Steeler Nation are joined together by our love of a game and love of The Pittsburgh Steelers.



PixburghArn: I was at a place called Young's Dairy, just outside of Yellow Springs, Ohio (where Dave Chappell lives) the other day and couldn't decide on which flavor I wanted. Well that carried over to the HDM. You choose. If you can't choose ask for two scoops.

Teresha is heavenly





I think her name is Chenese, but it doesn't matter if her name is Bertha....



They work hard for the money



Bow wow wow yipee yow yippie yay. Why must I feel like that why must I chase the cat?



International Hostess

PixburghArn: Gimme a bowl of this "Chile"



Since 1BlkGldFan didn't want to hurt the eyes of the guys. I have a gift for her. Our own Troy Polamalu. Enjoy it my Steeler sista.



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