Hump Day Mix 2.0 Regular season week 10: "WIN OUTRIGHT" Edition


Ladies and gentlemen of the Hump welcome to: Redemption Phase 1. This loss has outright sickened me, a million different scenarios rushed through my drunken "haze", I sat speechless in front of my t.v. screen in disbelief, "did the defense really let Joe Flacco and the Ratbirds drive 93 yards with only 8 seconds to go on our 25 yd line and let Torrey Smith score a td? The bullshit flags being thrown at inopportune times or not being thrown at all (i.e. Helmet to Helmet from Ray Ray on Hines, bullshit officiating in every essence, I want those refs heads on pikes…etc.) One word: Unbelievable! I can speak for Arn and our celeb pick(s) o’ the week: WV and our very first female contributor: Steelcitysweehteart,  (sorry 6 we will get you in on the KC HDM my bad bro.) when I say this…2 things have to happen, 1. The Ratbirds have to lose 2 games, and 2. we have to WIN outright. And hell, 3. A whole lot of praying has to happen throughout…The eye candy and the breakdowns of the Ravens game including another crucial divisional matchup versing the Bengals this Sunday will commence final note: I’m shouting out MaLoR, I know, I know hear me out though… he is actually cool guy once you get to know him for people who know what I am talking about (i.e. Tann, Arn, etc…), I had a long convo with him on 360 a couple of nights ago and it was legit, he is just misunderstood and he respects the hell out of the Steelers, so he is cool in my book… Look it is what it is, we lost, it hurts, but what do WE do, we dust ourselves off and get ready for next week, (Like Coach Cowher did in the ’05 season, wipe the slate clean and focus on one game at a time)…that’s what we do, we overcome and shine. We always go through the mud, the stink, the shit, and come out smelling like roses, were Blue Collar through and through and we know how to do it best when we have our backs up against the wall. I’m off my soap box now (thank god right lol), the floor is now yours faithful followers have at it…


How about those predictions from the Ravens game?


Webslasher81: 20-17 we win…23-20 we didn’t win…I’m disgusted…and I hope our boys are as well…


PixburghArn: I said 27-20.  That we would go West Coast offense on them with some runs sprinkled in.  Pretty much right except for the outcome.


WVPF: I wasn't involved with last week’s HDM, but I still thought we would win a close game because I am a Steelers fan and I expect victory and said victory to be hard on my heart.


Steelcitysweetheart: I thought we’d win 21-13, but that was not to be.  Try watching that travesty with two Ravens’ fans…not a good night.



How did your predicted standouts do for the Ravens game do?


Webslasher81: Heath on offense, he had a decent day. And on D Timmons, who also had a decent day…


PixburghArn:  Well my offensive standout wasn't playing so maybe we would have won if he played.  Hahaha  My defensive was Clark.  He could have been the difference maker if the NFL allowed you to break up passes anymore.  He also cut his top coverage short on the game winner.  Harrison was probably the real standout.  We could have used Woodley this game for sure.  By the way, what was that in Starks' pocket?  Oh yeah it was SuggsBen made one mistake and was it huge.  Also to be noted the difference between this game and the previous games where we won is the big play on defense to close it out.  That tipped pass by Rice would have been picked by Polamalu in the past.  Those are the plays the defense isn't making.


WVPF: If I had picked a guy on offense I would've said AB, simply because I don't think the Ravens secondary is that good. Defense, Troy because he tends to make big plays against the Ravens. 


Steelcitysweetheart: Mike Wallace on offense but he did not have the game I had hoped for.  On D, Foote did well on the inside and the stats showed it.  May not have been the best performance, but definitely made his presence known.



How about the predictions for the Bengals game?


Webslasher81: Meat and Potatoes, Meat and Potatoes…I’m sure that you all know that it’s make or break time, and It might be a little too early for Tomlin’s "Unleash Hell" speech, but I think we need it after this past game…I will pray for Andy Dalton’s family after we murder him and expose the Bengals for the frauds that they are…Steelers 31 -  Bungels 13.


PixburghArn: This is going to be another nail-biter. The key to this game is going to be stopping the run and not allowing the occasional jump ball to AJ Green.  Pressure and different looks for Dalton will serve us well.  On offense Ben is going to have to just complete passes.  The Titans had guys open all over the field against the Bengals and even had time but Hasselbeck couldn't hit them.  If the Steelers play mistake free they win this game by double digits.  If they play around then they are going to have to survive a flurry near the end of the game.  Steelers make enough plays and persevere.... Steelers 27 Bengals 23.


WVPF: Pain. Steelers 34 - Bungals 14


Steelcitysweetheart: Tomlin had better not dust off his "Unleash Hell" speech.  That hasn’t worked out so well for us in the past.  I need the team to hunker down, take the extra day to prepare and kick some Bungle ass. I’m looking for a big day on defense.  I give Andy Dalton mad props for getting his team this far, but Steelers will win the day 28-17.




How about the predicted standouts for the Bengals game?


Webslasher81: Well since we didn’t throw the "long ball" all game, I’m going with Antonio Brown on offense to shine (5 rec 110 yds. 2 tds), and on defense I’m going with DEEBO, his return was awesome but wasn’t good enough, this game he will be super pissed and show Dalton who his daddy really is…(3 sacks, 5 tfl, one strip sack fumble recovery).


PixburghArn:  My standout on offense is Sanders.  The same as last week, 100+ yards and a TD in the red zone. One defense Troy intro’s the Rookie.  Welcome to the NFL Rook....Troy with the pick 6.



WVPF: Offense I'm taking HEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAATH, because BA seems to have remembered that he does in fact play for us. Defense, I'm taking Keenan Lewis. He seems to be getting it and the receiving core of Cincy isn't that good after AJ Green, solid but nothing spectacular.


Steelcitysweetheart: I’m looking at you, Mike Wallace.  You need to step up and fix those numbers from last week. I want to see you break out and expose a Bengals secondary that has faced mediocre receivers at best.  On defense I’m picking Harrison and Keisel to come back with a vengeance.  Harrison did well on Sunday but I think this week he will make Andy Dalton cry.




What concerns do you have this week?


Webslasher81: What was up with the "stunt and run" defense coach dad was running? I mean honestly, and Ben, throwing that pick to horseface entirely broke our backs…you’re a vet, you have great downfield vision utilize it…Oh and Bruce Airans I hate you…I just wanted to say that haha!


PixburghArn: I will say my concern is AJ Green making big plays and Cedric Benson getting 100 yards.  If both of these happen we lose.


WVPF: Same concerns as every week, will the offensive line keep getting better, can we punch it in the endzone when we get in the red zone, can we score more points than the other team. 


Steelcitysweetheart: Sir William Gay concerns me to no end.  He showed his weak spots on Sunday and we can’t afford to give anyone space (that’s how you end up with a 93 yard drive and touchdown to win the game…)  I am also a little concerned about MendenhallCincy shut down CJ 2yrds and he is certainly not of the same caliber so I’m not particularly worried, but it is still in the back of my mind.




Cheerleader of the week:


Webslasher81: Hopefully this takes the sting out from that loss…but who knows? Meet: Andrea


Cincinnati Bengals, NFL. (via cardinals17)


and her friend: Jessica


Cincinnati Bengals, NFL. (via cardinals17)


and my friend: Lauren


Cincinnati Bengals, NFL. (via cardinals17)



PixburghArn: I went to a Bengals game this year already and I noticed that they have upgraded their cheerleading product.  Here's a few to start you off right.







They also look like they are having a good time.







WVPF: This is why the Steelers don't have cheerleader’s, the guys would spend too much time staring at girls like Tiffan



46 / 365 Ben-gal (via mikester619)


teelcitysweetheart:  For all of those ladies out there, I give you some lovely celebrity eye-candy:

David Boreanaz:





and Jake Gyllenhaal:








International Hostess of the week:


Webslasher81: When I get a chance to retire…and by that time if I can enjoy it I am moving to Austria meet: Inka Strauleigh





and her friend…: Neriah Davies


Neriah Davies (via 7666krisiun)



PixburghArn: My queen comes from Thailand this week…meet: Kristen Kumphong


GND2009_26 (via s.OliverImages)



WVPF: For some reason I tend to stick to the good ole USA for my International Hostess of the Week. This week Erica Danger, AKA Lyxzen Suicide.






Steelcitysweetheart: I’m heading to England this summer so maybe I’ll get a chance to meet this model/research chemist, Mr. Chris Bailey







Well followers, this wraps up another week of the Hump, tune in next week when we take on…OURSELVES in the "bye" week kickoff lol. As always Arnie, myself, and the celeb pick o’ the week will do our very best with the breakdowns and the eye candy. With this much time needed off to heal our injured players to get into playoff form, b/c the rest of the schedule although looks easy on paper will be no "walk in the park" KC will be up next after the bye as we take them on in Arrowhead, so strap in and get ready for the ride

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