The Good, The Better and The Best - Steelers vs. Chiefs

Once upon a time I was a (n original) member of a different Steelers Forum. Sadly it has become a haven for trolls and rudeness and just isn't fun anymore. What used to be almost a family where members knew member's real names and visited each other while traveling and planned yearly excursions to Latrobe where the hotel welcomed us on their marquee has become a mere shadow of its former self. Greener pastures have been sought. I have always liked BTSC and enjoyed reading what was posted here. It truly is, in many ways "Thoughtful discussion with a sense of history."

As is the case here, we used to have posters who would prepare weekly columns that were as anticipated there as Mechem's "Hate Guide" or PixburghArn & Company's "Hump Day Mix". One such article was called "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" and as you may guess it was a recap of the most recent game's highs and lows. I often found it a bit too critical when it came to the "Bad & Ugly" and also a little too sparse when rehashing the "Good". In response and as a supplement to that article, whenever I had the time I would write a similar one of my own from a different perspective. Heaven knows there are plenty of posters here already that go over the Bad and the Ugly in great detail. We are covered there, I think. So I decided to do the same thing here that I used to do elsewhere, and if it is well received, I may even try to make it a weekly thing. It is intended to look at the last game from a more optimistic fan's perspective and also be a tool to help other Steelers fans "down off the ledge".

Herein then lies the first installment of what I like to call "The Good, The Better and The Best". Hopefully you'll get the parts that are serious and those where my tongue is firmly in my cheek. That happens less the better the Steelers play!

The Good

  • Contrary to popular belief, THE STEELERS WON! They went into a very hostile environment and played a playoff team from last year - albeit with their backup QB - that HAD TO WIN TO SALVAGE THEIR SEASON and they WON.
  • Ben's thumb seemed to not be a huge issue. His throws for the most part were on the money he made enough plays to win.
  • Although nobody seems to mention it. This team is VERY YOUNG. The offense is the second youngest in the league and the starting defense is YEARS younger than the one that started the season. The future looks awful bright on Sundays on the North Shore for a long time to come!
  • Hines Ward seems to be being worked into some more packages. This is a good thing. We will need his veteran savvy, performance and leadership in the near future. Mark my words.
  • The younger DBs are getting quality reps "in stadiums" this season and are holding their own quite nicely. Mundy, Lewis, Allen, etc.....I SEE YOU!
  • BTW, how well is Kapinos punting?!?! Makes me not miss robo-punter.

The Better

  • Injuries - Nothing too bad to report coming out of this game. Sure, Pro Bowlers Troy Polamalu and Maurkice Pouncey went down, but THANK GOD nothing happened to Chris Kemoeatu, Ramon Foster or Shaun Suisham! Plus we haven't lost a long snapper in WEEKS!
  • The young WRs are getting all of their "drops" out of the way now instead of when they might really hurt the team. Heath Miller and Ike Redman as well. Just by employing the Law of Averages, one can expect no more dropped passes until half way through the 2013 season! Or has Braylon Edwards joined the team and I just missed the memo?
  • Defense - The Steelers shut down the Chiefs. Let's admit it, they did. And they did so, without doing much of the exotic stuff that coach Le Beau is known for. Why put it on film if you don't have to? The same holds true for the Bengals game a few weeks ago. Yes, Andy Dalton did OK, but very few times was anything really crazy called by coach dad. It wasn't necessary. When it was called, however it worked to perfection. And if you think Andy has seen even 10% of what DL has in mind, you are sorely mistaken.

The Best

  • Coaching - Especially on the offensive side of the ball. Wow there is just so much to go over here. As I mentioned earlier. Why put things on tape if you don't need to. Don't let anyone prepare for you. This is what Coach Arians is doing. There was NOTHING put on tape from this game that anyone can use to prepare for the Steelers, and they WON. Now THAT my friends is coaching! GENIUS!
  • More coaching - Did anyone else notice that the tactic of allowing the Chief's D-Line to chase Ben around uncontested and hit him at will REALLY wore them out in the 4th quarter? The fact that they didn't kill Roethlisberger, flat out broke their will. Most coaches wouldn't be brave enough to install this into the game plan. Fortunately we have a staff of "forward thinkers", especially on offense.
  • Even more coaching - The almost complete lack of the no huddle. Admittedly, the no huddle works very well for the Steelers. They move the ball AT WILL every time they employ it, then seem to stop as quickly as they start. The reason for this is simple. It really wears the offense out to run around like that. Not using the no huddle conserves the players legs so that in the 4th quarter they can be rested enough to sit on a 3 point lead. Not using the no huddle also keeps the defense fresh. Sure no points are scored, but in the greater scheme of things, would you rather be up by 21 with 5 minutes left and a TIRED defense, or be up by 3 points with five minutes left and a FRESH defense? Now you're smelling what I am stepping in! Again, GENIUS!

Well folks, that's it. The first installment of The GBB. Feel free to add whatever you see fit, and let me know what you think.

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