Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 15: (Rice-a-Roni) Edition

It’s that time of the week Ladies and Gentleman of BTSC, the HUMP MIXERY in all of its majesty! The dynamic duo is back at it again plus with our permanent vixen: 1BlkGldFan. As well as the celeb pick o’ the week: count’em_six (give him a hand!!!). Here with the breakdowns from the Browns game last week as well as giving us their take on 49’ers matchup this Monday, plus the eye candy! So sit back, relax and enjoy the bumpy ride that we have in store for you faithful followers…

How about those Browns predictions:

Webslasher81: Um, well we won and that’s what matter’s I guess. But a piss poor rushing offensive outing against a piss poor run defense, take back those fumbles coughed up by Hines and Heath and this game would have been an ass whooping. I said 34 -3 I was off by a couple of TD’s…d’oh! But I have to say this, BB is a beast! The toughest S.O.B. in the NFL period, and for those who thought he wouldn’t be back in the 3rd quarter (myself included) I picture how the convo went with Tomlin. MT: "Ben are you able to play?" BB: "I dunno my ankle feels like it’s about to explode…" MT: "You do know, that if you don’t come back Charlie Batch will play the rest of the game right?" BB: "I will be out there after the half, let me grab some Advil and some tape, I will be ready to go…".

PixburghArn: I predicted the Browns would try to keep a top on the Steelers offense, making them susceptible to the run. That we would gash them. Well we didn't exactly gash them. We should have the ball more often earlier in the game. Not being able to punch it in inside the 5 on 4 straight runs wasn't very comforting. Anyhow... on defense I said the Steelers would dare the Browns to beat them deep and they did, but the Browns couldn't. My score prediction was 24-10. As I look back It could have been this minus the turnovers. My standouts were Rush Hard and Deebo. I would have to give that to Ben and Willie Gay.

1BlkGldFan: I predicted that the Steelers defense was going to have a big game. They did; just not how I envisioned it. Holding the Browns to 3 points, comingup with INT's (I see you Willie Gay... 2 more of those and I'm going to have to order the 2nd jersey ever made sporting #22) solid tackling (don't get mestarted) and an all around good defensive effort. I thought the offense would put up a few (24 to be exact) more points. Hey, I don't mind being wrong one bit if the end result is the Steelers posting a W. Antonio Brown again showed everyone why if they keep all eyes on Mike Wallace, they'remaking a grave mistake. Ben... you're a man amongst men my dear but, I'm not real pleased with our Red-zone work. More on that later.

count’em_six: Well I didn’t officially go on record with a prediction, but I was not surprised at all to see a close game. A big division win vs Cincy on a short week just spelled let-down. I thought they’d win, but the point differential was about right in my mind. Cleveland does have a very good pass defense. Thought we’d run a bit more though. Oh well….on to this week…Welcome back me!!

Predictions for the 49’ers game:

Webslasher81: This game is going to be a slugfest, the 49’ers are coming off a loss to Steelers West, and the Steelers barely scraped by to beat a hapless Brownies team. I scratch my head and flip a coin. I believe the Steelers win but not by much, Steelers 20 – 49’ers 17.

PixburghArn: I have a twin set of predictions. With Ben: We run a west coast style game-plan early and open it up later. Without Ben: We run the ball a lot and west coast style passing and open up later. So, I'm saying the game-plan is the same. Why? Because Batch and Ben are not mobile at this time for different reasons. If Dixon is in then that could all change. Anyhow Steelers win 25-19.

1BlkGldFan: Well I think my psychic ability is going to need the help of a crystal ball, tarot cards and insider info for this one. I think Ben will start. Should he...that's up for debate. If he does, I expect the O-line to protect him with their very lives (and will take a penalty if getting beat by their manjust so Ben stays clean.) The defense is going to have to put this game ontheir shoulders. I don't know what the lineup is going to look like, but whomever is in there better have the game they've always wanted. I think we're going to need it. I do however; believe the Steelers are going to pull out a win, secure a playoff berth and flip off Roger Goodell when they land back in Pittsburgh. I know I would.

count’em_six: We’re going to come out with a purpose on this one. Injuries to key players (plus you might have heard Harrison is suspended) plus a Ravens loss Sunday night (oh yes I did) and they’ll be fired up and smelling blood. The AFC North division lead will be ripe for the taking. San Fran’s offense will not know what him them and will be lucky to score 10 points. If we hold Gore to under 100 and no TDs (given I have him in fantasy football, you should all rest easy on that one), it’s in the bag. Steelers 27 – 49ers 10.

Predicted standouts for the 49’ers game:

Webslasher81: I will tell you who won’t be a standout, KEMO (yea tubbs, I am talking to you…3 times you get called for 3 "boneheaded" penalties that could of set us up for 1st downs, you need to ride the bench b/c obviously you like to cost the Steelers valuable yardage…Coach Kugler, you need to punish Kemo by feeding him veggies instead of cakes and pies ok?) With that said, I say Antonio "Boss" Brown will highlight the offense this dude is just pain sick nasty, (6 catches 122 yds, 1 td), and on defense I will go with "Can’t see me" the dude has been playing "lights out" coverage all year, (4 tackles 1 pick, 3 tips).

PixburghArn: My offensive standout will be Cotchery. And on defense it will be Timmons. Although I see another game where it's a team effort. Many big plays from various players.

1BlkGldFan: On the offense, look for the whole O-line to play a physical, tough game. They know if Ben is back there, his mobility will be limited and they haveto play this one real serious. I expect Heath to be very active with screen passes coming his way often. Don't be surprised if Hines pulls in a few catches himself. AB and Wallace really need to make the 49'er defensebelieve every ball is coming their way. Sell it boys... open up the middleof the field. Run Mendy Run. ....and hold on to the damn ball. On the defense, the secondary has really been playing as close to lights-out as I think they can. I ain't complaining either! If Gay and Ike want to take turns getting INT's, that'd be ok with me. Ike: it's your turn. Ithink he's going to have a really great game. Don't ask me why, but I thinkFarrior is going to put up some nice numbers for himself

count’em_six: PAIN… Rocky3_medium


Concerns for the 49’ers game:

Webslasher81: As always, I pinpoint the most of what I see. What I saw last Thursday is that for the most part our line minus a few morons (KEMO), held their own especially when BB came out in the 3rd quarter. The line, and injuries to both BB and Pouncey and stupid mistakes (i.e. not keeping wraps on the ball and coughing it up Ward/Heath), will ultimately be the resolve for the outcome of this game. Mistakes and Injuries, I guess my heart attack rant last week to both Coach T, and Coach Dad didn’t work out so well…If at any time I end up at the hospital b/c of how things are going, I am sending the Steelers FO the medical bills…lol.

PixburghArn: My concerns are first of all QB. Is it Ben, Batch or Dixon? And how will Ben hold up if it's him? How will Batch do since he's not a threat to get free and create plays? If Dixon gets the call, will he be overwhelmed? My only concern on defense is not letting Gore get going.

1BlkGldFan: This whole game concerns me. Not because I think SF is such a little Bay City Roller of a team, I'm concerned for the well-being of the Steelers.The injury bug bites us hard, but with the crew we have, they'll play through anything. My concern mostly lies with Ben. Will he come out if heneeds to? I would hope so... because the man has nothing to prove to anyone when it comes to sheer toughness, determination and what it means to be a leader of a team. Be smart, Ben. Defense, step up your game and put some points on the board. I just don't know if I can handle watching Mendy try and run the ball from the 1 yard line FOUR TIMES and not get it in ever again. My blood pressure meds are just not that good. Stop it.

count’em_six: As previously alluded, Gore (maybe Davis too) is my only concern regarding our opponent. He can be downright sick, but I’m quite familiar with him as I’ve drafted him a few times over the years in fantasy football….and I don’t know why I keep doing it. He’s sick against inferior defenses, but gets stuffed against above average ones. We were gashed a few times early which threw our run def YDS/GM off (and resultant league ranking), but we’ve since worked out a few kinks. I expect him to be held in relative check. Vernon Davis could pose problems, but what we did against NE is encouraging. My greater concern is our injuries. Klompupotamus had a good point in a separate post that if Pouncey can’t go, that puts Kemo-Eat-Ur-Yardage (formerly Kemo-Eat-U) out there. I’m not looking for that. Here’s to Maurkice getting out there. It’s a popular sub-debate on this here blog, but I’d rather our guys get out there and play if they can.

Cheerleaders of the week:

Webslasher81: Well I am glad that the 49’ers got cheerleaders…here is a few that I wouldn’t mind getting cozy with:





and my future ex-wife pornstar: Rachel Roxxx


Rachel Roxxx @ Exxxotica Miami 2009 (via brh_images)

PixburghArn: They call these ladies "Gold Rush", these might give you a head rush.




Washington Redskins Cheerleader (via Keith Allison)

count’em_six: I just went with whatever cheerleader caught my eye whilst perusing the intrawebs:

Let’s give an E for effort for this lovely couple:



Some of you might remember these folks:



Tis the season:



International hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: From all of my travels, I have searched high and low for the "perfect" specimen I have to go back to the Ukraine for my favorite dish(es). (The first pic has Miss Turkey, and Miss Venezuela on both sides of Miss Ukraine…)







PixburghArn: From Angola; I think I already have that in the pic email.






Say hello to Gloria from a country:



Another model from earth:



A human with two legs:



Well this wraps up yet another fun filled chapter of the HUMP, please tune in next week faithful followers when we come back home to take on the lowly St. Louis Rams @ the Ketchup Bottle…Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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