Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season week 16: (St. LuNaTiCs) Edition

Hello Boys and Girls and welcome back to the HUMP! Frustration is what I am feeling right now, the stars were aligned for us to have the Super Bowl run through our house and we blew it (so far). This loss stings me a lot from the commentating all the way down to the transformer blowout to purposely postpone the game twice…With that said, myself, 1BlkGldfan, (Arnie is out this week due to illness, pray for a speedy recovery lol!). with the help of our celeb picks o’ the week: Seton Hall and the Steelers, and ncmt40 (give them a hand!!!) will breakdown the niner’s disaster, as well as give you the lowdown for what we expect to come from the Rams. Plus the ever loving eye candy that you all crave. So swallow that bitter pill, b/c hopefully this will ease some of the pain that has befallen us all at BTSC, enjoy!

How about those 49’ers predictions:

Webslasher81: Steelers 20 – 69’ers 17, not so good…during most of the game I thought I was going to have an aneurism, as well as a heart attack. It is a true fact now, that most of my neighbors hate me from the charade that took place Monday night…

Seton Hall and Steelers - I did not make an official prediction but as early as 24 hours before the Niners game I had a bad feeling about the game. Everything seemed to lineup perfectly for a Steelers loss and it happened. Bad refs. Bad play calling. Tons of injuries. Hostile environment. Even throw in some power outages and you have a recipe for disaster.

1BlkGldfan: Well that clearly sucked. No, wait... that super-sucked. Congrats SF you played your Super Bowl Monday night. I hate you and your raggedy old electrical systems and your whole wheat germ-eating State. You stank. I don't want to talk about it anymore. We did NOT handle our business. Golden opportunity: buh-bye for now.

ncmt40: I did not make a prediction last week, but I would have predicted a victory for last week…

Predictions for the Rams game:

Webslasher81: Normally, one would think this game would be a blowout…but after how our boys played on Monday night, I’m not leaving anything to chance. We win but its uglySteelers 17 – Rams 7.

Seton Hall and Steelers - Remember that terrible feeling I just talked about having before the Niners game? Well it is the exact opposite for this game. I think we come out angry and physical and I think our very own James Harrison has a career day. The Rams are awful and we are mad and playing for a division title (remember, the Bengals are going to spank the Ravens in week 17 so all we have to do is win out and we get the division). I will go with a crushing 42 to 7 victory for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

1BlkGldfan: Short memory time and time to take some aggression out on the hapless Rams in our Christmas Eve final home game. I see the Steelers being very apologetic to Steeler Nation for a poor performance in SF and smashing the Rams right in the gut. Steelers win big; Rams have a lousy Christmas.

ncmt40: This is a game we should win. I want to say that we come out and prove, once again, that the 49ers game was a fluke and be a dominant force throughout the game. Too many factors make me hesitate to say that definitively--O-line inconsistency, BB's status and BA's play calling at times. But this is a home game and the 5 spot is better than the 6 spot. So, we win 16-9.

Predicted standouts for the Rams game:

Webslasher81: On offense I will go with Rush-Hard, (16 touches 111 yds. 1 td.) and on defense, Deebo will be back and I bet he will be pissed, "HULK SMASH"! God help the Rams and Kellen Clemmens, (3 sacks, 1 fumble recovery 3 tfl.).



Seton Hall and Steelers: There are going to be so many standouts in this game. First of all, on offense I will go with Big Ben and Hines Ward. For Ben, 17 for 24 for 278 yards and 3TDs. For Hines, I will give him 4 receptions for 68 yards and 2TDs. On defense, I am going with our superstars, Troy Polamalu and James "Deebo" Harrison as well as Lawrence Timmons. For Troy, I will go with 11 tackles, 3PD, 1INT, 1TD. For Deebo, 6 tackles, 1PD, 3.5 sacks. And last but not least, I think Timmons rebounds from the worst game of his career with a dominate performance. 9 tackles, 1 sack, 1FF.

1BlkGldfan: Heath. Troy. Ryan Clark. Yep, that's about it. Welcome back, Mr. Woodley, I've missed you. Ben, you're a trooper and I'm giving you a pass for the "events" that made this game so nauseating to watch when the offense was on the field. Moving on quickly since this is a game I'd like to forget.... On defense, Ryan Clark has been playing some serious ball~ I look for him to bring his A game again. Troy is due and this might just be his time. Keisel is wrecking people with Ziggy Hood right behind him. I really like how Zig-meister is playing. Keenan Lewis... I see you and I like what I see. Keep it up. On offense, Mendy has a good one here. I wouldn't be surprised to see him over 100 yards. Heath is just money. I'll always be a huge Heath fan (and no... not just because he's the most adorable TE in the NFL) but because he really leaves it all on the field: blocking, catching, being Mr. Dependable. Mike Wallace tears off big numbers in the last home game of the season. His Christmas gift to..... himself. Another standout I'd like to mention before I end this is BTSC and all of Steeler Nation. It's hard to believe that the regular season is soon to end and the playoffs are right around the corner~ wasn't that long ago that we were unsure if we were going to be able to cheer our beloved Steelers this year with the lockout dragging on and on... but it was a GOOD year! We give our blood, sweat and tears to the greatest team in the NFL and I for one, don't regret a single minute of it! Win, lose or tie... black and gold until we die! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays BTSC and all of our Steeler Nation family! Hugs!

ncmt40: I will go with Mendy here. I believe he will step up and shoulder the load to take pressure off of whoever is our QB for this game. He only needs 226 yards for 1,000, and I think he gets more than half of that and a TD in this game.

Concerns for the Rams game:

Webslasher81: Which Ben are we getting this week (Jekyll or Hyde)? Which O-line are we getting this week (Swiss cheese or Sharp cheddar)? That will be the outcome of this game, and further on into the playoffs

Seton Hall and Steelers: Injuries. There are only so many injuries a team can overcome and here are the ones we have overcome this year so far: Ben, Sanders, Colon, Pouncey, Smith, Hood, Woodley, Harrison, Sepulveda, and Polamalu are just the beginning of them. I could name more but I don't want to bore you. I think we need to get an early lead, and then put some backups in and coast to a victory. Hopefully we are winning by enough where Ben can sit the 4th quarter. But as for the Rams themselves, nothing about them concerns me. They suck in every single way. Their coach is Josh freaking McDaniels.

1BlkGldfan: That we don’t unleash pain on the RamsL.

ncmt40: This one has me a bit concerned. Not because I think we will lose, but because I am not sure about the QB position. This may be the game to see exactly what we have in Dixon. I can see us starting either Dixon or Batch in this game. We needed BB more for the 49ers, than we do the Rams. Let's give BB a rest this week, then let him play a little against the Browns so he does not start the 1st round of playoffs after being off a week.

Cheerleaders of the week:

Webslasher81: St. Louis has many attractions…maybe these lovely ladies can show me their ARCHES









and another future ex-wife to be pornstar Alexis Texas ...



Seton Hall and Steelers: This week I am going to introduce you to a lovely woman I would like to call Tess



ncmt40: Not sure who they are...they didn't tell me ;)





International hostess of the week:

Webslasher81: I haven’t done Turkey since Thanksgiving but…Natalin Avci makes me want to go back for thirds and fourths





Seton Hall and Steelers: Since I am visiting St. Maarten this week, I figured I would introduce you guys to some wonderful looking Saint Marartenese girls (They are definitely not called Saint Maartenese but I can't think of the right word).

Here is Ms. Saint Maarten



And here is some model from a French Island near St. Mararten



And here is a french model from Paris



And a french model from somewhere in France...



And last but not least, some woman with a very nice face



ncmt40: Daniela Ruah aka Agent Kenzi Blye, NCIS:LA--Portuguese, Persian and Jewish descent--definitely qualifies as international





Well this wraps up yet another awesome HDM, tune in next week when Arn, 1BlkGldfan, and the celeb picks o’ the week (I will be out on vacation in Portland, Oregon lol.) analyze the last regular season showdown with the Brownies at what might be the beginning of road games to come…

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