Hump Day Mix 2.0 Regular Season Week 17: If We Stomp a Puppy Will You Call PETA? Edition

PixburghArn: Well my good friends Slash is once again taking a much needed break, so I'm standing in for him along with the very talented 1BlkGldFan. By the way, I was not feeling well last week so I was a no show. Feeling
better now and ready to go. This week we have Johnny (Ringo) bringing the guest hump. Let the entertainment begin. 1BlkGldFan, I'm going to let you be on top this week. You deserve it.

1BlkGldFan: I like to be on top!

PixburghArn: Uhh what was...uh where was...Uh.... Where were we? We need to talk. Seriously call me. :) Ummm ok folks lets get on with it.

Predictions from the Rams game:

1BlkGldFan: I thought Mendy would see 100+ yards and he did. Great effort and some downhill running~ that's the Mendy we've grown to appreciate. Mike Wallace did have a good game but how about our Dahntahn Antonio Brown! He is a real 'thinker' out on that field and for my money, that's what separates him from Mike Wallace. Just sayin...

PixburghArn: If I would have done the HDM last week, I think I would have said defense all the way and predicted a score of 24-6. I also would have said Jackson would get less than 100 and I would have been wrong.

Johnny_S: I thought the game would be close and the Steelers would prevail. With all of the starters missing, most notably Ben, I just didn't see a blowout. I'm glad I was wrong.

Standouts from the Rams game:

1BlkGldFan: Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Dude... you still got it my man! Shout out to the O-line: you got it done and done well. Defense balled out... good job on the mean side of the ball. Welcome back James Harrison: you, sir are a difference maker on the field.

PixburghArn: If I would have done the HDM last week I would have said Mendenhall and Deebo. That would have been 50% right and 50% wrong. What can I say. I have to agree that Charlie Batch was the standout on offense. He made some plays out there that said, "You should have started me last week." Troy was the standout on defense. He was doing his "Night Crawler" imitation again; teleporting all over the field. I think overall you have to mention Antonio Brown in two phases. He made a couple of crucial plays on special teams and offense on a change of possession. Credit Brown with two big tackles. The biggest one was the tackle to stop the first down on a punt. He ran all the way from deep return to make the stop.

Johnny_S: Shoutout to Kemoeatu. That was easily his best game of the year in both run and pass blocking. AND NO PENALTIES! I hope Tomlin's message got through to Kemo as much as it appears to have. No more citric fruit comparisons for that guy. At least, not yet. Also, some more love for McLendon. He seems to be getting more snaps the deeper into the season we go and it seems like he's getting great penetration often.

Predictions for the Browns game:

1BlkGldFan: This one is going to be interesting... I believe the Steelers are going to smash the Browns right in the kisser just to see if anyone from the Browns organization is watching. I look for Harrison to play hard, fast and uncaring about the possibility of fines/suspensions just to prove a point. I don't expect him to be dirty... I just expect for him to raise the level of his own personal intensity a smidgen. Watch for it. Ground and pound will be the mantra of this game with a sprinkling of 20+ yard passes from whomever is steering the ship. Ben, Charlie... doesn't matter. It'll be even better after the Bungles beat the Ratbirds... and beat them I expect they will! We'll have a lot to be proud of should that happen... 3 teams from the mighty AFC North in the playoffs. Yep; toughest division in the NFL.

PixburghArn: My prediction for the Browns game is a tough game. If the Steelers don't allow a special teams TD, then they will win by two TDs. If they allow one special teams TD it's a 7 point win. If they slip up and give up two then we win in overtime. Side note here: We need to hope either Tennessee or the Jets win at 1pm. If neither of them win, then the Bengals don't need to win to get in.

Johnny_S: I think the Steelers win by a touchdown. Charlie will have another good game. Woodley, Pouncey, and Ben will all ride the bench. Browns fans will whine, cry, and complain about the refs being the reason they lost. Additionally, they will cry about at least one hit by Harrison or Clark. Outside of the Steelers game, I think the Ravens lose, Patriots win, and the Broncos lose. That would make the Pats the 1, Steelers the 2, Texans the 3, Broncos the 4 at 8-8 (Raiders lose to SD), Ravens the 5, and Bengals the 6. You heard it here first, but if I got it wrong, you just misunderstood what I meant.

Predicted Standouts for the Browns:

1BlkGldFan: Mendy again stacks some good numbers and Redman will get in on the action too. Hines Ward will not be silent and I expect him to reach his record in this game. Heath is going to be a contributor and I believe Wallace will make a few nice grabs with significant YAC's. On the defense... Deebo: big day. BIG BIG day. One of the DB's is goingto take one to the house: my money is on Ryan Clark.

PixburghArn: Remember these words "check down". Rush Hard or whichever back plays the most, will be the stand out. They will run and check down to a back. I agree Ward will get his as well. On the defensive side of the ball I expect Big Play Willie Gay to once again turn in a big performance.

Johnny_S: The obvious choice is Mendenhall. Instead, I will go with Antonio Brown and Ryan Clark. I think Brown will have a huge impact on ST and have something like 6 for 80 1TD receiving. Then, I think Ryan Clark will have a big impact in run support again. With Woodley sitting out, Worilds will again struggle to seal the edge, forcing Clark and Polamalu to play clean up. Clark with 10 tackles? Maybe just 6 or 7.

Concerns for the Browns game:

1BlkGldFan: There is absolutely no reason why this game shouldn't be shut-out #3 for the Steelers. The defensive line really needs to step it up and shut down the Browns running game. No. More. Injuries. The Browns (as usual) have nothing but pride to play for.. that alone concerns me. If the Steelers don't come out of the gate smashing the Browns like moldy, leftover pastries, I'll be very disappointed. No mercy. None.

PixburghArn: My only concern is that Cribbs will run one back. I am also concerned that they may throw something new at us, sort of like the 2009 game in Cleveland on Thursday night. I am a little concerned that the offense may come out a little flat in this game. No scoreboard watching please!! I wish they would have kept this game at 1 pm. Say what you want but there will be some eyes on the scoreboard.

Johnny_S: Injuries. We can't handle anymore. Also, another concern is having to read the crying of Browns fans.

Cheerleaders and Hostesses

Johnny_S: Do I just include random babe pics?

PiixburghArn: There are no rules here bro, have at it.

Johnny_S: [Ok,] Here are bunch I found on Stumble:







PixburghArn: Since there are no cheerleaders on the Browns, I will once again let D.C., Miami and Tampa Bay speak.

From D.C.





PixburghArn: Down South to Tampa





PixburghArn: Way down south to Miami:





: My international Hostess(es) from the Bahamas





That's all for now folks. See ya in the playoffs. Hopefully that won't until another two and a half weeks!

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