I Think Joe Kapp is Kind of a Jerk Now

I've spent literally thousands of hours of my life watching old NFL footage. I absolutely love the old stuff, and I've always enjoyed the features I've seen on former Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp.

He was about as tough as a quarterback could be. He led the Vikings to Super Bowl IV against the Chiefs in 1969, and in one piece of film that I remember, he refused a team MVP award given to him and walked off stage saying, "There is no one most valuable Viking. There are 40." How can you not admire a guy like that?

However, whatever respect for Kapp that I had before, I do not have anymore, or it's lessened a bit, anyway.

There's a video circulating around the Internet of an altercation between Kapp and a rival from his days in the Canadian Football League, Angelo Mosca. The fight happened at some Grey Cup luncheon recently.

Apparently, the grudge between the two stems from an incident in a Grey Cup game back in 1963, when Kapp's BC Lions took on Mosca's Hamilton Tiger Cats. During the contest, a Hamilton 21-10 victory, Mosca, a former defensive lineman, evidently delivered a cheap shot on one of Kapp's teammates out of bounds. Obviously, Kapp hasn't let it go just yet.

I don't know anything about Mosca, but this video is pretty sufficient evidence that Kapp went looking for a fight. Maybe Mosca was a jerk back during his playing days, but why hold onto so much hate for something that happened 48 years ago?

Any cheap shot that Mosca may have delivered back in '63 was outdone by Kapp's cheap-shot in this video. Yes, I know Mosca whacked Kapp with his cane, but Kapp provoked him, and besides, it was pretty obvious that Mosca was in no condition to fight. Kapp should have realized he was in the wrong for shoving the flower in Mosca's face and just walked away after being hit with the cane. You don't punch someone in Mosca's condition, especially when you were the one who started the fight.

Any Steelers fan that thinks that Kapp was justified in his animosity after all these years, imagine how you'd feel if Joe Greene was at some NFL banquet ten years from now and got knocked out by an old Browns' player who was angry over one of Mean Joe's borderline hits back in the 70's. I know I wouldn't like it very much.

A lot of people think this stuff is funny, I don't. I put myself in Mosca's shoes. We're all going to get old someday(hopefully), but some of us aren't going to age as well as others.

I guess Joe Kapp finally got even. He got even by sinking to a new low.

Kind of sad all the way around.

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