Towels Around The World

Wow its kinda cool to be a Steeler fan all of a sudden. Check it out!

Two reasons. For one, women found out they look hotter in Steeler attire than any other. Oh yeah, Troy P and Brett Kiesels flowing hair. As for the guys, I think we like to be associated with the toughest bunch of bad asses in the league.

Who is America's team right now? Our fans are in number at other teams stadium. We are everywhere. And Loud!!Love to hear HHEEAAATTTTHHHHHH, on the road. Its sweet to hear that sort of thing as a fanbase. And must be really encouraging to the team, the amout of support they get on the road.

The bandwagon is starting to get busy. The front seats with the hot girls in Steeler jerseys are filling up fast.

go ahead and jump. just go ahead and jump.

Made it!

But its not just, that there is a lot of us. Always has been. Well at least from the 70's on. During the glory days is when a lot of folks, like me, became fans. We have children and they become Steeler fans and so on. A lot now are born a Steeler. We even place terrible towels on em in the hospitals as blankets when they are born. So cool!

Its also growing because of our success over the last decade in SB's. Children allowed to choose their team for themselves, like I was. Right now they are choosing the Steelers in bunches. Is another generation of Steeler fans being born into the nation as happened in the 70's? I think so.

One other thing that is promoting us as the current America's team. We are a rabid fanbase. Black and Gold and Bold. We are proud of OUR STEELERS! Yes some folks think we are arrogant. We say we are confident! They say we are cocky. And we say what, we ain't braggin MF if we back it up.

Bonus points available.

Besides that we are goin Worldwide. I saw it ,Terrible Towels around the world. Now that's cool. Fire up the band, the wagons getting full. Besides, we simply have the coolest fans in the NFL and beyond. You know its true. Let me share the experience I had last weekend that is common in the sports bar scene.

gorillar and I, and the ladies met up at a nearby establishment to partake in a little Steelers and libations here in beautiful NW Arkansas. On gorillars way in he met a couple of "steeler fans" and they joined us. What do you know another Steeler couple show up shortly after the game started. With one more we now have 9. All of us new acquaintances act as old friends, we have a great time, cheer and carry on. Got the game on the house speakers, had surround TV's. And I must say, the servers looked marvelous as did the Steelers.Good time! gorillar you picked a great place.

But on the other hand the place was kinda empty, as we were the only "large" gathering of fans. The bar was full and some of the small tables with other fans of other teams. Of course I am sure to these fans we made a lil spectacle of ourselves with our numbers and the house speakers being tuned to the Steeler game and all. Plus we did have beautiful women with us. Scenes like this happen at bars across the country.

So I understand why other teams fanbases are jealous of us and say mean things. We got it going on AND they know it! We should be more humble. But its hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way.

More Bonus points available.


ps. hidden points available before the jump.

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