Hump Day Mix 2.0 regular season: week 14 (T.G.I.T.) Edition

Well ladies and germs, welcome back to the HUMP! I’m back from sunny California, and let me say I had a hell of a time, but I missed you guys at BTSC and I know Arnie held down the fort and quite well for that matter, that’s why he is my right hand man. Anyway, as much booze that I killed my liver with this past week; I sobered up enough to know that the Steelers are playing like a bat outta hell. This Thursday we take on the Brownies, and to help us in this endeavor breakdown, our celeb pick’s o’ the week consist of: 1BlkGldFan (permanent spot), tannofsteel84, and MDSTEELERSFAN (give them a hand!!!). As well as the Bengals game breakdown…let’s get to it shall we?

Courtesy of 1BlkGldFan: Here is the start up!!! (I'm sorry I couldn't poast your original pic, but I have found one similar. lol.).



How about those Bengals predictions:

Webslasher81: Although I didn’t make waves for the past 2 weeks, I just knew we would beat them like red-headed step children that they are…(pun intended for Dalton.).

PixburghArn: I said the focus and execution would return. I also said theexecution in the Red-zone would happen. Although I said the Bengals would score late to make it look respectable, I did allude to a run away. This is what it looks like to win all three phases of a game.

1BlkGldFan: Oh what a difference a week makes! I predicted that with the Bengals game, the Steelers would kick into playoff mode. By the looks ofthings this past Sunday, the Steelers thought they should, too. Very good game on all three phases: Antonio Brown was due on special teams. James Harrison is relentless. Rush-hard Mendenhall... keep on truckin! I likedthis game. Very, very much. Lest I forget: Tis the season for miracles. Ike Taylor has 2 INTs in as many games. If that isn't proof enough for you, then you just don't want to believe.

tannofsteel84: I didn't have any HDM predictions but I always thought that the Steelers would come out a lot sharper than they did against KC. There were many concerned after the KC game and to a degree rightfully so. I thought that wallace would get back on track and Saunders would be more involved, baby steps on both accounts. On defense I thought we'd give up some points with Troy being dizzy from last week and not knowing how woodley would play although I expected woodley to show that the hammy is ok, that did not happen.

MDSTEELERSFAN: We won…that is all!

Predictions for the Browns game:

Webslasher81: Boy oh boy, don’t you just love this time of year? I do, I love the fact that winter is here and the playoffs are right around the corner,…The Browns are the Browns and will forever be the suck that they succumb to. Steelers 34 – Turds 7.

PixburghArn: I am going to say that the Browns come out on defense and tryto keep a top on the Steelers offense, leaving them vulnerable to the run.As we saw this week, they are vulnerable. The Steelers will dare Clevelandto beat them deep. They will try to use plays that use Joshua Cribbs & Peyton Hillis to set up each other and to set up plays downfield in thepassing game. In the end the Steelers put up enough. Steelers 24 Browns 10.

1BlkGldFan: Once again my psychic side is speaking and saying the +/-turnover pit we dug for ourself in week one; is gone this week. Don't be surprised if the defense has 2 pick-6's. Ben is still owed a couple of great catches for the foolish, easy ones the receivers dropped this week. Stick 'Um: If you ain't cheatin'; you ain't tryin'. I predict, with every fiber of my black and gold being, the Steelers are going to win very big.

tannofsteel84: I predict another stress free game. Not the blow out we had this game but another dominating performance. The Browns just aren't that good and on the road on a short week that will be obvious. The road teams on the short week this year haven't faired well for the most part. Green Bay and Oakland were the only two road teams to win so far on the short week. Oakland faced an imploding Chargers team and Green Bay faced an imploding Lions team. The Steelers aren't imploding nor is the Browns as capable as the Raiders or Packers. Expect the running game to be dominant and the defense to be smothering. Just like I like them.

MDSTEELERSFAN: Maybe I have been talking too much with Steeler-Fever, but I am feeling confident in the Black & Gold. After what the Dirty Bird’s did over the weekend, I would expect a strong ground assault this week – We will see both Mendenhall and Redman with 100 yard games and maybe even 30 or so from Dwyer. Defense will continue to dominate and the most Cleveland will get on Stat sheet is 7. Troy will finally notch a pick and Clark will perform at leastone ball from hand separation. Due to the extensive running, I do not anticipate a high score Steelers 24 – Browns 7 in a beat down.

Predicted standouts for the Browns game:

Webslasher81: On offense, I’m going with BB. He is the master and commander of O-H-I-O, expect him to have a great day zinging the ball around like Santa loves cookies and milk (17-22 att. 304 yds. 3 tds, 17 yds. Rushing.). On defense, man I have to tell you Deebo is tearing it up, and look for him to have another huge day against another bottom-feeder of the AFC North (8 tackles, 4 tfl, 2 sacks, and a additional strip sack fumble for the yuletide cheer…).

PixburghArn: I am going to say the offensive standout will be Rush Hard. He will get the ball enough get big number and at least 1 touchdown. On defense it will be Deebo again. He always has good games against the Browns.

1BlkGldFan: I didn't get to see the Browns/Ravens game but I watched both ofthe Browns highlights (yeah.. 2 of them) and they are playing some lousyfootball. This should be an exceptionally good time for the entire Steelers defense. Colt McCoy is a pretty decent QB who I expect to be sacked 4+ times this week. Woodley can easily sit this one out; our other LB's got it covered. Once again, I look for a more explosive, less conservative offense. Big game possibilities from Mendy, AB and Wallace. I look for Heath to be a factor, too. On the defense, expect our LB's to apply more pressure. Keisel seems to be getting very involved in the backfield with his friend Ziggy Hood. I don't see that changing this week either. Yes, Virginia we do have a secondary and Ryan Clark will make his star shine. Sacks, INTs and forced fumbles: James Harrison isn't finished wit ya.

tannofsteel84: Standouts for this game on offense, it will be mendy, he will break 100 on this game, I know too easy. I think Ben will stand out again. I think we'll see another no interception game from him and just complete control of the game. On defense, I'm going to go with Worlids. He is starting to get the hang of this here OLB thing and I think we keep woodley out of this game as a precaution. This is his breakout game, 2 sacks, multiple pressures, 8 tackles, 3 TFL (tackles for loss), 1 int, and 2 passes defensed. I will also go with Lewis, I say he'll have 4 passes defensed 1 int and 3 tackles. He'll show that we have plenty of CB depth to contain the packers when we see them in the SB. Bring it Rodgers.

MDSTEELERSFAN: A. Brown is going to continue his winning ways and will carveup the Browns secondary for big chunks. Wallace will likely have tougher sledding being match up against Browns standout Joe Haden. The D will win as a unit withdifferent guys getting to McCoy, expect to see sacks from Keisel, Heyward, Harrison and Worilds. Big Ben will have a masterful performance in distribution, hitting anyone who is open, but the standout for the game will be Mendy with 120 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Concerns for the Browns game:

Webslasher81: I remember a couple of years ago, when we lost to the Brownies on bullshit. And it was on a Thursday night as well…The Steelers need not to play down to a lesser opponent, capitalize on every mistake that is given to them, and put this team to sleep so we have that 10-3 record. The only issue I have at this point from looking back at this season so far is that we let teams hang around when we have a lead, this is a heart attack awaiting to happen for me, and I love my life so please Coach Dad and Coach Tomlin, all I want for Christmas from here on out is a Lombardi I won’t settle for less

PixburghArn: I know this was years ago, but I still can't get that sorry game the Steelers lost up in Cleveland in arctic conditions. They just ran the ball with Cribbs and pretty much had their way. That was a display of lack of focus if I've ever seen one. I don't want to see that happen again.Besides that, I have too many friends (a cousin included) that are Browns fans. The many Bengals fans that find it amusing to make faces and rude comments because I'm wearing a Steelers jacket, have been put to sleep for the year. I don't want to hear the Browns fans talking now. By the way, the Browns fans are much more knowledgeable and at the least, coherent.

1BlkGldFan: The post game show hadn't even started yet when one of my fellow Steeler Nation brothers said, "Well I hope the Browns game isn't a trap game for us." Fuuuuuuudge. Had to go bringing that up, didn't ya. While Idon't believe this is anywhere near being a trap game, I do hope the Steelers don't pull a Ravens and drop off intensity since it is the Browns.Running off 28 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter is ok... as long as they remember to play all 4 quarters. (Sidenote: A friend of mine is the announcer for the local pro hockey team and occasionally tosses some exceptionally good tickets my way. His wife, who happens to be a Yinzer,reminded me that she can always tell when football fans come to see the hockey games. They're the ones left in the arena waiting for the 4th periodto begin. Yep... I'd have been sitting there.) Play hard, for 60 minutes,please.

tannofsteel84: The only concern I have is the Steelers beating themselves. Turnovers, penalties, not focused - thinking this win will be given to them. That is the only way the Steelers lose Thursday night. There isn't anything the Browns have that concerns me. We are the better team, if we bring our C game we will win, A game we will blow them out.

MDSTEELERSFAN: Of course the 5 game slide is in the memory bank for this game, but that was a different team with different issues. Our current iteration of the Steelers is hitting its stride, not stumbling as that team was. My concern for this game is the same as it has been since 2005 when Jack Lambert and James Harrison’s Kent State Alumn showed on the scene – Joshua Cribbs. Cribbs has made a career out of putting the dagger into the Steelers, but not this time. The Browns will have a tough time generating any offense in this game.

Cheerleaders of the week:

Webslasher81: Since the Brownies don’t have cheerleaders, I am going with some possible WILD CARDS

Meet: Sage, (I don’t really know if she is a Bears cheerleader (if they even have cheerleaders...d"oh!), be she sure is smoking!!!)



and her bunk mate(s) she is from the Broncos: Renee


Renee Herlocker (via DarkHelmut98)

and…some Inkin dance cheerleaders (I don't know where they are from but they are smoking!).


Ikin Dance Cheerleaders (via Hmmsparkly)

and a former pornstar turned goodie 2 shoes...Sasha Grey.


IMG_1510 - Sasha Grey (via Anime Nut)

PixburghArn: The Browns have no cheerleaders, so I present my two favorite squads. Redskins and Bucs.







MDSTEELERSFAN: Without Browns Cheerleaders, I went to the UFC for inspiration, meet UFC

Ring Girl Arianny Celeste:




International hostess:

Webslasher81: I wonder how Belgium is looking this time of year…



PixburghArn: If you brave the instability of the tribal regions of Pakistan you could find jewels like these.



MDSTEELERSFAN: I have a hard time picking just one International Hottie

(I mean hostess), so here are two separated by a lot of water:

Ms. Taciane Ribeiro from Brazil:



and Ms. Rahki Sawant from India:



Well faithful followers of the HUMP, this wraps up yet another fun filled EPIC edition, I hope you guys have enjoyed the rants and eye-candy. Tune in next week when we take on yet another Harbaugh bastard…as we head to Candlestick to take on the 49’ers…get ready for THUNDERDOME!!!




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