Play with Fire, You're Gonna Get Burned...

Please don't come to me with your glass half full bs, lets face it- this game was yet ANOTHER sign of trouble, and perhaps a harbinger of things to come. yeah- of course im glad they got the win, like everyone else, but lets look at this from a realistic, objective perspective:

ben has been, and is, on borrowed time. we all know that hes NOT gonna be getting up from one of these plays, and boom- season over. i guess we take the good with the bad regarding his extending plays, but there still has to be a line- and he crossed it last nite on that play- and barely survived. and ya know what?- it still may turn out that he didnt survive- bc who knows what todays tests will show; i have little faith in the x-ray performed last nite. there could still be a fracture or other structural damage, and who knows how the leg is after the adrenaline stops flowing and the dust settles. at this point- its far from a guarantee that hes ok- for next weeks game & beyond! i know he came back in last nite and worked things out, but as far as im concerned- that injury may still be the undoing of this season. wayyy too early to say we escaped...

how many more times can the steelers risk putting chris k. out there??? i mean its one thing after another, spanning his whole career. hes only 50% good at his job, and he even negates THAT with these asinine, unnecessary penalties that are COSTING the steelers!! i think hes already burned us, but his best work may not be done yet...

i think it was 12 penalties last nite, nuff said about that.

officiating was again a joke! it was a poorly played game, a poorly officiated game, and as ive maintained- its only a matter of time...

ward- never saw another catch after the fumble. yes- im appreciative of his incredible career & great contribution to the team, but he didnt know when to quit, and the team didnt tell him goodbye. his last shot should have been last year- if we had won the sb- he couldve gone out on top, but thats not the way it worked out, but too bad. move on. spare us the DUI stuff and diminished capabilities. spare us the bad fumble last nite. yes itd be nice to see him get to 1k catches, but to me hes overextended his stay & id rather see other players out there. i dont feel hes owed anything. and his bs explanation of the DUI thing is annoying. i dont like attorneys, and i dont like pro athletes & celebs circumventing shit by using these scummy attorneys.

miller- great player, but the fumbles & penalties are now on the radar...

play calling on the browns "goal line stand"- to me- this wasnt so much a browns goal line stand, but instead the steelers lame approach of running 4 straight plays into the line with the same guy!! yes- i know ben was hurt, yes i know the browns cant stop the run, HOWEVER- this was the WRONG set of play calls for the circumstance! and i dont say that in hindsight, i say it in foresight- as the steelers should have done SUMTHING to get the job done there; bounce to the outside, a trick play, hell anything but 4 straight mendenhall runs into the line. try redman once, a direct snap, SUMTHING!!! mendenhall has truly proven himself to be mediocre, nuthin special at all. apparently he cant bounce a run to the outside, and has other shortcomings as well. wont be sad to see him go.

officiating- theres just no consistency, and it seems as tho the players- through no fault of their own- often dont know what the rules are. the un-called holding thats going on against guys like harrison- what a joke! the rules are selectively enforced, and for the first time- to me- the benefits of replay are starting to be outweighed by the downsides of replay.

anyway- for those of us willing to admit it- we know that if we keep playing with fire like this, we will be burned & eliminated, allowing a scummy pats or ravens team to go to the super bowl. that MUST NOT happen!! weve got to close games out, not let bums like browns, kc to hang around, and we still have to prove that this team is a playoff/sb team. and the only way well even get a chance to prove that is if ben stays alive!

some commendations: troy int, gay int & other plays. carnell lake. antonio brown as always- except for the one bad drop. o-line. worilds. and most of all- ben r- what a player!!!!!!!!! weve gotta get this guy a min of one more sb so he can be in the hall of fame & get the credit for bein one of the greatest ever!!

regarding this weekend- i think we will see the texans lose, so one down, one (ravens) to go!!! and thats IF we can beat SF in 10 days. i think were gonna do it!- pending ben r's status.

alright steelers!!!!- no more bs games like browns, kc, new england, balt, etc., and this thing (AFC Championship) is there for the taking!!! but plse dont bother if youre gonna play another game like the sb game from last year; hopefully lake will prevent that, chris k wont play, mendenhall & miller DO NOT fumble, ben stays alive, and the officials dont alter the game.

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