With the 31st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft....

The Steelers are known to pretty much select BPA, but I really don't think a QB, RB, WR, TE, LB, or K gets drafted in the first round. That being said, WHO will they take with their first pick? I have tried to narrow down the choices the best that I can, but draft stocks often change. I have tried to predict the possibility of what position will be likely drafted, and listed the pros and cons of drafting that particular position.

OT - This draft has some depth at tackle. There is a lot of debate on which tackles are the best and which ones are worth first round talent. Personally, I think the top 5 are Tyron Smith, Nate Solder, Anthony Castonozo, Gabe Carimi, and Derek Sherrod. One of these guys could fall into our lap. My guess is Tyron Smith will be the first tackle taken, after that, it's a crapshoot. My guess is Sherrod and Carimi are near the 31st pick.

Possible Pick: Gabe Carimi - Wisconsin

Other possibilities: Anthony Castonozo - Boston College, Derek Sherrod - Mississippi State

Possibility of taking an OT in the draft: 10%

Pros: Finally getting first round talent at tackle. He doesn't have to start immediately.

Cons: The need for an OT in this draft is not greatly needed, unless the Steelers pass on signing Colon and Jonathan Scott.

OG -There really isn't a lot of buzz on interior lineman in the first round this year, outside of Pouncey.

Possible Pick: Mike Pouncey - Florida

Possibility of taking a OG in the draft: 7%

Other possibilities: Danny Watkins - Baylor

Pros: The only interior lineman really worth a first round pick, IMO. He would be an upgrade to the interior line.

Cons: Due to Pouncey playing both G and C at Florida, the likelihood of him still being on the board is very low.

DT -There are several DT's in this draft, but only one elite DT that really stands out as a 3-4 style NT

Possible Pick: Phil Taylor - Baylor

Other possibilities: None

Possibility of taking a DT: 18%

Pros: Definitely addresses a big area of need, Hampton can't play forever.

Cons: Taylor is probably the only 3-4 NT worth a first round pick

DE - There are quite a few DE's that will be taken before the Steelers pick. Some will be 4-3 ends, but a few 3-4 ends. It is possible that one of the 3-4 ends fall to the lower end of the first round.

Possible Pick: Cameron Heyward - Ohio State

Other possibilities: JJ Watt - Wisconsin

Possibility of taking a DE: 5%

Pros: Again, the line is ancient. Who knows if Aaron Smith will ever return to form. This definitely addresses a need, and he wouldn't have to start right away.

Cons: NT and CB are greater needs

CB - The Steelers biggest need going into the offseason, is to improve the level of talent in the secondary. The draft is deep at the CB position this year, so the potential to improve is definitely there. You can forget Peterson and Amukamara. They will be gone. Either Jimmy Smith, Brandon Harris, or Aaron Williams could be around when the Steelers pick, but probably only one of the three.

Possible Pick: Aaron Williams - Texas

Other possibilities: Jimmy Smith - Colorado, Brandon Harris - Miami (FL)

Possibility of taking a CB: 50%

Pros: This DB unit needs an upgrade. At this point, I think any of these guys could contribute.

Cons: I think Jimmy Smith is the 3rd CB to come off the board, so I don't think he falls to 31. I don't think the Steelers will be able to get one of the top CB's, but settling for the 5th best might even be good enough.

SS/FS - There isn't a lot of names being tossed around as game-changers in the Safety department. No real elite talent.

Possible Pick: Rahim Moore - UCLA

Other possibilities: None

Possibility of taking a FS/SS: 10%

Pros: This could help with the "Troy" issue. The Steelers could maybe get somebody to provide depth now and to someday replace Clark. There is no substitute for a healthy Troy Polamalu, but will we ever see that again? A pick here secures the top pick at the safety position.

Cons: The talent pool at the Safety position just isn't elite.

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