Nothing Worth Reading

I'm still amazed every time I read one of the Mock drafts here. I can't believe some of you guys can pull off so much research, revision and posting and still maintain a life. Concerning that: If you are about to fail out of school because of one of your fine mock drafts, tell us and we will see about raising some funds to help with bills. I wouldn't tell your parents about your new career until you get the money into your hands though.

You know I'm just kidding about that, right?

All of it - After the amazed part.

Here is what I see when considering the Mocks: the Steelers went to the Super Bowl, there is no area of MUST have. I mean, sure the Packers are the new Patriots (i.e. the press is in line to get on their knees), but we SHOULD HAVE beaten them. That is not sour grapes talking. Without the pick-six, the Steelers offense scores more points and wins the game. So, our defense really did a great job of holding His Holiness, Aaron Rogers, to enough to win. Thus, our defense did it's job. Thus, nothing to panic about. Conversely, without the pick-six, the offense does enough to win the game, even with the decimated offensive line. Thus the offense got to the Super Bowl AND was capable of winning it, without the starting tackles, an always questionable right guard and missing a pro-bowl center.

So, do the Steelers have to have a CB or OL? No. BUT, it would sure be nice. Can you imagine if the defense had another good corner? Can you say "Better Defense"? Really? Is that a possibility? How about a GOOD right guard? Wow, now I think the offense could be great, despite BA running it (Just kidding, I think the Steelers have developed a better offensive coordinator over the past several years).

This creates a situation of "Either-or" for me. I would be ecstatic with either a CB or an OL. If the Steelers go that way. Something tells me they may not. Not to mention, I don't see any reason for the Steelers to trade up in the draft to get one of those two positions.

Here's a question for one of you guys: Since the Steelers have franchised Woodley and are seemingly intent on keeping him around, is there any chance the Steelers move Worilds (SP?) to and inside linebacker position like they did Timmons? Does he have the skills? Anyone?

Okay, back to the draft thing: I think the Steelers take the best player available to them at number 31 (Oooh, that hurts to say), within reason. I don't think they are going to take a QB (Never count out a TE though) or some other position they are particularly strong at. But, NT, DE, S, FB (Just Kidding), RB? Hmmm...On second thought, the offense is really solid everywhere except the O-line, I mean, there are some really good players at the skill positions, so if they do draft offense, they might stick to the O-line early.

I know we've all been keeping an eye on the CBA situation, here are a couple of nice articles from that give a pretty clear picture of what might or might not happen:


The first one is a good read and the second is more something to skim. The first one really explains what each side is trying to do and what it means. Very well done. Very understandable.

In the end, I think both sides want the really big win and we, the fans, will not be happy unless both the owners and the players association are not.

Who else here feels total delight when you read anything about Carson Palmer wanting out of Cincy? I've always thought of Carson as a classy guy, never, ever called ocho anything negative, never criticized any of the MANY stupid decisions the team made. A guy like that saying he will not play there again, no matter what, speaks volumes about what a crappy organization it is. Of course, Steelers fans knew this all along. Just ask any one of them.

Oh, I haven't mentioned yet what an A** H*** Peter King is. Wow, do you think that fat bastard tried to make Ben look bad before the Super Bowl? Here's a question for you: Do you think (Before the article) Ben twitters, texts, holds hands with, or answers Peter Kings Calls (Think Tom Brady)? I'm thinking, no. We all know King doesn't get tough with players unless they don't talk to him. I wonder if he lashes out because it takes him back to the playground (You know, the fat kid and all that). I mean, look at him now, he had to be really dopey looking as a kid.

Rex was at it again, God bless him. I love to hear him say that crap, because I like to see his reaction when it doesn't happen. You want priceless? When he threw his sh*t at the end of the AFC Championship game, that was priceless. Unfortunately, we don't get to play them during the regular season next year because they didn't win their division.

Let me just end by saying this: Mr. Bean, you have been doing such a wonderful job of filling this site with quality, interesting content, most of us have totally forgotten Ender.

Go Steelers!

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