Hump Day Mix week 21: Super Bowl week (Punxsutawney Phil) Edition


Well folks it’s that time again…you guessed it the HDM mixery, with your hosts Arn and Slash…I hope everybody’s pro-bowl week went well. This week’s edition we will the dynamic duo will be tee’ing off on the "Cheese heads" of Green Bay…To all the faithful followers at BTSC that has been with us since the beginning of this mix I commend you all…let’s get to the showdown in the big "D"!


PixburghArn:  Well that was a long week.  Looks like an ice storm is going to mess this week up.  The Bengal fans in the area continue to talk crap about what’s going to happen.  I tell them, life must suck for you to go through this cycle: Talk crap in April about your draft, talk crap in July about how awesome your team is going to be, talk crap after your first win, talk crap about other teams that are going to the playoffs and you’re not, talk crap about what could have been,  talk crap about next year."  Anyhow this isn’t about them.

 Webslasher81: I agree Arnie…a long week indeed…depending on the weather I will be heading down to Dallas tomorrow night, then it will be a booze filled festival that will put me back some years and put my liver into a coma…lol. Anywho, your getting the lowdown from the Bungels, I am getting it here from the Donkey fans! All I say everyday when they start up with their hater-ade, is wow you went from boy wonder McDaniels to John Fox…you guys must really love the basement…that tends to shut them up for at least an hour or so…

Predictions for the Super Bowl:


PixburghArn:  Well first off I predicted right last week that there would be much Super Bowl coverage.  Ha!  For the Super Bowl, I predict the Steelers try to get some favorable one on one matchups with the young bucks on a nickel or corner.  Hines and Heath should have plenty of opportunities.  The Steelers will try a max protect play action deep throw early.  On defense the Steelers will mix pressure on the edges and blitzes in the middle with outside linebackers dropping into slant zones making Rogers have to think and hold the ball longer.  This should make for some turnover opportunities.  Final score 33-27 Steelers.

Webslasher81: Something about this Super Bowl makes me think this is going to be an EPIC win for us. I’ll admit and say that their defense is tough, but our defense is seasoned, their defense is young or younger, but our defense has been to this dance twice already…we know what is at stake here. Our vets will fluster Rodgers, stomp out the run game and make GB one dimensional. We take # 7 with the score, Steelers 28 – Cheese fudgers 23.

Standouts for the Super Bowl:


PixburghArn:  First off my standout for the last week was Pouncey.  Ha! I just hate the news it brought though.  My predicted standouts for the Super Bowl are as follows.  On offense, Ben will get his due.  Ben will win this not by just shear stats, but by the big plays he generates in this game. He will be Super Bowl MVP.  On defense the player of the game will be James Harrison.  Deebo will come up with 2 sacks an INT and a forced fumble.  I had a vision of Troy Polamalu being the defensive standout and Super Bowl MVP, but I am going with what I was thinking since the day after the AFC Championship.

 Webslasher81: I believe the standout on offense will be Mike Wallace, "Flash" will have a big day 7 rec 144 yds 2 tds. Big enough for him to take home MVP honors, I know BB will have a better game than he did against the Jets, but Wallace will shine. On "D" I’m going with the "Wolverine" to take the cake and smash Rodgers, 5 tfl 2 sacks, 1 fumble, 2 passes deflected.

Cheerleader hostesses of the week:


PixburghArn:  I am choosing my hostesses by taking them from the Super Bowls we have won.  First on my list is this lovely lady from the Minnesota Vikings.  This was the first Super Bowl we won.  Don’t be fooled.  That’s not a flag it’s a terrible towel.  J






Next was against the Dallas Cowboys.  There were two, so……






Next we won the last of the 70’s dynasty against the Rams.  I know they were in L.A. but who’s complaining?….






Next it was the Seachickens.  Hi there Amanda….






Then we went to Tampa to finish off the Cardinals. Since it was in Tampa I gave them a chance to represent as well.  Tampa is such a lovely place.








Webslasher81: Once again Arnie…I am quite impressed. I will go with what you got and add to that. 


IX: Hello ladies… Mnvc_medium

X: mmmm Amber Heard...



XIII: Cheerleaders-dallas-cowboys_medium


XIV: yummy Sandee... Rams-cheerleader-thumb-400x251_medium

XL: Darling Shannon… Seattle-seahawks-cheerleader_medium       XLIII: Lovely Aubry… Cheerpromoaudrey_medium

And of course a 3rd pic from the big "D" meet…Beth,




 International hostess:


PixburghArn: She’s national and not international. But since we are going all the way to North Texas hoping to get crowned, I am please to present to you a beauty that was crowned in the same state.  The lovely Miss Texas from 2009 Brooke Daniels.  Yeeeeehaaaawww!



Webslasher81: You’re going national Arnie…so will I, meet Ms. Pennsylvania… "Black and Gold’s" very own…the scrumptious Alexis Lauren.




Well that’s it kids…the last HDM football edition until the draft in April…hopefully Arn, 6, and I have entertained you with our ESPNage…don’t fret faithful followers of the hump, we will be back next week for our very own non-football but will be football related HDM…have fun at the parties this Sunday and LET’S GOOOOOO STEELERS!!! Bring home the Lombardi!!!


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