Steelers Mock draft

I am starting to make some big changes as I have watched a lot of film lately. Here it is

Round 1 Pick 31: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami

Pick Explanation: Harris is a speedy, strong, and great CB. He loves to hit. He can play man press coverage and is also good in zone. He has great playmaking ability and instincts. Great mentality and work ethic as well.

Round 2 Pick 31 trade along with Round 5 Pick 31 to move up to Round 2 Pick 27: Ras I Dowling, FS/CB, UVA

Now, many will ask me why the hell did I pick to secondary players in the 1st 2 rounds. Here is why: 

1. The Steelers are not very good at CB. Outside of Ike, every player could be upgraded.

2. Dowling is an elite prospect and has low bust potential since if he is too slow to play corner, he will be a great FS

Now on to Dowling. He has great size and strength and is a vicious hitter. He has great tackling form. If he runs a sub 4.52 at the combine he could play corner for us. Harris and Dowling will be a great tandem to couple with Ike. Now, if he runs over a 4.52 he can play FS, which is a position of need. Clark is aging quickly and getting much slower. Dowling could spell him and play ST for a year and then likely would replace him in 2012. 

Round 3 Pick 31: Sione Fua, NT, Stanford

Three picks in a row on defense? On a defense that ranked #1 overall in the NFL? Here is why:

1. The 1st two picks addressed our weakest link on the defense

2. Casey Hampton is old and nearing the end of his career.

3. Chris Hoke, our backup NT, is a FA and might want to get one more good paycheck and therefore not take a paycut.

4. Fua is a great talent and with proper teaching will become a stud.

Fua has a great work ethic and has good size and strength. Coming from Stanford, he is obviously a very smart and intelligent player. We can't keep ignoring our need to begin to develop our NT of the future and I think now is the time. Fua will have two years to learn the system and get a little bigger before Casey retires.

Round 4 Pick 31: Will Rackley, OG, Leigh

Rackley is from a small school and is therefore under-appreciated. However, from the little tape I have watched on him, he has great footwork and strength and really knows what he is doing. He is a hard worker who wants to succeed. Would compete at RG to start in year 1 but will definitely end up being our starting RG.

Round 6 Pick 31: Jordan Cameron, TE, USC

With Spaeth being a free agent and I am not sure we will resign him, we could look to get a TE in the late rounds. Cameron is extremely athletic and has an incredible vertical leap. He needs to work on his blocking but would definitely give us a great receiving threat.

Round 7 Pick 31: Kai Forbath, K, UCLA

Forbath is the 2nd best kicker in the draft. He has connected on over 85% of his FG's and has a great leg to kickoff. Him and Shuisham can battle it out in training camp.


so, what do you think?

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