XLv Blunder

Loses suck. Especially on National Television in the biggest sporting event in America with all your office pals watching as the Steelers blow it. 2 Interceptions, 1 Fumble, a 2-minute offense designed in “blow it” land, and a corner back “lala” land filled with wide open Green Bay receivers. Bad.

But there’s hope.

Really this team did quite well in a season that was none too easy. They endured media scrutiny, controversy, a tough division, and injuries yet still made it to the final showdown, Superbowl XLV. This team played 8 games better than their XLV performance. Roethlisberger and Mendenhall are not often the goats. Yet even if they don’t make those mistakes, we do need improvements to bring home XLVI.

Drafting a couple of talented corners who are fit for this system is absolutely necessary. Tomorrow begins Kevin Colbert & Co. task of doing just that. We want another Mel Blount. In fact, a trainable Donnie Shell is needed as well. If the Steelers sign LaMarr Woodley as suggested, they keep together their solid 7 -Woodley, Harrison, Timmons, Farrior, Hampton, Keisel, Hood, and a healthy Aaron Smith comes back. What drafting two corners would do for this team!!

A 3rd corner/safety is probably the #1 need. Another shut down corner is more 65-35 want--a first round pick unless you can dial into Ted Thompson’s CB scouting notes.

Now that team knows how to draft a secondary. Considering the depth they have displayed, a Green Bay’s #4 cornerback was better than McFadden and Gay this year. They just didn’t cut it again--time to move in a new direction.

The offense is sound. I thought the offensive line played great as the season ended—even without pro bowl Pouncey. There were no Clay Mathews hair highlights on Ben. And Mendenhall/Redman combo had some success even though the Steelers played comeback after digging an early grave. Veterans Hines Ward and Randle El were the heart of the team with a combined 128 yards and Ward 1 TD. It was great to see Antwan Randle El come up big in another Superbowl. Too bad it was in a losing effort.

Wallace led the team with 89 yds, 1 TD but as always it was the one that got away—a deep ball thrown by an antsy QB who had time to wait for Wallace cutting into the end zone. Yep, he actually overthrew Wallace in the endzone. Like the singing of the National Anthem…you got a bad feeling in your stomach.

There was also the phantom leg injury on Ben. That was some weird voodoo sh#t out there. Not sure which of the G’s threw the curse—Green Bay or Georgia--but it worked. Ben played bad. One of his worst games this season considering his offensive line did a great job of keeping him clean.

The o-line could probably use another guard unless last year’s draft pick Chris Scott shows Kugler what he can do this summer. And then there’s Kugler--he should be named the Steelers best offseason acquisition. He coached out of his mind this year. You have to feel good about the overall state of the Steelers offensive line. Starting tackles Colon and Starks will be back next season to help out.

Special teams had a few highlights and blunders as well.  Kapinos had a 56 yard punt while the Canadian Rockstar Shaun Suisham rolled in a 33 yard FG and helped the field position battle kicking deep on kickoffs. Even though he clunked a 52 yarder widddddde left, he has shown a good disposition for Pittsburgh and menacing Heinz Field. He should be our kicker next season. Special team players Fox, Mundy, and Lewis may have just whistled their way out of Pittsburgh. Their playoff penalties were too costly for their worth.

I believe Sunday just wasn’t our night. It belonged to Green Bay. I don’t see the Steelers spirally downward next season like has been the fate of so many other post-Superbowl losers. Add a few more pieces in the draft, and the Steelers will be right back to the Superbowl…this time bringing Hines home a winner. These guys are a family, this organization is a family and a family that stays together, wins together.

"I don't feel anything but pain," linebacker James Harrison said. "It's not who we are, this game, but each one of these guys is my brother and I mean that to the depths of my soul. I'm going back to the hotel and play with my son. He has 60-some uncles out here that are feeling the same way I am." harrison quote from

article written by: Erin Tarr

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