After a sad end to the story of the 2010 season, I ask you all; Tell me what you think. Did you like the story or not?



  This is my  take. I posted it this way earlier on another thread.

 In 2010, I nearly had an ulcer, pulled most of the hair out of my beard and wrung my terrible towel into a washcloth. The Steelers played well against all the teams in their division. One loss to  Baltimore the only blemish on their divisional record. The other 3, well you all know.

Again, in 2010 the Steelers could never put teams away and finish a game. They let everyone get back in. Dad should be sending every back of the book blitz he has when there is a lead. Instead they go into zone and get burned in the middle or the deep ball.

Ground game was solid considering the damage on the offensive line. Mendenhall still had over 1K yards. Redman was the perfect backup for Rashard in 2010.The running game got better near the end of the season once everyone on the O line started to gel. With all the injuries, I'm surprised there was a 1K rusher this year.

Receivers were progressing all season. Wallace exploded this year, as did Saunders and Brown.  Hines Ward proved again in the Superbowl why he holds more Steelers records than anyone. Miller is a playmaker. Spaeth is useless. That guy couldn't catch a cold. Ditch him. Randall-El is a good player. Let him play. Not as the wuss kick returner he is now. He waves off 90% of the kicks he fields. Could be 20 yards between him and a gunner. Ditch him. Steelers have the kids now.

O line is patchwork. Keep Pouncey at center. Draft his brother as a guard. Twins. All that needs to be said. Otherwise replace the aging and injured. Although that squad kept Ben upright for the Superbowl. How about Legursky at center, the 2 Pounceys flanking him. Intriguing.

D is solid _except_ for the defensive backs. Who do I need to speak to about getting some shutdown cornerbacks? If you have a defense that prides itself on shutting down the run game, don't you think your pass defense should be as stout? IMO, Gay,gone. BMac, gone. Madison, gone. I would keep Troy and Taylor. Find a few FA corners. The Steelers would dominate the NFL if they had 4 shutdown DB's.

Linebackers were solid all season. Playoffs came and Dad got conservative. Teams figured out a TE on the corners shut down Harrison and Woodley. Farrior got stuffed alot. Would like to see him play for another ring and retire to linebackers coach. Solid group. Lots of depth.

Ben was Ben. Even in losses it was close. The backups did an excellent job in his absence. I would like Batch to stay for 1 more try at a ring then retire. Ditch Leftwich, keep Dixon. Ben has a lot left in him. Hopefully he will work on his game in the off season. Heal up, and come out strong.

There's my take. Gimmee yours.

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