The day Heinz Field was Turned Into a Crowd of Bloodthristy Maniacs with Terrible Towels




This is the story of one of the best comebacks in Steelers History as told by yours Truly, WVPiratesfan. That comeback would be the 31-24 win over the Ravens in the 2010 AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Lets start with how I found out I would be going to this game, it was Tuesday of that week when my parents call me upstairs and hand me an envelope. First when I open it I get and immediate sharpie high because my dad wrote on a piece of paper asking if I wanted to go the Steelers game on Saturday, in sharpie and all the fumes were contained in a small area. When I read that you could have pushed me over with a feather or just by barely blowing in my direction. After getting that news I was about useless the rest of the week, thankfully I don't have classes on Friday it could have been really, really bad for that professor.

Then Saturday rolls around, after leaving the273, aka Ravenswood, WV, for the 412, Pittsburgh, my dad and I get to the area where we are tailgating with the guy who has the tickets, not sure what the face value for the club seats were but club access was an extra $500 per ticket, and it started raining snowballs on Ravens fans. I threw a few, but the throw of the day came from a guy who hit a 1x3 traffic sign that was about 30 yards away. Then the game started and the abomination that was the first half began.

After getting off to a great start on a ten play 80 yard TD drive; and about this time three Ravens fans forgot rule number one of being fans of the visiting team, don't be involved in anything that will get you kicked out of the game. The it went all down hill from there for the Steelers. The ravens answered with a touchdown drive of their own, then there was one of the strangest plays I have ever seen. Ben drops back for a pass and Terrell Suggs come flying around Jonathan Scott and hits Ben right as his arm appears to be going forward; then chaos ensues, Ramon Foster thinking the play to be over walks past the ball as it's laying on the ground, then Cory Redding picks the ball up and rumbles in for a TD as the Steelers are in the process of huddling up to call the next play and most of the Ravens defenders are as well. It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen on a football field and could have turned costly. Then old man Todd Heap beat us for a 4 yard TD on the only scoring drive of the second quarter. Then Suisham misses a 43 yarder to end the half.

Now durning halftime Flozell is about to pass out because the flu is beating him worse than the Steelers are beating the Steelers and Trai Essex comes in for him. Now I did not notice that until about the middle of the fourth, thats how well Essex was playing. Mike Tomlin opened a can on the team and I made my own plan for a comeback known to a guy sitting beside me.

While the offense came out and had another flat drive to begin the third quarter. Then in the play of the game, Renegade is played and if Heinz Field had a roof it would have been lossened by the sheer amount of noise that unleashed by the fans.



At one point in the third quarter when the Ravens were melting down, the press box at Heinz Field was literally bouncing. It was a little like being in a tiny earthquake, except with a bad pop music soundtrack. Some 68,000 people were whipping those yellow towels around, snarling like bloodthirsty Romans at the Colosseum.

So that is my story from this game, it was awesome, loud, and scrumtrilescent.


Steelers vs Ravens Renegade by Styx Divisional Playoff Jan. 15, 2011 (via rcyphermd)

 Former Central Michigan WR Antonio Brown's game changing 58 yard catch against the Ravens. (via CMUSports)

"Non Beast Mode" TJ Houshmandzadeh Drops Easy Clutch Pass 2011 AFC Playoffs Ravens Vs Steelers (via DamonKitchiner)

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