Which of the Following Steelers Mock Drafts Would You Be Most Pleased With?

Bumped from the fanposts. A solid idea and nice execution to boot. Many thanks for this and to all of you all who continue to light up the fanposts so far this offseason. - Michael -


As we all know, the draft is anything but predictable. So rather than come up with just one scenario for the Steelers this year, I decided to put together a bunch of different scenarios and let you all vote on which you like best. I tried to avoid using names more than once, so feel free to mix and match to come up with your own draft in the comments. ALL the scenarios will assume the following:


1. Mike Pouncey G, Florida

2. Deandre McDaniel S, Clemson

3. Kendrick Ellis NT, Hampton

4. Davon House CB, New Mexico St.

5. Derrick Locke RB, Kentucky

6. Zach Hurd OL, Connecticut

7. Kai Forbath K, UCLA

If Pouncey is there when the Steelers pick at No. 31, I can't imagine the they would pass on him. This draft is a little more rounded than the others, but the downside is that we don't get a CB till the 4th round. Still, an elite OL, 3 potential starters on defense (not in 2011, but maybe 2012), a 3rd down back, a versatile OL project and a kicker to compete with Suisham. Not too shabby.



1. Rahim Moore FS, UCLA

2. Danny Watkins G, Baylor

3. Rashad Carmichael CB, Virginia Tech

4. Sione Fua NT, Stanford

5. Steven Friday OLB, Virginia Tech

6. Mario Fannin RB, Auburn

7. Kai Forbath K, UCLA

Verryyyy defense heavy draft, especially in the secondary. I think if Pouncey and Phil Taylor are gone, Moore would be our next best option in the first. He has just as good a chance to beat out Ryan Clark as a CB would have beating out McFadden, and is a true center-fielding FS that would allow Troy to freelance more. Watkins is a quality G who should be able to start right away too. Fua and the two VT guys give us some quality youth and depth on defense, while Fannin can contribute on 3rd downs.



1. Phil Taylor NT, Baylor

2. Ras-I Dowling CB, Virginia

3. Orlando Franklin OG, Miami

4. Marcus Gilbert OT, Florida

5. Alex Henery K, Nebraska

6. Curtis Marsh CB, Utah St

7. Lazarius Levingston DE, LSU

Getting Taylor seems unlikely at this point, who has solidified his 1st round status as this year's top NT. Dowling in the second would be a dream come true though. Franklin and Gilbert are both massive linemen who should be able to contribute early. We also get the best Kicker this year. The only problem I see with this draft is that Marsh and Levingston will have a hard time making the roster.



1. Brandon Harris CB, Miami

2. Jerrell Powe NT, Ole Miss

3. Lee Ziemba OL, Auburn

4. Lawrence Guy DE, Arizona State

5. Alex Henery K, Nebraska

6. Cheta Ozougwu OLB, Rice

7. Dejon Gomes S, Nebraska

Harris is a bit small for a corner, but is a playmaker. He was great in combine workouts and ran a good 40. Powe had a disappointing year, but with a few years to learn behind Casey he should be ok. Between him, Ziemba and Guy we'll add a lot of youth and talent to our trenches. Henery is back at K, and we grab some good late round projects on defense with Ozougwu and Gomes.

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