Potential Steelers Draft Picks by Round, Round 2

This is part 2 of a 7 part series. Round 1 potential draft picks are at this link:

Round 1

Round 2 is going to be interesting to see what the Steelers do. If they take defense in round 1, will they take defense in round 2? Will they double dip on corners? Will they double dip on OL? Who knows. They will likely take the BPA again in round 2. Without further ado, here is the round 2 prospects:

1. Ras I Dowling, CB, Virginia: Dowling is a first round talent but injuries in his Senior season and at the combine will cause him to fall to the 2nd round. We might have to trade up for him but I would be happy if we did. He ran a 4.4 despite having to pull up and basically jog for the last 5 yards. He has great size, great speed, and is a good tackler.

2. Robert Sands, SS/FS, West Virginia: Sands is a freak athlete and has great size. He could start his career at FS and when Troy retires or becomes to slow to play SS, they can switch positions. Sands is a great hitter and tackler and has great instincts. Another player we might have to trade up for but I would not be opposed to trade up for him.

3. Benjamin Ijalana, OT/OG, Villanova: Another player we have to trade up for in the 2nd round. Ijalna has great versatility and has dominated at Nova. He needs some work on his strength but he will end up being very good. Could start at RG right away and eventually transition to RT.

4. Curtis Brown, CB, Texas: Brown is not my favorite prospect but he would be a fine pick at the bottom of the second round. He has good size and speed and is great in coverage. His biggest concern is tackling but with an NFL conditioning program and proper coaching, he could fix that flaw.

5. Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor: Watkins is 26 years old but he is a very good guard. He would be a big upgrade at RG and would start on day 1. He has great footwork and good size but could learn to use his hands better.

6. Jason Pinkston, OT/OG, Pittsburgh: Pinkston is another player with great versatility. He could start at RG and eventually transition to either tackle spot. Would be great insurance on the line. He has good footwork and uses his hands well but  needs to add some strength.

7. Brandon Burton, CB, Utah: Burton was a first round pick possibility earlier in the year but other corners have knocked him down to the 2nd/3rd round. He has great coverage and tackling abilitites and would be a good pick. Reports are the Steelers are very interested in him.

8. Christian Ballard, DE, Iowa: I don't think DE is a need but if Ballard is available at 63 it could be very tempting.

9. Dontay Moch, OLB, Nevada: Nothing like adding another pass rusher. Moch might just be the best pass rushing OLB in the draft besides Von Miller.

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