Free Agency Outlook and Mock Draft 2.0 (edited)

Here is my crack at the 2011 draft. 

Round 1: Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State 

Originally my pick was Mike Pouncey but I think we have no chance with Chicago, Indy, and Philly looking for help at OL. Brandon Harris is thought of as too small (5'9"-5'10") and isn't experienced in zone coverage.  Derek Sherrod fills a huge need for us as he could be our future LT.  With Maurkice, Colon (hopefully re-signed), and Sherrod.. we would have a solid OL.  We need to now look at RG help. 

Round 2: Curtis Brown CB Texas

Curtis Brown is a great athlete and coverage man, which we need.  Decent speed and size and he excels with man to man or zone coverage.  He looked excellent when I saw him at the senior bowl in January and has me wanting his talent for the 2011 season.  I know Steeler Nation loves Ras I Dowling, but I think even a 2nd rounder is too much of a risk to take on someone who is constantly injured in college; imagine his health in the Pros.  We need talent on the defensive side and I think he gives us this. 

Round 3: Sione Fua NT Stanford

Sione had a remarkable season and is constantly rising in draft boards.  He, in my opinion, is a safer and more valueable pick than Kendrick Ellis or Ian Williams.  His only concern in my opinion is his weight, which with Hampton's help shouldn't be a problem.  He could be a 3 down lineman and he has exhibited a great motor.  I believe he can be our NT of the future and see playing time this season.

Round 4: Davon House CB New Mexico State

We need more than just one DB taken in this draft.  House hs great speed and height.  He has been marked to weigh around 200, but previously I saw him weighed in at around 178-180 (big difference).  He posted a 4.43 at the combine and has shown exceptional coverage and ball skills.  We need his speed and I can guarantee that a few corners won't stick on our roster.  I can see us moving forward with Lewis, Gay, Butler, and hopefully Ike, but we are not guaranteed.  Don't forget that we also have Donovan Warren out of Michigan, who was once thought of as a late first rounder in 2010.  Nonetheless, we could benefit from 2 versatile DBs in this draft.

Round 5: Lee Ziemba OT/G Auburn

There is no question we need talent along the offensive line.  We need depth at OL and good talent.  I am not sold on the revolving door that is Essex, Foster, and Legursky.  I like Legursky the most out of the 3, but he should be our reserve center.  Lee can play both T and G spots and has excelled solidifying the National Championship War Eagle O-Line. 

Round 6: Alex Henery K Nebraska

This is absolutely he latest that Henery would fall.  He is an extremely accurate kicker and has great power, especially for his lanky frame (175lbs).  It is not an immediate need, but if he falls, he would be our BPA.  Suisham is not the answer long term and only showed slight sparks of talent at the beginning of the season. 

Round 7: Preston Dial TE/FB Alabama

The Steelers love versatility.  Dial has been exceptional with the Tide this season and should tranlate that to the pros.  He loves to engage in blocking and will catch passes when needed.  He fits out H-Back mould and should make us forget about Spaeth if he leaves. 


Possible Free Agent Pickups

James Jones WR (Green Bay) - If Green Bay doesn't re-sign him, we need to hop on him and get the ink to the paper.  Many people have stated that this guy could be a 1000 yd reciever year in and out if not for Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.  He has a magnificent upside and should be targeted.  His only downside is that he sometimes lacks concentration, clean route running, and drops a few. Love this guy. 

Mike Hart RB (Indy) -  Hart had a outstanding college career but has been buried in the depth chart in Indianapolis.  He has faced a few injury concerns but when given the opportunity, he has been really successful averaging 4.3 yards per carry.  He is only 25 and could come at a reasonable price.  With the uncertainty of Mewelde, we could use a Steelers type back, which he is. 

Jameel McClain ILB (Ratbirds)- I know, I know.  I hate to say it but I liked the way he plays.  He would be an upgrade over Keyaron Fox and he has the versatility we like.  Would come at a cheap price and Fox is most likely not coming back.  Unless we find someone we like on the practice squads, undrafted FA, or elsewhere..he would be a good pickup.  

Matt Roth DE/OLB (Brownies)- I really liked Roth at the Dolphins and followed him to the Brownies and still was slightly impressed.  He has a good motor and has the ability to be DE or OLB.  Serviceable backup and stll fairly young (28). 

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