Crazy A$$ Mock Draft


Here is a wild Steelers Mock Draft just to give everybody something to think/talk about.


First off a couple trades take place.

Trade #1:  Steelers send their Round 1 (#31) and Round 3 (#95) picks to New Orleans for their Round 2 (#56) Round 3 (#72) and Round 3 (#88) picks

Trade #2: Steelers send thier Round 2 (#63) and Round 4 (#127) pick to San Diego for thier Round 3 (#82) and Round 3 (89) picks.

Trade #3: Steelers send picks #88 and #89 acquired from New Orleans and San Diego to New England for their Round 2 pick (#60)

Net result is Steelers turn pick #31, #63, #95, and #127 into pick #56, #60, #72, and #82.  I realize this doesn't net any additional picks but it does give us a greater number of picks in what in my opinion is the value area of this draft from the mid 2nd round to end of the 3rd round.

Now who do we pick with these choices:

Round 2 # 56 - Marcus Cannon OL TCU - I think enough has been written my many others about Mr. Cannon that I don't need to discuss why we should pick him nor how he would help us.

Round 2 # 60 - Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia - Same reasoning as for Marcus Cannon.

Round 3 # 72 - Davon House CB New Mexico - He has the same measurables as Ras-I and is quickly moving up draft boards.  I have seen some that actually rate him slightly higher than Ras-I.  Either way he is a speedy cover corner who could certainly take a spot from say oh William Gay as the nickle CB leaving Gay, McFadden, Butler, and Lewis to fight it out for 3 spots (assuming Ras-I wins the starting job opposite Taylor).

Round 3 #82 - Marcus Gilbert OL Florida - Another player moving up draft boards though I don't think he will move as high as some think as he needs coaching to deal with 3-4 blitzes.  That is why I feel he will end up going in the mid-late 3rd round.  But with some good coaching and working behind Colon and Adams at RT he could develop into a good player in time.  Plus he has worked with M. Pouncey at FL so the continuity needed on an OL will be there.

Round 5 # 159 - Anthony Gray NT Southern Miss - Need to start looking for a legit replacement for Hampton in the middle.  Gray carries some 330 pound on a 6 ft frame but still managed a vertical of 31.5 which is more than ALL the other NT including Hampton, Ellis, Fua, and Williams.  With some coaching he should be able to step in in 2 years and start just like Hood will soon.

Round 6 #191 - Carl Johnson OL Florida - Massive (6'5" 360 lb) OL who with some coaching could provide depth along the OL.  Played OG, OT, and some Center in college so can back up multiple positions.  Insurance policy incase of injuries to interior linemen.  Could potentially be had as a FA but wouldn't want to take that chance.

Round 7 # - Steven Friday OLB Virginia Tech - Wouldn't be a Steelers draft without a LB.  Big fast OLB Friday can help on ST at first then grow into a back up positon behing Worilds, Woodley, and Harrison. 

Well there it is for now.  I am sure I will have some epiphiny before the actual draft and post another Mock.  In fact I have a few while doing this draft.  But at least this gives everybody something different to think about.

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