Steelers Mock 1.0

I have been researching numerous prospects their draft grade, character and  ability to fit into the Steelers' systems and finally have decided on a Mock Draft but it is subject to change.

Round 1: Aaron Williams CB Texas, or Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia

I am still tearing at myself whether I like Aaron Williams or Virginia's Ras-I Dowling. Williams is a big, corner at 6' 204lbs with decent speed and great character. He is kinda a hybrid type player and I actually believe may be better suited for the Free Saftey position. I question his instincts but not his toughness because he will try to tackle. Where Williams has me sold is his ball skill. He can high point a ball amazingly, see his Baylor Int for more details. Top this with the fact Tomlin brought every one to Texas' Pro-Day and talked with Williams afterward and I think this is the next Steeler DB. However I like Ras-I Dowling instincts, nose for the football, and athleticism, though he need to improve his ball skills. Dowling is no stranger to being physical and at 6'2 200lbs is a big corner. I think I am leaning towards Dowling who would have a first round grade if not for the injuries but prior to his senior year he hadn't missed a game.

Round 2: Orlando Franklin OT Miami

Franklin is 6'6" with 35" arms and is 316lbs. He has the athletic ability to play tackle though will be better suited for the right side. He has however played the Guard position prior to his senior year and that is where he could flourish. To top that he is a mauler unlike most of the other top tackle prospects who are finesse. Franklin is a big cross between tackle or guard mauler which fits how the Steelers draft. He could lay the RT position but I see him playing the RG or the LG position lets face it the Steelers are tired of Kemo inconstancy.

Round 3:  Ian Williams DT Notre Dame

Williams is 6'1" 319lbs Defensive Tackle for the fighting Irish. He isn't the typical behemoth NT but Williams is strong, he did 31reps at 225lbs ran a sub 5.2s 40-yard dash. Williams anchors well and has the lower body strength to hold up against the double team. A run stuffer but lacks the quickness to penetrate. At only 21 years old though can get stronger and bigger and be an effective rotational NT.

Round 4: Chykie Brown CB Texas

Brown is injury prone but he is a fluid, fast, athletic corner with decent size 5'11" 190lbs and could be a steal if he can stay healthy. He has all the attributes to be a good nickle corner, and I believe his instincts are better than that of his team Aaron Williams. There was a reason Williams could start until Brown was injured. Brown is the steal of the draft if he is healthy. Chykie is also a clean character guy.

Round 5: Alex Henery K Nebraska

Henery was not only the best kicker in the NCAA but was also a dominant punter. He has a monster leg I remember him kicking a 60 yard field goal in college  and with Daniel S. getting injured a lot his value at punter is needed. You may say why draft a kicker I say do you really want Shaun Shuisum kicking for us all of nest year?

Round 6:  Frank Kearse NT Alabama A&M

This is my lock of the draft. At 6'4" 316lbs Kearse is good size for a NT. He has strength but can get stronger and impressed in his Pro-Day though it was on wet grass. The Steelers personnel worked him out at his Pro-Day and I am almost certain if he is there they will take him. Losing 2 DL they need to replenish the youth Kearse helps that.

Round 7: Noel Devine

An Unofficial 4.35s 40-yard dash at Pro-Day Devine is fast and could be a Returner or a 3rd down back in place of Moore, think McCluster. He is 5'8" and only 179lbs but he can be special on plays and a value guy you can give ten touches a game and 1 will be a big play.

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