Unconventional Steelers Mock

With their 1st pick, the steelers select TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame

It says it in the title; unconventional. I'd love to see Rudolph in a Steelers Uniform. Imagine being a DC with Ward, Wallace, Sanders Miller and now Rudolph. If it weren't for his injury, he'd be top 20 pick. NE created matchup problems with the 2 TEs they drafted, we could definetly do the same with these 2.

With their 2nd pick, the Steelers select OLB Sam Acho, Texas

The last two OLB's selected by the steelers in the second round were Woodley and Worilds. Acho will continue the tradition of great 2nd round OLBs. If Harrison goes down during the season we'll need help behind Woodley and Worilds. Not to mention if Lebeau ever went with 5 LBs, the opposing QB'd be looking at Harrison, Woodley, Worilds, Timmons and Acho, trying to figure out who's rushing.

With their 3rd pick, the Steelers select WR Austin Pettis, Boise State

I was against selecting a WR in this draft with all our talent, but Pettis would be a steal in the 3rd. Ben's targets for 2011 would be Ward, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Miller, Rudolph, and now Pettis. Try and defend that.

With their 4th pick, the Steelers select CB Jalil Brown, Colorado

I think Brown has the best value for a CB in the entire draft. He's a solid CB with no character issues unlike his counterpart at Colorado. 6'1", 206LBS, 4.46 40, and did 24 reps on the bench, I'm impressed.

With their 5th pick, the Steelers select FS Mana Silva, Hawaii

Just picture a pair of Polenesian play-making safetys. Mana blew up at his pro day and has coaching rushing to look for his tape. Have to say, the duo of Troy and Silva could be a very deadly combination.

With their 6th pick, the Steelers select NT Anthony Gray, Southern Miss

6'0" 330lb NT that pulled a 39 on the bench press. If someone like that can't eat up 2 blockers, i don't know who can. With his attributes and time to learn behind Hampton, the potential is "Big Snack" big. He's honestly my favorite NT prospect in the entire draft.

 With their 7th Pick, the Steelers pick DE Mike Blanc, Auburn

He has the potential to be a star. Hopefully the Steelers can motivate and instruct him to become a steal like Keisel. With possibly no UDFA being allowed to sign, you have to take a chance on a guy like this

Like i said this is a very unconvetional mock. No O-line and no CB's before the 4th. The Steelers were one drive away from winning the Superbowl with their Swiss cheese DB's and shift on the fly O-line. The starting line for the Superbowl was Scott. Kemo, Legs, Foster, and Adams.We almost won with that line. Throw in Starks, Colon and a healthy pouncey, do we really need to draft an O-lineman.

I think with the players we currently have (yes Taylor and Colon will be here in 2011) and a draft like this, we wouldn't really need free agency. Tell me what ya think.

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