My version of a different mock draft

Here is a mock draft that is nothing like the ones I have posted before but that I would actually be happy with

Round 1 Pick 31: Jon Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh

Baldwin has great size at 6'5" and has good speed, running in the 4.4's. He also has great hands and would give us an incredible red-zone threat and also a deep threat since you can throw lobs to him. He is very Plax-like without the me first attitude. Needs to be motivated but I think starting out as the #5 WR would motivate him to work harder. When Ward retires after we win the Super Bowl this year, we would have Wallace, Brown, Sanders, and Baldwin to form the best WR group in the league.

Round 2 Pick 31: Marcus Cannon, OG, TCU:

This pick is pretty basic but I really think if Cannon is available he will be the pick. Our only real area of need on the OL (assuming Colon is resigned) is RG and Cannon has great talent to be a RG. Also, we could move Cannon to RT and Colon to RG if that pairing is better than the other way around. Cannon has great athleticism and is absolutely huge.

Round 3 Pick 31: Luke Stocker, TE, Tennessee

Stocker is Heath Miller 2.0. He is a very good blocker that can also catch passes. He would give us a real threat at our 2nd TE spot and we could let Spaeth not be a Steeler next year. If we lined up on offense with Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Miller, and Stocker I don't know how the defense would stop it. Having 2 TE's that can catch passes, we could use them like the Pats used their TE's.

Round 4 Pick 31: Davon House, CB, New Mexico State

House is one of the best CB's in the draft IMO. He has great size and runs a 4.36 40 yard dash. He dominated the competition he played at NMSU and also had a great combine. He has a perfect frame for the Steelers defense and also has very good hips. He should begin his career as our nickel corner but I think he is the replacement to BMAC at #2 and eventually the replacement to Ike Taylor at #1. He could become a lock-down, Darrell Revis type CB without Revis' attitude.

Round 5 Pick 31: Alex Henry, K/P, Nebraska

Henry is the perfect player for the Steelers. He can replace Shuisham at K and also, if Sepulveda gets hurt again, he can be our punter as well. Henry is incredibly accurate and can kick FG's out to about 53 yards. With the kickoff moving up 5 yards, he should also be able to boom touch-backs consistently as well.

Round 6 Pick 31: Anthony Gray, NT, Southern Miss

Gray has incredible size and strength and is extremely capable of eating up multiple blocks. The more I watch him, the more I like him as a prospect. He has Casey Hampton potential and he will get to learn from Casey for 2 years or so. He should definitely be able to eat multiple blocks up once we move him into the starting lineup.

Round 7 Pick 31: Owen Marecic, FB/LB/ST, Stanford

Marecic is a Steelers player. He will play both sides of the ball plus special teams. He can be our starting FB, our 5th LB, and a dominant special teams player. Why not draft him? He would give us our first true FB in a while and maybe Bruce Arians would learn how to utilize him.

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