A Look at Mario Harvey, and Why Your Girlfriend was Right?

Unfortunately for many of us guys, women have this correct SIZE DOES MATTER.

Get your mind out of the gutter for second.

I am talking about height for an NFL Middle Linebacker. Height keeps many player from being drafted higher or at all, especially when it comes to the defensive front seven.

This discussion is centered around the 2011 NFL Draft prospect Mario Harvey, MLB Marshall University.

Harvey astounded scouts at his Pro-Day. At 257lbs he ran a 4.46s 40 yard dash, a 4.19 short shuttle, a 7.13 3-cone drill. To top that he was an All-Conference USA Honorable Mention as the Thundering Herds best defensive player. He racked up 421 tackles, 21 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and an interception in his four year at Marshall. Harvey was given the nickname Thumper because of is hitting ability. Now you might be saying with this kind of stats and athleticism why haven't I heard of him. Was it because of injury? No he has played in every game in the four year at Marshall though not all starting. Was it off field issues that keep his stock low? No besides some early low grades Harvey is a high character leader of a football team. Then why isn't this guy a first round prospect.

He is 5'10 7/8" tall just under 5'11".

Mario Harvey intrigued  myself so much I search high and low through Google to see reviews on him.

I found out Steeler Nation is intrigued by him and the organization has him scheduled for a visit. I found that it is not just Steeler Nation but Chiefs Fan base, Raven Fan base, Patriots fan base, Bills fan base and even the Cardinals fan base (if it can be called one here in AZ) all are raving about this kid.

I then decided to go through Youtube and see what I can find. What I found was a game tape that points Harvey out and shows just how he plays.

I have to say I am not impressed. He could reed plays, was weak at the point of attack because he plays high. Didn't flash that athleticism on at least 90% of the plays and the one he did were mostly Special Teams. He was a poor tackler. The only thing on tape I liked was that he didn't quit on the ball. Ohio States O-line destroyed him and why because he is short. He could easily see the play develop which slowed him down and made him play the wrong hole. He was weak at the point of attack cause he plays high to try and see the play. He was easily blocked in the pass rush because the offensive linemen's arms are much longer. Overall I did not get the hype. Sure there were plays that wowed but like I said they were mostly on punt.

 My evaluation then at the hype that accompanies his 40 time, Harvey seem to be a late round prospect, If I were in the front office I wouldn't consider him unless it was the 7th round. I was not that impressed. At MLB size does matter you have to be able to see the play develop, because instinct alone can't save you.

I am not claiming to be the All Knowing. Maybe he'll turn out to be a steal but I just think that as fast as his stock is rising he will be draft far higher then the tape shows and as the saying goes "The eye in the sky don't lie"


Mario Harvey vs. Ohio State (2010) (via MARI0clp)

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