The BTSC Word, Or Phrase, Game.

Loved this idea by WyoFan. So much in fact that I suggested he publish it in the fanposts rather than the main page so that it could stay up in the rec'd section for a few weeks while we collectively compile a list of words/phrases. Read on for instructions. I hope you participate, could be lots of fun! -Michael B. -


This is a game for everyone, and I mean everyone. That is to say, we are going to need everyone who participates in out little community, both readers and writers, to make this little game fly.

What is it you ask?

The BTSC word game is this: You all think of a word, or phrase, something new and original that has to do with football. Add it to the comments in this piece with an explanation of the word or phrase. Then, the featured writers on this site will make a list of the five they like the best and submit their lists to Master Bean. Bean will tabulate, collate, cross-reference or whatever he does to come up with a top five list. He will then post this list, allowing members of BTSC to vote for the one they think is the best.

Sounds kind of stupid doesn't it? I mean, what the hell is the point? This: Once we have our word, we (everyone on BTSC) will proceed to start using this word or phrase in conversations and blogs and anything that has to do with football that the use of the word or phrase would be appropriate for. The point of this exercise is to get the word or phrase into mainstream use. The ultimate goal is to hear the word used by a member of the media. We all know most of them haven't had an original thought since "As cool as the other side of the pillow", so you know if we do this right, the word or phrase will be picked up in no time.

Think of this as part fun, part social experiment, part BTSC (The best blog on the internet) flexing its muscle.

Imagine the word or phrase you thought up going global...Take your time...

But, this would have to be a total BTSC effort to get there.

Here are some examples, not entries mind you, but something to give you all the flavor of what this is about.

Trench Yeti - Big, strong lineman...Not very smart.

Jittery Runner - Any running back that won't commit to a hole. Usually gets hit behind the line while trying to make up his mind.

Turf Dweller - Any player that seems to spend the end of every play looking at the sky from their back.

Those would be examples of player descriptions. You could also coin a catchy phrase like "As cool as the other side of the pillow" above. This could describe an attitude or frame of mind of a player:

 Possum-calm: Any player, coach or participant who appears calm even at the biggest moments.

Tasified: When a player is left laying on the field twitching.

You get the idea. Go to it, don't be shy. With all of us participating, we should come up with something pretty good. And, look at the dumb stuff I thought of, you can't do any worse. You also can't use anything you heard from someone else. We wouldn't want to promote a word or phrase into the mainstream that someone else could take credit for. You also can't tell your friends what you are up to and ask them to help out. You will just have to slip the word or phrase into the conversation and hope it catches.

As a time frame, I'm thinking that we submit words until the last day of the draft and then vote for a few more days so we can apply the word or phrase in conversations about players old and new.

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