Here is my final Steelers Mock Draft

Before the real thing starts I give you my final attempt at clarvoiance.

Starting assumptions:

1. Ike Taylor is retained.  I don't think other teams are going to throw huge sums of $ at a 30 year old CB who though the best on our team isn't considered a top CB around the league.  I don' t thing he will get any offers substantially better than what he is offered by the Steelers.

2. Willie Colon is retained.  Similar to Ike I don't see teams throwing significantly greater $ at Colon than the Steelers will.  Especially coming off a missed season due to an Achilles tear which may not be completely healed yet.  Couple that with him being an above average RIGHT tackle I can't see him getting huge $.

Trades the Steelers make:

1. Trade #31 and #95 to New Orleans for # 24 pick.  This is only a 20 point difference in value and NO gains another 3rd round pick.  This trade only takes place if Mike Pouncey is available.  This trade is forced by the terrible news of Marcus Cannon being diagnosed with lymphoma.  Otherwise I would have the Steelers trade down and take Cannon in round 2 to be our starting RG and pick up another later round pick.

2. Trade #63 to New England for # 74 and #124.  NE has many picks and is going to be looking to lose picks to move up (quality over quantity) so they can make another run with Brady et. al.  This gains them another 2nd round pick which could be a starter vs. depth people they would get later considering the higher picks they have.

3.. Trade #127 to Seattle for #154 and #198.  Seattle moves up into 4th round to get better while the Steelers move back to gain an additional pick.

Will all these trades take place.  Hell no this is more trades than the Steelers make in a decade.  But hey this is my mock so here goes with the picks.

Rd 1. #24 - Mike Pouncey OL Florida - No real reason to spend time defending this pick as everybody reading this already know about him and the benefits he would bring.

Rd 3 #74 - Davon House CB NMST - Speed and size identical to Ras-I Dowling but without the injury history.  The problem is he hasn't faced the competition Ras-I did and so he may take some time to develop.  He could make a living for 2 year as a dime/nickle back and special teamer them move into the starting lineup.

Rd 4 # 124 - Lawrence Guy DT Arizona State - Big strong DT who will probably move to DE in the Steelers 3-4.  Follows the same track as Ziggy with little playing time as a rookie then gradually moving into the rotation and eventually replacing either Kissel or Smith.

Rd 5 #153 - Marcus Gilchrist CB/S Clemson - DB who played both CB and Safety in college and returned punts so is a good special teamer.  Probably won't be a starter but can come in and replace Clark at safety in obvious passing situations to give better coverage in the middle of the field. 

Rd 5 #159 - Ricardo Lockett WR Fort Valley St - Ran same 40 time as Julio Jones (4.34) at 6'2" and 211 pounds.  Could develop into a big fast receiver to complement the water bugs we now have.

Rd 6 # 191 - Steve Friday DL Virginia Tech - Speedy DE who will convert to OLB in the 3-4.  Coming from VT you know he is well coached in special teams play so he can make his living there to start and move into the rotation in 2 years.

Rd 7 # 198 - Best available place kicker - I am not usually one to draft PK but with the extra Seattle pick lets get somebody worth something.  If Henry or Forbath is there then all the better.  If not then whomever is available lets take a shot.

Rd 7 3 223 - Anthony Gray NT Southern Miss - The more I read about him the better I like him.  Though only 5'11" he weighs in at 330 pounds and still had excellent numbers (5.15 40, 31.5-inch vertical, 4.61 short shuttle) and put up 39 reps at  his pro day.  He is obviously a Hampton replacement that I hope can make the team so he isn't poached off the practice squad.

Well there it is.  Just in time for the draft. 

Quick somebody run this in to Colbert so he know what to do this weekend.

Have a great time watching the draft and here is knowing the braintrusts will do what is in the Steelers best interest.

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