My thoughts on who Steelers should consider.....


First, I would like to say I was very animated in my belief the Steelers should have drafted more OL over the past few years.  This year, I was hoping Pouncey would fall to us, but after thinking some about it, looking at our schedule, and looking at our roster, I have come to a much different conclusion.  I think we need to address our DB situation now, for the following reasons:


1st) It takes a year or 2 to learn LeBeau’s system.

2nd) If Ike is not resigned, we really do not have any decent CBs.

3rd) Our schedule is not loaded with pass happy teams, heck as it stands, we have 5 games against teams that do not have a qb right now (Bengals 2x, Titans, Cardinals, 49ers).


My feeling is get talented kids in there now and let them learn on the fly.  Even if we try to go after CBs in free agency, any CB that is good is going to command a lot of money.  I think if you want to bring in a CB or two for a year or two, that is fine, but I would still draft and play the younger guys on the team.


With that said, here is who I will be looking at, with interest, as the Steelers pick.


1 (31) Stephen Paea DT, OSU~ I was going back and forth between Paea and Phil Taylor, but after the concerns about the problems with Taylor’s feet, I would not pick anyone here with any red flags.  Paea is strong and he is a run stuffer.  He can take over for Casey in the future while giving him a blow on plays now.


2 (63)  Bruce Carter OLB, UNC~ All I can think of is in a few years having a LB group of Woodley, Worlids, Timmons and Carter.  Talk about fast and athletic!  I would take it easy on Carter, let him learn while making sure his knee is fine.  Timmons took a while to learn, let this kid do the same thing. 


3. (95) Brandon Burton CB, Utah or Marcus Cannon OL, TCU~ I really like Burton, but I do not think he will be available here.  If Carter goes before 63, I would take Burton @ 63 then I would take Cannon @ 95.  From what I have heard/read, Cannon could fall into the 4th round because of his medical condition.  That being said, he should be fine in a few months, and to get a talented guy projected to go much higher in the draft here, well that would be a steal.  If he is here, I would take him.


4. (128) Rob Housler TE, FAU~ I attended FAU so I have gone to quite a few of their games over the years.  Rob Housler is going to be a very good TE in the NFL.  He is fast, he can catch, he can get up the seam and pressure a defense.  He would be a huge upgrade over Speath.


5. (162) Rashad Carmichael CB, VT~ In the games I have watched, he has played well.  He also knows how to play zone and he is fast.


6. (196) Kendric Burney CB, UNC~ He is not fast, he is small, yet whenever I watched a UNC game, he was always making plays.  A nickle/dime back, covering the other teams 3rd/4th WR, I think he would be an upgrade over what we have.


7. (232) Aldrick Robinson, WR SMU~ Okay, well, maybe the Steelers remember this guy from watching Sanders last year.  He is fast, June Jones said he is the fastest player he has ever coached.  Could possibly become slot receiver taking over for Ward.  Robinson is a good route runner and very effective on slant routes. 

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