Players I like . . . later in the draft or as FA

It seems eveyrone wants to discuss our 1st round pick.  I'd rather go another way, so I've been reading a ton of sites, (NFL draft blitz, NFLdraft scout, consensus draft coverage, etc) when I have a free minute and looking for players that we can either sign as free agents or select late in the draft.  Here are a few I've come across that caught my attention:

Blaine Sumner:  /NT/Colorado School of Mines, 6'1, 335:  Completed 52 reps on the bench press during his pro-day workout, while squatting 905 pounds and benching 625. Sumner is also on pace to receive a master's degree in Engineering and Technology Management. He's lined up at fullback and was also used as a short-yardage runner.  More on Sumner:  "Freakishly strong pure nose. Has squatted 1000 pounds. Has done 50 reps at 225, with a 635 bench max. 425 hang clean. Plays with good leverage. Can stone the double team at this level. Pro size. Quicker than you might think. Very consistent and reliable. Will earn his money."  Most sites are listing him as a priority free agent.  I would draft the kid in the 6th round to ensure that we get him.  Measurables don't also translate to the field, but if he only lives up to half of his measurables, we have found Big Snack's future replacement.  No weight lifting movement transers like a hang clean.  If he can hang clean 425, that means his explosive hip thrust is out of this world.  Seriously, if I were K. Colbert, I mght even use a 5th round pick on him.  I know we usually take a QB with that pick, Omar Jacobs ring a bell, but can you imagine the hype he would get if he were at a major Div I program?  In our D, the NT position is absolutely critical because once the middle is effectively shut down, we can blitz from anywhere.  I will praying for the rest of the week that we grab this kid.  He has Steeler written all over him. 

DeMarcus VanDyke:  CB/ Miami U:  6.06, 176, 4.28 40.  Only a part time starter and nickel at "The U," but may be one of those rare guys who will have a better pro than college career. Best year in college came in '09 when he started 8 games and had 26 tackles, 3 PBUs and a pick. This pas season, he started three times, was the nickel, and tallied 17 tackles, 2 picks and 5 PBUs.  He is a 7th rounder or FA based upon his blazing speed.

Ron Parker:  FS/Newberry State: 6.0, 200, 4.40  As athletically gifted as any safety in this draft. Ran a 4.36-4.40 at the Newberry Pro Day, and also recorded a 4.11 SS, 14 reps, a 6.17 3-cone, a 9'7" broad jump and will follow up soon at the Coastal Carolina Pro Day.  More blazing speed to add to our secondary.

Thomas Claiborne:  OG/BC/ 6'3, 325.  Big, rugged and nasty. Really gets a push in the run game, especially early in games. Likes to drive opponents and plays to the whistle. Stays low and is a real road grader in the run game. Cut blocks well. Adequate in pass pro, and usually stones the bull rush.Not as fast as some guards. Not a great puller or edge blocker. Average in pass protection, and can be rocked back on his heels when he isn't focused or is caught off balance.

Jonny Culbreath:  OT/South Carolina State, 6'5, 321.  Not sure if he plays up to his measurables, but this kid can become a beast.  During the South Carolina State pro day, he posted 40 times ranging from 4.92 to 4.96 and completed 27 reps on the bench, He also had a 1.86 10-yard, 2.89 20-yard, 30 ½ inch vertical, 9’0" broad jump, 4.81 short shuttle, 7.76 3-cone,He had 10 ½ hands, 34 ¾ arms, and 83 ¼ wingspan. The left tackle prospect looked solid in position drills, displaying footwork and skills as a pass protector.  Another 7th rounder or FA. 

Nic Grigsby:  HB/Arizona, 5'11, 199, 4.38 in the 40.  the book on him seems to be that he is a runner with good elusiveness in the open field and has great speed. Patient runner.  He also has good hands out of the backfield and is effective in the screen game,. so he could be a great replacement for MeMo. 

Zane Part: DE/Virginia, 6.5, 280.   Could easily carry 300 pounds and be a proto-type 3-4 DE candidate for us down the road.  Most scouts say he is a 4th-5th round pick, but I live in VA, have seen this kid play, and think he is too much of a project to be drafted.  In untrained, worthless opinion, he is a 7th rounder or a priority UDFA. 

That's it for now, I need to get back to work.  Take care and hope you enjoy the Draft tonight.

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