A View from the SteelCage - A DB Coach's View of the Curtis Brown pick and other DB still available



Curtis Brown, Cornerback, Pittsburgh Steelers

6’0”, 180 lbs

22 years old

4.51 40 yard Dash, 39 inch vertical


Scouting Report by SteelCage:  After the pick, I began watching a lot of film on Curtis Brown.  Currently, Curtis Brown (initials are CB, fitting, no?) is a better athlete than a player.  As an Aggie, I couldn’t bring myself to put the college he attended, but I will say, I like him much better than his teammate, Aaron Williams.  He has very good change of direction.  Is very smooth, with good hips, however, is a little less smooth turning to his left than to his right.  Also has the tendency to get a little high in his backpedal and leans a little too far back, causing his turn to be a little slower than it would be if he kept his butt low and his chest over his feet.  Natural, soft hands and sufficient ball skills.  Uses exceptional leaping ability to high point the ball.  Didn’t have a lot of picks, but the Big 12 passing game is the spread, so lots of short passes.  Also, still needs work identifying patterns prior to the snap.  As a prior WR, does a good job not getting fooled on double moves.  Is very good in press coverage, keeping his feet moving to eliminate the inside routes.  Not much experience in zone coverage.  Tries to be physical, but his frame needs 7-15 lbs to better protect him from injury playing that way in the NFL.  Was a pretty good PR as well averaging a little over 14 yards on about 14 returns.


The Future for Curtis Brown:


His future looks brighter to me now that he is wearing Black and Gold instead of putrid orange.  I love his value in the third round.  With Hall of Fame CB Dick Lebeau and one of the all time greats, Carnell Lake, instructing him should develop nicely.  Plays faster than his timed speed, I believe as a result of his familiarity with the WR position and his athleticism.  I truly feel this pick has the potential to be another Ike Taylor type pick and a third round CB that actually becomes a starter (as opposed to Ricardo Colclough and currently Keenan Lewis).  The Steelers brought him in for a visit, and I believe the visit to Texas and all the Aaron Williams talk was a shell game and C.B. was the intended target.  I believe he has a much higher ceiling than Williams.  I think he could press for time this year as the number 2 CB opposite hopefully Ike Taylor, immediately improving the opposite side.  Has the athletic potential to be a number 1 corner in the future with the proper instruction, which he will most certainly receive now.  I also like the potential of Crezdon Butler and Keenan Lewis, now that Coach Lake is in Pittsburgh.  I have a feeling our DB will be greatly improved this year and in a couple years, will be a much stronger unit. 


I still see the potential for more improvement, I will list a few potential targets for rounds 4-7:


Round 4


Cortez Allen – Citadel, 6’1”, 197 lbs, CB


A tall player with really good feet.  Played at Citadel because he only played one year of high school ball, but was all-state in Florida, no small feat.  Similar to DRC, but not quite as physical.


Round 5-6


Buster Skrine – University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, 5’10”, 187 lbs, CB


Blazing fast.  Good return man as well.  Needs a lot of work to play against NFL talent, but looks like he has the potential to be a early nickelback progressing hopefully to a number 2.  Good ball skills.  I like him more in round 6 than 5 but could go either.




Mana Silva – Hawaii, 6’1”, 220, FS


My favorite safety in the draft.  Had 6 picks in 2009 and 8 in 2010.  Samoan who wears number 43 because of his respect for Polamalu.  Blew up his Pro Day running a 4.43 and posting a 40 inch vertical.  Raiders and Jaguars both brought him in for visits, so you know the crypt keeper has his eye on him.  I truly think he will be the “Steel” of the draft.  I would pick him in the 5th round, but if we get him in the 6th, would be an absolute gift.  Pairing him with Polamalu would give us one of the best safety tandems in the league.  Can play SS too if Polamalu goes down or when he unfortunately retires.


My mock for rounds 4-7:


4.  Cortez Allen, CB – Citadel

5.  Jarriel King, OG/OT – South Carolina

6.  Mana Silva, FS/SS – Hawaii

7.  Stephen Burton, WR – West Texas A&M

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