Lets Play: Land that Quarterback!

I'm bored, you're bored. The lockout sucks. So here's a little "game" where we try to match each QB to a team for next year. Everyone will have different opinions, but the goal of the game is to have every QB and every team happy with who they're matched up with. First, lets look at all the teams who still want/need a new QB.


Looking for: experienced vet who can create chemistry with Larry Fitzgerald.

Possibilities: Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger


Looking for: Competition for or possible upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Possibilities: Vince Young, Kyle Orton, Marc Bulger


Looking for: Anyone but Tim Tebow.

Possibilities: Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow


Looking for: Competition for or possible upgrade over Chad Henne.

Possibilities: Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer, Vince Young


Looking for: stopgap veteran who can hold the reigns while tutoring rookie Christian Ponder.

Possibilities: Donovan McNabb, Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger


Looking for: veteran who can lead a young offense and tutor rookie Colin Kaepernick.

Possibilities: Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton


Looking for: anyone.

Possibilities: Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton, Marc Bulger


Now, lets look at what each QB is looking for in a new team, and their best destination.

Kevin Kolb

Wants: A legitimate opportunity to start and become a franchise QB.

Destination: Arizona- the Cardinals need to start over now that Kurt Warner is gone. Trading for Kolb will be expensive, but he's the best option to pair with Fitzgerald.

Donovan McNabb

Wants: A strong supporting cast with the chance at a Superbowl.

Destination: Minnesota- with Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and a strong defense, the Vikings have the best supporting cast to offer of these teams. The key to their Superbowl chances will be retaining Sidney Rice.

Carson Palmer

Wants: Out of Cincinnati.

Destination: San Francisco- not only does he get out of Cincinnati, he gets as far away as possible going across the country. Palmer will have weapons in Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Frank Gore, and should pair nicely with Jim Harbaugh.

Vince Young

Wants: Somewhere to start over with a chance to compete for starting job.

Destination: Miami- he'll have to beat out Chad Henne, but if he does he would work well with Sparano. He'll provide a running threat to a team with no runningbacks and Sparano can go back to some wildcat formations that he wasn't able to use with Henne.

Kyle Orton

Wants: A chance to start.

Destination: Buffalo- He and Fitzpatrick will duke it out in camp, and the loser will become an afterthought.

Marc Bulger

Wants: A chance to start.

Destination: Washington- This is the smart move for the Redskins. For years they've brought in QBs with huge expectations, but its time they get a safe veteran who can bridge the gap until they get a real franchise QB.


So, there's my take on all this craziness. Where do you think these guys should land?

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