What was your favorite Regular Season?

Memories are nice. Especially when there is no football at the moment.


Since we have such a cherished and rich history in Pittsburgh, I'd like to find out what regular season was your favorite in your years of watching the game. Note, that this doesn't exactly include post-season results. I'm thinking mostly regular season. Which season, in your opinion, had the most memorable moments and was the most enjoyable for you?

I wanted to do a poll but frankly there are too many possible options, and I'm too young to know the best ones to list.


I started watching in mid-2003. I watched Ben get drafted and I felt something special about to happen. I've probably seen almost every single game since than with just a couple exceptions. I'm lucky to have entered into the Steeler nation when I did.


I have a very hard time deciding between the 2004 campaign and the 2008 one.


For me 2004 will always be awesome because it was my first season watching and I saw nearly every game. I was only 14. I remember going to high school iñ Michigan and I was close with two steeler fans. The most exciting thing was we just never lost. Every Monday, we all wore jerseys to school. My friends had a Ward Pro Bowl Jersey and the other a Bettis jersey.

And they weren't boring games. Ben had a few comebacks and there were some great moments. Beating Tom Brady and the Eagles back to back was amazing at the time considering they'd play in the Super Bowl together. Beating the Cowboys later was a nice touch. And all the while Bettis played really well and Ben grew up fast. I'm really happy I got to watch this season, because it may be the last true power rushing year we ever had. Bettis just ran through people all year and I'm so happy I got to watch him play a couple seasons. The defense was its usual self. For some reason I'll always love this season. Even though the Pats cheated and we didn't win out, I got to watch us become the first AFC team to go 15-1.


The case for 2008 probably wins however by a hair or two. Now the offense was capable of big plays. This was the year we saw Ben in his true form. The comebacks that year were unbelievable. Beating the Ravens in dramatic fashion (twice!!!). The Jacksonville game was a real treat. For me just watching our team stick through it to win time and again was really something. Polamalu played lights out that year and although Harrison got DPOY either one could have had it. I really feel like this particular season had more character in the team and more fortitude than in other years.


So I think I have to pick 2008. Lets hear your thoughtages!

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