Top Five Players That Should Never Wear Black & Gold

I am going on vacation next week, therefore I am not firing off any big projects before I leave.  Translation: it is going to be a slow week.  I was trying to think of a good article idea and I saw one on the Cowboy's blog that was the opposite of this; players you would want to see on your team.  Maybe I will do that for the next post, but for this one let's focus on people you would not want on your team.  I am thinking of people that have talent to improve the Steelers, but there is something about them that just does not seem Steelers-like.  Completely illogical arguments are not only accepted, they are encouraged.  If you want to throw players from the past in, be my guest. Check out my list after the jump.

5. Cortland Finnegan


He is a punk.  He must have always dreamed of being a MMA fighter, because it seems like he is always trying to turn the field into a cage match.  Think Napoleon Complex.  If you do a quick google image search of his name you can find him in tussels with more than just Andre Johnson last year.  Need I say more?


4. Darrelle Revis



This is probably the most controversial one, but I've been comparing him to Ike Taylor since last year.  In his last contract year, Ike Taylor chose to take a less than market deal for his services because he loved playing for Pittsburgh so much.  This year, he hasn't spoken out a lot about the situation, but he has stated he wants a reasonable market deal and he really wants to stay in Pittsburgh.  Revis, on the other hand, in the middle of a contract demands that he gets paid more money because his obese coach claimed he was the best defender in the league.  He even refused to play until his contract was renegotiated.  He is a great talent, but he has gotten a bit big for his britches.


3. Terrell Suggs

First and foremost, he is an idiot.  When he threw that whole temper tantrum about a player half his size hitting him in a contact sport it made my head hurt.  How could someone be that dumb to straight up say they were going to hurt a player?  Stop being a whiny little Ratbird and take the whooping the Steelers give ya with some class.  Secondly.  Thirdly, he looks like a horse.  I bet you did not realize that picture was actually a photoshop of a horse's face juxtaposed on his body.  You opened it, said, "yeah, he kind of does look like a horse" and then closed it.  Sarah Jessica Parker and him were a match made in horse heaven.


2. Terrell Owens



DoIReally.   NeedToExplain?  (those are all separate images.)  The freaking Bills didn't want him.


1. Tom Brady



Come on, who else did you expect?  He is a very good QB, but since the second I laid eyes on this pretty boy I disliked hated him.  From his Uggs fashion to his whiny post game interviews, everything about him solidifies that he is not a Steeler.  He kind of reminds me of LeBron James, in that I think he is very egocentric.  I will always remember him scoffing at Plaxico Burress's SB prediction and that "I'm Tom Brady" retort.  Lastly, something about the last two years has bugged me as well.  After his playoff losses, he did not seem overly affected by it.  Maybe I am overanalyzing it, but a true competitor would be devastated no matter how many rings he has on his hand.  Oh, and he looks like Justin Beiber.  Lastly, what about this picture makes you not worry about this poor little goat?


Remember, this is just for fun, but if you disagree with me you're wrong.

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